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GIMP Revnart Smoke Brushes

Revnart Smoke brushes by revn89 available now for GIMP

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I'm having a lot of trouble downloading these into gimp windows 7/64 latest version firefox browser right above this comment there is a download button when I press that it loads up a window error and I don't see the othe down load buttons on top of the page. I am new to gimp and I really like. I just learnd about this website
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Yes you can download this people.... just simply click on the creators name to go to their profile (revn89)^^ Then go to their gallery and you find the image of this brush there. Click on the image to go to it and at the top right is the download button. You can then download it np.... I just did :) You're welcome ;)
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Used here. Thank you so much :)
Wild Like Wolves
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Amazing image!!! Beautifully well done! 
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can't download that 's really sad but I will make my own smoke thank for your help
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would it be possible only to get gimp  brushes to download thank you
may i have a link to these brushes please?
You are AWESOME! Many thanks. I'm glad the world has people like you.  =D
incredible! Thank you soo much!
Awesome!! is there a link for the download
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Amazing! Thanks for sharing!
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These are great! Thank you for sharing. Do you have a new link to download the brushes?
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is this not available to download anymore?
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nice one , 
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Gonna try it out ty for sharing :)
Site magnifique
love your work !!!
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i will use these and i ty.
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thank you ;) ( not used yet)
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Used here ... Thank you :heart:
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