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Hey guys can anyone tell me how i make a mask ? or to make a blend ^^ 
BloodArt : GardenPlayground
BloodArt : GardenPlayground by BloodArt-Profile  
thanks for choosing BloodArt;
Thank you for accepted me, have a nice day 
It makes me happy to see the custom fonts I have prepared in Gimp. A study you can use.…

I just began to use Gimp. It's harder for me then Alpaca, Sketchbook and Krita. But i think that i can use Gimp to draw some simple pic. I have no tablet yet. But i'm getting used to draw with a mouse (on a layer above a photo of paper sketch) First i make lineart with special tools. After that i color on new layers with full tool and gradients.

How to make accurate lineart with Gimp? What brushes will be the best for it? (I use a pen in Alpaca and Manga lineart in Sketchbook)

Adding some drawings to demonstrate my art level.
Sketchbook (used gradient for shading)
Chibi R2D2
Charlie - Fairytail

And here's a sample of Gimp work
Japanese - Brushes for Gimp
Actually, i was creating brushes for Krita. But i noticed that their brushtips work as brushes in Gimp. So, i added them to Gimp and draw preview files. You may find more of my brushes in this group.
Thanks for the add. Glad that my brushes were accepted.