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Update: Due to stunning lack of entries (Srsly?) I'm postponing the deadline until whenever GIMP 2.8 is actually released. Track it here!
Update: GIMP 2.7.4 was just released! I don't want to bump this journal off the front page so I'mma announce it like this.
Changes include replacing the algorithm of the heal tool with a new one and some other stuff too. They added that this is likely to be the last in the 2.7 series as 2.8 is planned for January.

So a short while after I posted that previous job. A certain deviant donated the sizeable sum of 400 points to the donation box over at GIMP-Bot. They donated anonymously so I assume they wish to remain anonymous, but thanks anyway!

So that combined with other donations brings our total to 470 points!
...and I'll throw in 130 points too, bring the total too...

600 points!

So contest time. :dummy:

Contest Rules

:bulletpurple: The theme for this contest is Wilber, the loveable GIMP mascot.
:bulletpurple: Infact, imagine you're creating a deviantID for the group.
:bulletpurple: All submissions must be created for this contest, no re-using old stuff.
:bulletpurple: Random words of inspiration: Wilber, creativity, brush, tablet, computer, artist, freeware, GNU, plug-in-the-slimy-egg 0 1 2, tools, filters, horizons, talent, improvement.
:bulletpurple: Oh, no mature content please.
:bulletpurple: Open to all digital art forms, including pixel art, photo manipulation etc. Has to be made with GIMP though. (Duh.)
:bulletpurple: Entries will be judged by me (Jibodeah), which'll be fun as I'm very indecisive, on humour/awesomeness/creativity and some other arty stuff too.
:bulletpurple: Entries must be submitted to the 'Wilber Contest' gallery folder, and must be submitted by the artist.
:bulletpurple: Deadline for entries is 23th January whenever GIMP 2.8 is released, at no particular time. (Whenever I close the folder)
:bulletpurple: Limit of three submissions per person.

Contest Prizes!

  • A permanent feature on the group front page!
  • 400 points!
  • A feature in the winners blog.

Runners up (2)
  • 100 points!
  • A feature in the winners blog.

Prize donations such as journal features etc. are welcome. I'll try to keep this blog up to date. :U
Oh if you're donating points as prizes drop them off at GIMP-Bot.

Oh and GIMP 2.8 is currently planned for release 23th January. :paranoid:
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Geosammy's avatar
Is the contest still open?
Geosammy's avatar
What does +1 refer to?
johnnydwicked's avatar
Just curious, what's the dimension for the ID?
Jibodeah's avatar
No specific dimensions. Just a reasonably sensible shape. (i.e. Not a really thin, long rectangle.)
GintasDX's avatar
OMG! With 400 points I could pay a rent for one month :giggle: . I am in.
TheNAMELESSbard's avatar
johnnydwicked's avatar
Praise contests. ^^
kalaadrius's avatar
If I look the gimp web page, only 2.6 is marked as a stable version. So this 2.7.4 is still a development version?
MadeInKobaia's avatar
Great contest !
Few questions :
- Which preference have you for the size (in px) ?
- The ratio ? (square ? rectangle ?)
- The license ?
- Do you want a picture only or is it possible to add some texts ?
Best regards.
Essere-Diverso's avatar
What size should the picture be?
GintasDX's avatar
I think they shouldn't change the standard size:275px wide and 400px tall PNG image.
Take a look at \Program Files\GIMP-2.0\share\gimp\2.0\images . I was changing those splash images in past.
MRottDawgBarks's avatar
The entry can be a pencil-lineart colored in GIMP?
Jibodeah's avatar
MRottDawgBarks's avatar
Thanks 4 answer =3
thisaccountisshit's avatar
One question that I'm about to ask, what's our submission limit to the contest?
Jibodeah's avatar
Oh good question.

I hadn't thought of that. I'll say three. (Adding to blog now...)
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