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        So currently I've been working on my story (still haven't decided on what the title for it should be), lately I've been continually writing to get my idea out. I was originally planning on having my story as a manga, but as you can tell with my drawings I'm not quite skilled enough for something like that. My story I am planning on just getting it all written out, then I plan on going back to edit it.
    You may have noticed that my story is slightly incoherent, and that is something I’d like to and plan to change. I still would love to turn this into a manga, as a personal note for the story I think it would turn out better as a manga then it would as an actual written story. Now comes the ask for help of anyone for this story, if you have an idea or anything that could benefit the story itself leave me a note on that part.
    The first chapter is mature only as it does contain a sex scene, but in later renditions I plan on removing that sex scene and only having it only implied, to make it more suitable for anyone. The sex scene was only a thing for me to get out of writers block and to come up with ideas on what I was going to do with this. I would also like to let everyone know I’m no great writer or English major, so I wouldn’t expect anything from me, that is the reason I’d like any help for this story.


Chapter 2: What to do?

    I woke up the next morning in her bed; she was laying next to me with her arm over me. I don’t know how she managed it but she looked perfect lying there next to me, her hair ever so slightly draping over her face. She had a slight happy expression.

    I moved her arm, and got up from the bed. I looked down to see my boxers underneath me. I reached for them and put them back on, completely forgetting I had a clean pair in my backpack. I made way to the bathroom, seeing my reflection in the mirror.

    I quickly saw that there was something different about me. I rushed towards the mirror to get a closer look. I was right on what I saw, the person I saw in the mirror was me, but different, I was no longer what you’d say over weight. In fact I had some muscle definition now.

    This actually was the body I was going to aim for, over the summer I was planning on going to the gym to try to lose weight and maybe get this body. I began to examine myself closely to see what was different. I was slender now, I was overjoyed of having this, but I was kind of freaked out that this did happen.

    It didn’t faze me as much as you’d expect taking an example of the days previously. I looked at my back seeing faint scratches from the night before, memories coming back to me. I began to panic not because of what has happened, I was panicking because how am I going to explain this to everyone, especially Olivia.

            I rushed towards my pants and shirt lying on the ground near the foot of Olivia’s bed. I began to put them on glancing towards Olivia. I just got finished putting on my pants, with them almost falling off of my waist, remembering I have a belt in my backpack for my P.E. class. Her head rose up slightly and looked towards me from the sound of me trying to keep my pants up.

            “Xander…” she said in a sluggish voice. “Good morning baby” I replied, hoping she’d close her eyes and fall back to sleep. I noticed as she was looking at me, she began to examine me. “Good morning honey, I like your transformation, but why are you getting dressed?” She replied, as she got up revealing everything.

            “Wait, what transformation?” I asked her as it really was the only thing I selectively heard. I dropped my shirt to use my other hand to keep up my pants. “Your body, haven’t you realized you’ve lost weight and gained some muscle if I don’t say so myself” She said as she eyed my body seductively.

            “I’ve noticed this, but what aren’t you telling me, as I can see you aren’t at all shocked about this?” I asked as I was confused and slightly pissed off. “It’s a long story” she replied as she bent over to pick up her shirt and beginning to put it on. “Well I’d like to know what is going on”

            “Magic exists, demons, angels, gods, and devils all exist. We just hide from the world, we may not mean it, or want it but in a part of peace between worlds. Gods put up a field over this world for magic, making it where when creatures use magic, mortals can’t see it or if it’s captured on camera or video it looks like CGI to cover up.”

            “You’re what we’d call a mage. A mortal either bestowed apiece created from creatures of magical bond, your pearl I guess you’d call it. Or one who has a bit of magical blood. You somehow managed both”

            “Wait how do you know this about me?” I asked before she could say more.

            She walked over to the couch and grabbed her panties; she started putting them on as she began explaining. “I know this cause I am a fallen angel, I don’t want you to panic about this but I was actually sent to kill you” I suddenly felt a weight at my heart. “You somehow managed to peak some interest in the person I used to be a slave to”

            “You don’t have to worry as I’m not going to do that anymore, I can’t kill my master and I can’t kill the person I fell in love with”

            “How did I become your master?” I asked. “My original master was sent to the eternal pits of fire, a jail so to speak, so without him controlling me I could choose my next master, I was created to be a slave so I chose you and to bind it I let you take my virginity”`                   The weight at my heart began to lift, till I heard a huge crash from the from the front door. “Get the boy!” I heard coming from the front door in a loud rough voice. “Right!” It was coming towards us from a soft like ghostly voice.

            I quickly grabbed my backpack and looked back seeing Olivia climbing out of a window waving for me to come too. I ran towards her climbing out of the window. I started sprinting with Olivia on my side. I tripped over my pants chest first into gravel, leaving cuts and scrapes I rolled over to see the side of the house we came out of had a dark entity phasing through the wall.

            A crash through the wall soon followed revealing a Minotaur. “TRAITOR!” The Minotaur roared. Above me towards my right came Olivia’s voice “I chose him instead of our master, so call me a traitor, but if his destiny is true we can all be free again” I saw her out of the corner of my eye, black wings sticking out of her back.

            Something began to spiral around her surrounding her changing what she was wearing to jeans and a tank and flannel. Also something began to spiral around me and change what I was wearing to something that actually fit. I now had bandages on underneath a T-Shirt. My backpack was like new again as well.

            We’re not going to get out of this without a fight” she said towards me. “So get your pearl and summon your weapon” I felt the peal in my pocket, as it was warm. I got up and pulled it out of my pocket. “Let instincts take control for now”

            The creatures were starting to get close; I tossed the pear up as it began to glow and caught it with my right hand, putting my left hand in a fist underneath. The swords showed up a lot faster then the first time, I pulled them apart.

            The Minotaur as it was running towards us it threw its hand into the ground pulling out what looked to be an obsidian great sword for the Minotaur’ size. It wasn’t till the dark entity came closer that I saw that it looked almost like a Grimm reaper. It came to us without drawing any type of weapon, an instinct told me he might be magic based.

            We finally clashed; it felt like a movie, a cliché so to speak. Olivia was the one who started; she pulled a staff of a black void formed by her. Pointing the staff towards the creatures what seemed to be fire but it was like an inch away from the tip of the staff.

            The Minotaur only slashed through it with his sword. It was so much paying attention to their moves I completely forgot about the Reaper. I managed to move just in time as lightning passed my head, still feeling the tingling of electricity. It was at this point something kicked in telling me to fight or I’d die.

            I staggered back, both swords still in my hand. “Use magic!” Olivia screamed to me while dealing with the Minotaur. She was right the only way I’d be able to do anything is use magic; the reaper was like 15ft in front of me, preparing another attack. An interesting difference his magic used almost like runes, a circular like cast for his magic.

            I wouldn’t be able to use swords against him. . I began to think; I don’t know how to use magic. But I gave this one little try, as I swung my right sword I thought of fire. It worked. But it ended up causing an explosion towards the wrong target.

            Olivia managed to get out of the way before it hit the Minotaur and caused a huge explosion, almost destroying half the house behind it. I am not trained at all for doing anything like this. As I thought that I began to pass out due to extending myself too much.



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