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GimmeYaoi :icongimmeyaoi: GimmeYaoi

Into pairing up males? Well this is the group for you!

This group is about sharing one common interest and that is the love of Yaoi! This is a large growing community of fanboys and fangirls just love yaoi and expressing it on deviantART. Be it pairing up men with boys or men with manlier men, we welcome yaoi your pairing. ♥ Just remember, it's only yaoi if there are two or male characters affiliating with one another~

:bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletgreen: How To Join :bulletgreen::bulletblue::bulletwhite:

Everyone is welcome to join and become a member of this yaoi group. You don't even have to ask but you do have to read the rules below. Once you have, all you have to do is send in a request and you're automatically accepted! Members of the group are welcome to submit their yaoi pairings. Be it a drawing or photography; it's welcome into the group. As long as the deviation follows the rules and requirements set up by Founder, then it will be accepted in.

:bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletgreen: Group Rules :bulletgreen::bulletblue::bulletwhite:

The group has 9 rules that we ask all the members to follow. They are very simple and laid out in details for everyone to understand. To find the rules, all you have to do is clicking right here. Please don't just read the rules on the page but in our blogs as well.
    ● No Rudeness Towards Any Member or Staff
    ● Please Oblige By DeviantART's Policies
    ● Only Submit Artwork Created By YOU
    ● Please Submit Yaoi Pairings Only
    ● Submit Finished Deviations That You Are Proud Of
    ● Please Submit To The Correct Folder
    ● Limit of Two Deviations A Week
    ● Quality Photo Cosplay Are Allowed
    ● No Literature or Poetry

:bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletgreen: F A Q :bulletgreen::bulletblue::bulletwhite:

Have a question for the group? Well you're in luck. We have a frequently asked questions journal just for you! So before you ask on the page or in a note; have a look bye clicking right here and you will find the answers you are looking for!

:bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletgreen: Favorites :bulletgreen::bulletblue::bulletwhite:

Anyone that is part of the group is welcome to suggest Favorites. We only ask a few things; that it goes by the rules setup bye the Founder of the group and it's in the best quality art that you can find. We don't allow more then 3 suggestions a day and please DO NOT suggest one of your own art to be added into the favorites.

:bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletgreen: Affiliations :bulletgreen::bulletblue::bulletwhite:

Want to affiliate with the group? Well if your group has anything to do with ours; then you are welcome to send an affiliation. Though if you comment on the front page we will not take the affiliation in but mark you down as spam.



Directory & Articles

:bulletred: GYaoi Rules
:bulletred: GYaoi FAQ
:bulletred: DA Policies
:bulletgreen: GYaoi Chatroom
:bulletgreen: GYaoi Members
:bulletblue: GYaoi Gallery
:bulletblue: GYaoi Fave's
:bulletwhite: Yaoi/Shounen Ai List
:bulletwhite: Our Fun Board
:bulletblack: Yaoi Group Digest

Please do not attempt to promote yourself or anyone else on the groups homepage. Any random links, comments that are not related to the group, or affiliations will be marked down as spam even if they technically aren't. Please send all and any questions in a form of a note to the group. Some comments may result in permanent banishment if you want to take the risk; you have been warned.


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I'm am a Yaoi/ecchi artist..that my recenet art ..hope u like it ... <3

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