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torn+scorching brushes

DOWNLOAD this.>>>[link]

*I don't need my credits.
*You don't report to me : OK!
*For commercial use : OK!
Please use it as you want .
have enjoy use.

for photoshopCS2.
(sorry,I'm not confirming this by other versions. )

torn effect brushes&scorching effect brushes.
This brush was made from the paper that actually tore and the roasted paper.
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thank you very much for sharing. 
i use it so much!!
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Wuoo thank you so much!  Love 
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Thanks so much for these. Exactly what I was searching for!
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Thanks,this will be really useful!!
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umm,,,,,i like the brushes, and i downloaded it, not sure where//or even how to use/open them in Photoshop CS2?? o.o HELP!
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thank you!!!
They are great :)
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i can't wait to use these! yay!
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Thanks for sharing!
CelenaSardothen's avatar
Both of the brushes work fine in CS3.
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thanks a lot :D
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Sorry for my noob intervention but I don't know how to use downloaded brushes, Could you tell me plz?
Thanks. I love them.
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Whoa, cool! These could be very useful to me ^^
Thank you for uploading the brushes!
By the way: Nice and interesting way of making brushes xD
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okay, I downloaded it, but how do I make them brushes now ._.
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lol thanks! they're reallly usefull!
oh and they work with all photoshop versions! :D
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I want to use them T^T
Where can I get good custom brushes?
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