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from GYAKUTEN-SAIBAN(Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney).
this Deviant Title is their name in Japan.
NARUHODOU = Phoenix Wright
MITSURUGI = Miles Edgeworth

I especially like Mitsurugi:love:.
He are called by the nickname "MITTAN" in Japan. :D

I corrected this work a little.
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Wow awesome job on Phoenix and Edgeworth. They look awesome! X3
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I really like the shading on this.....and Edgey's facial expression! Amaza-za-zing!
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Your colouring is so prettyyyy. :love: I love this picture. ^^
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Beautiful coloring job, nice composition! :D They both look very frowny in the brows...but in a good, intense kind of way. :giggle:
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i like the name of Edgeworth in japan ^^
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On the bright side of their hair styles, if Pheonix wants to murder someone, all he has to do is slam his head backwards... LOOK OUT EDGEY!! D8< That hair'do is gonna do you in! D8 >
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He's called "Mittan" in Japan? Kawaii!! He's one of my many favorites in the game! In America, his nickname among fans is "Edgey"... but I like "Mittan" better!
-Nicole :kitty:
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Though I've only played GS for a few moments, I like Edgeworth (Mitsurugi) a lot!
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MITTAN 大好き~ :heart:
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i really miss the old characters D: hu hu
nicely done btw
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Aww so cute, this is brilliant!
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Great colors :3
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Wonderful deviation** Definetly, i'm gonna fav this XD
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This is gorgeous! :+fav: :heart:
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Uwah! O_O This is awesome! I love Edgie~ *checks* Mittan, right?
That purple light coming from the below on his arms is beautiful!
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oh wow! this is really good! ^_^ great job!
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Oh my. I love the expression you drew for Edgy! He's my favorite also. :heart:
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they look strikingly familiar...O.O I KNEW IT! IT'S KAZUYA MISHIMA AND LEE IN DISGUISE XD
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Great Job on Mitsurugi!!! I love their expresiions X3
And remember Mitsurugi: Pink is manly 8D
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