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My brush set

My brush set
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Thank you! I just recently found your YouTube and very much enjoy your art! :)
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Thank you for your kindness. :)
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I realize this submission is a little old, but I've been so captivated by all of your work I just had to comment on your generosity to package these and offer them to other artists...I've been trying to improve myself a lot these past few years and it's been tough, as well as discouraging. But some of the examples you've given and tools you've offered have definitely been encouraging as well as helpful, making me feel like I can get better if I keep trying. Just want to say thank you, and all your work is absolutely gorgeous.
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Thanks so much!!
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Thank you soooo much for this brush set! Heart 
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Thank you very much
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Thank you sensei!!
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You are a good man.
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спасибо :) Please can you tell me which brush you use the most? I've tried all of them and I can't work out which one you use for your colouring and mixing in your videos. Love your style!
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thanks for the brushes. Great tut and piece over on youtube. :-)
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Thank you so much~~:)
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Thanks for the brushes!
I really really really love your artworks *w*
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Thanks for the brushes !
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пасиб чувак за кисточки! Уверен там есть что забрать себе)
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thanks it's so sweet from you :)
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Ом-ном-ном. Спасибо. Отдельное спасибо за видео процессы. Это просто нечто *_*
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Спасибо большое)
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Thank you very much! ;)
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These are flat out awesome.  They alone are helping me become better, not to mention being able to watch you create.  Well done and Thank you!
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awesome !

thank you !
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