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Well the year and my long vacation are almost at an end. Made a lot of progress in my personal projects. The new year will have me juggling two graphic novels and a collaborative project. The first will start in January and is called "Outside the Lines" running twice a week Mondays and Fridays. I am in the process of making a video journal to elaborate on what the project is and plans for the year.
Having been off for about 6 weeks I also had the chance to really dig into longer warmup sessions and trying different tools. This included opening up and trying out Manga Studio which I bought about 3 years ago. So far I am really liking what it can do and I am very tempted to upgrade to v4 after seeing videos on what was changed.

Speaking of videos I have started playing with a rig over my desk and recording my sketch sessions. There are a few videos already up on my YouTube channel at

I am still working on a format for these so any suggestions are welcome. Right now I am looking into options for commentary, both audio and graphical. Like the webcomic I plan on posting at least two of these a week. The video journal will be posted on a different channel under my studio name

An idea that is also getting kicked around is to podcast my ramblings on drawing and maybe even comics in general. I would squeeze these recordings in while I draw then somewhere down the road offer discussions via live sessions on Ustream.
Thanks for reading, watching and commenting !
Gil Triana

portfolio :
Getting ready for my "art marathon" here at the end of the year. I am looking at things I can do as I work on these projects. Would anyone be interested in a video journal as the backlog is created? Possibly a weekly update on the state of things? This would go to Youtube.
Also since I do these daily sketches I was also thinking of using the same equipment to stream these 30min drawings. Possibly a couple times a week to my unused Ustream account.

We develop portable (or rather compact) video production equipment at my day job so I was looking to borrow and actually use the product I have been involved in for about the last 12 years.
I may do it either way but I was wondering what folks thought. I see other artists doing streams from time to time and figured I could take some of what I have learned and apply it here.
Thanks for any thoughts!
Well, November is just minutes away and there has been a good amount of progress for the month. I got my portfolio site in working order  and even the studio site finally has a face,
A few more graphics and customizations then they will be good and ready for things to come. On top of that I am taking the last month and a half off of the year to pour into getting pages done on my webcomic for a January release. It makes going to work unbearable as I am now counting the days till I can just write and draw from morning till evening.
I started playing with the print options here on dA and plan to do some finished pieces that will use this feature. Whether I like it or not I will be alternating between a buisness hat and an artist hat quite a bit from here on out.
These are character only sketches drawn on 9 X 12 inch Bristol.  I will be taking up to 50 commissions between now and Oct 31.


-OPTION 1 - Traditional Colors (or grayscale washes) and Original mailed to you : $25 US (includes shipping)
-OPTION 2 – Traditional Colors (or grayscale washes) finished file e-mailed to you: $20 US – NOTE THIS IS DIGITAL FILE ONLY!

A NOTE ON TRADITIONAL COLORS: These are done with a variety of tools primarily: watercolor, pen, ink, marker and compressed pastel.

Samples of  Traditional Colors and Grayscale can be found here:…

*SUBJECT MATTER: I will draw pinups but NO PORN, so anything else is fair game. I will let you know if it is something I will draw before sending you an invoice.


Send me a note or email me at: with (COMMISSION REQUEST) as the subject. Also include the following:

Deviant Art Name ( if applicable)
Shipping Address ( if purchasing Original work)
PayPal address – I will send you an invoice

Description- Which option you want? What do you want drawn? Supply as much detail as possible and any references or links to references you think are important.


1)Once I receive your request I will look it over to see if I feel it is something doable and send you an invoice.
2)When you receive the invoice and send payment I will get a batch of 3 concept sketches based on your description, and references, done and emailed to you.
3)You will then choose one of the 3 and make any final notes/changes in your reply.
4)From there I will work on the final piece and let you now when it is done and sent off in the mail (if you purchased the original)

Are accepted through Paypal only. Send me your Paypal address and I will send you an invoice.

*Things to know:

-Work will not start until payment has been received.
-Unless you request otherwise your commission may end up in the gallery.
-I will send you 3 roughs to pick from, then go straight to work after you make your choice and any final notes made when picking from the 3 roughs.
-Can you make changes after picking from the roughs? Sorry not this time around I have a set amount of time to get this done.
-If you chose OPTION 1 I will email you when the finished work has been mailed off as well as a small digital version.
-You can add a character to the drawing for $10 US.
-Keep in mind the size of the work area (9 X 12 inches) when thinking of what you want drawn, more characters or full body will mean less space for details.
-I will be working these in blocks so it will take at least two weeks for me to get the work done.
-You can post the finished work as long as you give me credit.
September has been a busy month, not as much done as I would like but still very productive. I am currently hammering away at a handful of projects and having a blast with the time I have been able to dedicate to them. On the technical end I am busy getting my online portfolio together and a website for my webcomic experiments. Although still a work in progress here are the pages:

I wasn't going to put things under any kind of banner originally but one of the projects is a collaboration with a friend so I thought it would be more fun to come up with a name. The three projects that will begin showing up as things move along are:

The Chronicles of Lily and Cain- The mother of demons and a mage try to keep the supernatural from getting out of hand while investigating the recent surge in activity in the modern world.

The Hidden Path- what seemed a harmless hobby collecting occult artifacts becomes dangerous when the ancient tome and the talisman actually work. Throwing Iggy across realities making enemies and friends as he tries to find a way home.

Mythos Project-  a pet project designed to dig into old folklore and mythos and find a place for them in the here and now.

This seems like alot (and it mostly is I admit) but I have never felt more productive. Letting the writing bug alternate through this focused group of ideas has been awesome. Aside from these I am also working on a Sci-fi adventure that will be a graphic novel.
Some specials are planned as the holidays come around and the official kickoff for the regular run of these projects is January. I made the decision to request the last month and a half  of the year to get this done. Hopefully my vacation won't get shot down but either way things are moving forward and I almost have that feel good vibe I use to have making comics in High School :)
Thanks for reading
Alot of things are in flux right now, some from the creative end other things are just the mile markers and detours on the road of life.
Doing my timesheet at work today I realized I could take almost the last two months of the year with the unused hours I have built up.
This doesn't deter me from wanting to finish getting the September projects off the ground, but it does present the option of time I didn't consider before with an income still rolling in.
It is something for me to think about and discuss with the family.  I know what I will be pondering today whenever I have a free moment to think.
A random bit of knowledge as I wait for lunch to roll around so I can get in some doodles. I was just reflecting on the moments a drawing seems to be all about fun versus the moments I just wanna burn a hole through the paper.  

This especially comes up with the daily challenges and using other peoples characters. The normal round of self-inflicted wounds comes from me trying too hard to follow the 4-6 reference images by different artists. This is usually followed up by trying a pose I am not comfortable with  which results in a horribly stilted drawing that I either: erase, throw to the side or just turn the paper over.

Afterward I end up taking a minute or two then just going with the gut and doing whatever feels comfortable.
It is not always this hard and sometimes I will even pull out the big sketchpad to work out the pose and look before driving myself crazy on the bristol and with the timer. If anything the more times and the more often I put myself through this things become more fluid and I always find something new to try out.
The recent Batgirl sketch is an example where I just stepped out of my norm with gray-scales and used the colors on the pallet instead.
Almost up at 5k views! I think I should do something when it happens. At the moment I am thinking of making something poster worthy, maybe based on characters from a 3 page short I am doing for practice. Hrmm, I don't want to over think it so I will just keep finishing stuff on my plate and see what happens along the way :D
Here are the two big project ideas I have been kicking around. Right now I am leaning towards project 2.  As things currently stand it would start out as a webcomic and then be collected as a graphic novel to be sold. Along the way I will get the details worked out and make a Kickstarter to get the printing done.  Alot of work needs to happen before then, so what I am looking for is a general feel of which idea seems more appealing.Thanks for reading and any input you offer!


Project 1

SHE is the last of her kind. The last of a line of guardians, her very being fueled by magical energy. Something that has grown weak and has all but dried up on the modern earth.

HE is a would be magus. He will be chosen by circumstance to lend Her the power to live and together carry on her duties in defending the earth-side seals that divide the worlds of Cronos, Gaia and Necromundo the endless plane.

Project 2

Perceptual Translocation – as defined by the "Universal Order (UO)" is the ability to visualize a place you have been or that has been tagged, then move yourself (and others) there by thought.
Members of the UO have other talents but this one ability gave them power in the Allied Galaxies. They attempted to remain neutral, offering their skills where they believed needed and in their eyes fairly. When the emperor of the largest faction finds away to replicate this talent without the pitfalls of standard FTL systems he establishes the Inquisition. Their duty is to not only take down the UO but capture or kill all those who could be raised in the UO.

Now with so few of the original UO members running free, hiding at the fringes of the known territories and beyond. One sage traveling as far as his skill can take him, recklessly leaping in random directions and finds himself on earth.

What he finds is a planet ripe with beings that could be raised, sadly shortly after his arrival genocide follows. In the chaos he takes a single human and leaps. Away from earth and uncertain of it's fate, this Last Human must learn to survive and harness his potential. Will he survive his training? Is there a world and a people left to save if he can?
As I get into my personal projects I also want to get back to doing lunchtime sketchcards. So what I am asking for are suggestions/requests.

These will actually be done on either bristol sketchcards or 9x12 like the ones I do my daily sketch challenges on, depending on what I feel like for the day.
As these start to pile up I will post prices on them for folks that are interested.

Thanks for reading-
Yay got me a 4 day weekend coming up! Time to catch up on some sequentials that I have story-boarded and other drawings that have been half done for awhile now :D
The year has been very productive so far. As I continue getting involved with daily drawing challenges I am now organizing my online resources.
    This morning and yesterday evening have been attempts to update the joomla on the site I never use. In the end I just flushed it out and now I am getting ready to just install the current version from scratch with a nice portfolio template I found.

    Aside from that I also started a blogger that I am trying to work a posting routine into. If I can find an easy way to post on the go I think I will get a regular posting of daily sketchbook pieces, in-progress images and my two cents on the process as I go.

    I have been wanting to do a webcomic thing to help work on my sequential for a long time now but I keep throwing down ideas and never deciding on one. SO my solution for now is to start an anthology webcomic. This way I give myself less excuses and hopefully start cranking out pages of shorts, the idea has made me focus on 3 ideas already so April is my target for getting things posted there on a regular basis.
All of these things of course will require some art to decorate them accordingly which adds another helping of crazy fun to my plate :)

Once it all looks good and presentable I will post links to things for those interested, right now it feels good getting my ducks in a row, digging back into my art and seeing things happen. Of course now I am beginning to watch the clock again at work waiting for the day to end so I can get back to drawing :P

Oh I am also keeping a look out for contests, and submissions. There a few I am working on already and hope to keep involved in more as the year goes by.

Well 2011 is where I regained the itch to get back to my art. I think 2012 is where I should keep growing and if the universe will allow it I will find a way to make a living doing something I like.
So here is a short list to myself of things to improve and goals to meet:

The things to improve-
EVERYTHING but the first two I am just picking on ;)

A 9x12 sketch a day the 365 collection
Workday and 24hr comic challenges ( I think this would be as helpful as my morning warmups with 15 sec gestures and 2 min studies)
A graphic novel by the end of the year ( I have been eyeing the novel I wrote a year ago. I should finish it into a script.)

This wasn't much of a journal entry maybe more of an Artistic New Years resolution.
I'm gettin ready for this years NaNoWriMo but in the meantime I was looking for some ideas for more sketchcards. So what would you like to see me render on a card?
I wondered onto DA many moons ago and have browsed the living crap out of it since but always put off doing stuff to post myself...until recently.

For me it started by finally deciding to up my sketchbook activity and even upgrading myself to a mixed media sketchbook and doodling in pen. From there I followed the advice of a co-worker who use to teach at Disney and started some organized warm-up gesture drawing in the mornings to get things started.

The itch to finally do something got me when I joined a Saturday Sketch group on FB and decided to try the pack of blank sketchcards I bought a year ago for giggles. It was fun and I try not to let a day go by since then without making something.

Currently my plan is to change the theme at the end of the month and continue doing a card a day. In June I want to play with watercolors and acrylics as well as digging into sequential stuff. Hrmm if I actually get an idea rolling on a 'strip maybe my domain will finally see some use. *note to self :make sure to look for all the login info*

May seemed to really be DC month for me, luckily I still have a few days left before I have to decide a new one.
Welp, thanks for stopping by and I hope you like what you find!