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Cadpig's 101 Meals: Belly of Steel
The veterinarian's office was never the best place to be for an animal. Often it meant be checked over for one illness or another and may end up with some poor animal with a shameful cone over their head.
In the case of the current patient, no cone would fit due to a lack of neck. Sat on the table, Cadpig whined nervously in the room as she was checked over by the concerned vet. The concern was obviously due to the fact that Cadpig was now larger then all animals on the farm, beyond the cows and horses. Sat on her hind legs, her massive blubbery body spilled out in all directions and wobbled as it was poked and prodded.
Just then, the rattle of the doorknob was heard. Cadpig turns around, wondering if it's the vet. But first, it was her owner's wife, Anita Dearly who comes in first. Along her was the Dr. Winokur. She was the same red-haired, glasses-wearing, pony-tailed doctor who healed Lucky and puts him in a cone while giving Mooch an embarrassing clutch. To the blobby pup, she reme
:icongilson:Gilson 8 4
Cadpig's 101 Meals: Pred versus Pred
"I don't understand it, Anita..."
Roger Dearly was heard at his and Anita's house in the Dearly farm as he was glancing outside the window. He was back to smoking his pipe, even though he has quit smoking ages ago, due to the unexpected yet ongoing dilemma going on at the farm. "First, Cadpig," he said in a unhappy tone, "and now the whole farm! What on Earth are we going to do with a farm filled with overweight animals? We can't afford any appointments with Doctor Winokur to fix them up." Anita glances back at the window and sighs hopelessly like as if there is no choice. She looks back at her husband and sez, "Well, it looks like we're gonna have to raise a fat animal farm for now on, Roger..."
What those two were talking was no joke at all. Out in the fields, every animal there has packed a lot of pounds. All of those pigs and cows were bigger! the geese, hens, and roosters were plump! Even the 101 dalmatians that roam around the farm have gone chubby; one of them is either more chu
:icongilson:Gilson 10 9
Cadpig's 101 Meals: Eat Yourself (not) Thin
"Doggone it, Anita, this is the 4th time this week!"
"I don't understand why our fridge keeps getting empty everytime we go to the store!"
Those were being heard inside the house in the Dearly Farm. In the kitchen, it was messy as that fridge was messy yet cleaned out of victuals. Some stains were around, bits and pieces were there, and some small trail which leads out to the doggie door. There was Roger and Anita Dearly, glancing at the mess that was left.
"I tell yah, honey," Roger points out, "Cadpig's appetite is getting worse. Worse than Rolly's! If she keeps on doing this, she'll not only explode, we'll end up having no food to feed the whole family and farm!"
How Cadpig had got through the doggy door was a miracle, considering her massive size.
Having devoured the biggest scam on the farm, the mass of calories he'd contained had certainly added to her bulk. She was by far the largest of the dogs on the farm. With no neck and her stubby little legs starting to thicken up, most of
:icongilson:Gilson 10 1
Cadpig's 101 Meals
The day was young as all of the Dearly Farm was stirring. The animals were at their places like the stables, the pigpen, and all sorts around the region. It seems like nothing could ever broken the peace of this lovely, mellow farm. Just then, there was something that is nearing the farm. A particularly familiar puppy who is panting this way...
Having gone for an early morning stroll to build up her appetite, Cadpig now had the issue of getting back to the farm. Of course, why she needed to build up her appetite anymore was anybodies' guess.
Having grown tired of being the runt of a massive litter, she'd decided the bulk out. And when she had, she failed to stop until she could be classed as the worlds biggest dog. With her exercise ball sized body, Cadpig was a sight to see, easily from a distance. And all this walking was wearing her out.
"Deep breaths, food soon. Lots of yummy food..." She gasped to herself, fatty body swaying with each step.
As that New World philosophical pup was
:icongilson:Gilson 11 3
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I've never claimed to be a good artist. I just want to try and make people happy.


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I have a complicated way of faving things, be warned.


Older older Maggie
Because I can occasionally stab graphite onto a pulped tree sheet.

Maggie as a teenager or young adult.
Not so little Mermaid.
Because I can occasionally stab graphite onto a pulped tree sheet, here's Maggie as a mermaid. Slowly eating her way through the seven seas.

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There was a spark of light in the alleyway.
Taking a deep drag on the cheap cigarette, Lunchlady Doris allowed her lungs to be massaged by the little death stick. With the lighter now extinguished, the cigarettes glowing end was the only source of light this early in the morning.
“This job is the pits.” The womanly gruffly muttered to herself. “What I would give to have a nice long break somewhere warm…”
“I can help you there ma’am.” A voice responded. It was old, confident and startled the multi tasking employee of the school.
“Who's there?” Doris managed, whipping out her lighter once more to try and get more light. “And what about my job? Who would feed these little brats?”
“I am more than qualified to feed little children.” The voice responded. It was the voice of a dear sweet granny. And besides, when had Doris given a damn about the rules before.
“Okay, fine. You look after the kids, I have a nice hot vacation.”
“It’s a deal then…”
Before Doris knew it, the flame from her lighter engulfed her as a hearty cackle rang out.. There was no time to scream as within seconds she was a pile of ash with a blackened skull on top.
The school day was proceeding as usual. Bart Simpson was working hard to send the latest temporary teacher insane, much to the amusement of Sherri and Terri Mackleberry. In the 2nd grade, Lisa Simpsons know it all nature was sending the entire class to sleep. The only new thing was the new playschool, sponsored by Krusty the Klown, which allowed Marge to leave her youngest child at school as well.
However, as the lunch bell loomed, something else new was felt in the school, though not so much felt but actually smelt. It smelt like actual food was being cooked in the cafeteria. This made no sense seeing as the food normally served at Springfield Elementary was below cheap dog food standard.
So when the bell finally rung, the classes cautiously moved towards the cafeteria. No matter how delicious this new thing may be, it was still an unknown beast to the children.
Arriving at the double doors first were the two eldest Simpson children. It made sense to the united mob mentality of the kids to send these two forward first.
“How bad could it be?” Bart asked his sister with a shrug.
“Well, remember when they served pictures of meals with ketchup?” Lisa responded before the pair pushed the doors open.
As soon as they opened, the crowd of of children were hit with an even greater waft of fresh cooking. As such, rather than just waiting for the siblings to explore, the mob stormed in with a trail of drool pouring along the floor. What greeted their greedy eyes was an immense buffet of food that all the children would adore. Pizza, lasagne, pies, burgers, hot dogs, salads, vegetarian options and piles of golden fries cooked perfectly. But even this, enough to send every stomach there into a deep rumble, paled to the dessert options.
Cakes, pies, jello, crumbles and pure candy seemed to crush the counter. It was enough to give diabetes by just looking at it!
“It looks so good!” Sherri and Terri cried in stereo, barging the Simpsons out of the way to get in line.
“But where did the budget come from for all of this? The school can't even afford 2nd hand chalk!” Lisa managed before another body bashed them away.
“Sorry sis!” Bart cried as joined the other kids. “But real food is more important!”
Once she had recovered, the middle child of the family also joined the queue and went for the vegetarian section. A delicious chilli was begging to be tested by her. As the full sized bowl was served to her, complete with rice, Lisa realised that the server was not in fact Lunch lady Doris.
“Hey, what happened to Doris?” Lisa asked as the heavy bowel landed on her tray.
The cook looked the spitting image of a sweet old granny. With silver hair and a slight hunch, the woman was so close to retirement age she could be living with old Abe Simpson. Instead of a traditional hair net she wore a red shawl to cover as much of her hair as possible. Baring that, she looked like any other canteen staff member.
“Oh, she won a holiday my dear.” The old lady cooed. Her voice was as sweet as the dessert section. “My name is Suzanne and I will be covering for Doris until she comes back.”
For some reason, that seemed to be enough for Lisa. Rather than question a holiday starting on a Tuesday or why the massive amount of decent food, she instead chose a large slice of cake and joined her brother. Bart was stuffing his face with lasagne.
“Really Bart? No manners at all?”
There was no response from her older sibling. It seemed that the boy was stuck in some sort of trance. Sighing, Lisa picked up a spoon and put a tiny amount if her adult sized meal in her mouth.
Lisa and Bart blinked.
It was obvious an amount of time had passed. This was obvious considering that their plates and bowls were licked clean. All the Simpson siblings remembered was entering pure joy as they had begun to eat. Unknown to them, in their bountiful bliss, the pair had become their father. By this, Bart and Lisa became greedy gluttons and they weren't alone in the canteen.
The other shocker was the fact that the meal only cost a quarter of what would normally be needed.
“I think I could go for seconds.” Bart grinned as shifted out of his seat.
“I need to have that again! That was the best meal in this school ever!” Lisa added getting out as well. They weren't alone as Sherri and Terri also rushed up to buy more food.
After the second batch of food, the boy leant back and unbuttoned his shorts, allowing his bloated belly room to grow. Bart wasn't alone in this action as other children adjusted their clothes to deal with their swollen stomachs. Even the Mackleberry twins adjusted skirts to sit under their pale guts.
“Man, if the meals stay like this I am gonna need some bigger pants!” Bart declared, patting his gut.
“It won't last.” Lisa pointed out, struggling to get comfortable. Her dress was not easy to adapt and easily showed her stuffed stomach. Bart grinned at her issue and that point.
“In that case, let's enjoy it whilst we can!”
Two yellow bellies sloshed and jiggled.
Sat in their underwear at the hospital, Bart and Lisa Simpson watched their midsections wobble like jello in an earthquake. The pairs weight had skyrocketed and seemed to over double in the weeks since Suzanne's cooking had been introduced at the school. And the increase in mass wasn’t being confined to growing guts and ballooning butts. Both arms and legs were thickening up, only just fitting through shirt sleeves, pants and shorts legs and of course their underwear. Both Lisa and Bart’s chests were blossoming to the point that soon not only Lisa would need a top as a makeshift bra. To top it off, both children’s faces were filling out with chubby cheeks, double chins and slowly disappearing necks.
Being the concerned mother she was, Marge had dragged her corpulent children to Dr Hibbert so he could check them. Eventually the pairs girths came to a halt and earn a thoughtful noise from the doctor. The supervising nurse nodded her head and made some notes on the pairs charts.
“Well Doctor?” Marge asked him, staring her obese offspring with deep concern.
“Well Marge, I have to admit that these two little butterballs are amongst the fattest children I have seen recently.” Hibbert replied before giving his normal laugh. Of course this couldn’t help but infect the Simpsons before the physician snapped at them. “This is no laughing matter!”
Taking the medical sheets from his nurse, the doctor poured over them, rubbing his chin in thought.
“Despite their advanced state of obesity, these two are showing no signs of any medical issues that should be affecting them! And seeing as Bart had a HEART ATTACK not too long ago, this is a miracle of science!”
The elder child patted his stomach and grinned at his sister.
“Told you what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”
“And turns you into a blimp…” Lisa hypocritically responded, hands sitting on her own engorged gut.
Ignoring the sibling squabble on the verge of starting, Doctor Hibbert made some quick notes on his charts before filing them.
“We need to do some final tests before you can roll them home Marge. If they could just join the queue in the reserve waiting room…”
“Wait, queue?” Marge enquired, just about ignoring the rolling comment and helping her children off of the examination table. “The main waiting room was nearly empty!”
“I did say they were amongst the fattest children…”
The Simpsons were guided through the hospital to a packed and loud waiting room. To Marge’s astonishment, but not Bart or Lisa’s, the room was packed with school children all in similar states as the Simpson children; mass obesity. And sure enough, the new arrivals were amongst the largest, the only one on a similar scale to them being Sherri and Terri Mackleberry who waved at them with one hand and ate candy with the other.
Like Bart and Lisa, they were also still in just in their underwear having been seen by one of the lesser seen doctors. Their mother motioned Marge to join them as they waited. It took a moment for the trio to reach the already seated family due to the amount of hefty bodies that was around. It must have seemed as if the entirety of Springfield Elementary School was crammed in there. Almost as soon as the Simpson’s sat down the youngest Mackleberry seemed to huddle up to Bart.
“So, worried about your health?” Terri asked innocently.
“Not really…” The oversized boy responded. “I was dragged here…”
Not only did the younger twin nod her head, her sister, Lisa and several surrounding children joined in the nodding. The only people not nodding their heads were the concerned parents. All Mary and Marge could do was look at one another with concern.
From behind her station at the school canteen, Suzanne looked at the school. Her work was bearing fruit, with every child that attended the school having becoming massive tubs of lard. It had been helped by her ‘convincing’ Skinner that ‘unhealthy’ lunches from outside the school should be banned. The canceling of gym had been a further massive aide in the increased weight gain of the children. They had been stopped due to missing gym staff, but Suzanne had made a fantastic meat stew around that time…
Despite this massive success, the new school cook was not satisfied with what she had achieved. There was one thing that this old lady wanted was children to be large. She wanted them to get wedged in doorways, to find it impossible to find clothes that fit and to find movement to be near impossible.
Such things made her salivate…
“Time to speed things up I think…” She muttered to herself. Far from the sweet as candy voice that children had grown to love, this sounded harsh and high pitched. “I just need need some children who stand out already so I can keep an eye on them…”
After what seemed a small eternity, a pair of children arrived that Suzanne knew it would be easy to track. I mean, how could she miss them with their unique hair and dress sense. It also helped that they were with one another at all times and unlike the rest of the school, didn’t have the same skin colour as most students.
Yes, Sherri and Terri Mackleberry, with their long purple hair, similarly coloured jumpers and skirts and paler skin than normal was always easy to spot thanks to being side by side near 24/7. It also helped that the pair had been one of the first groups of children to embrace her food.
“Hello there Lunch lady Suzanne!” The twins called out in their perfect stereo speech. It was just as obvious as their obesity that they were deliberately being nice for extra portions of food.
‘Well I have just the thing for that desire for food…’ Suzanne thought to herself as she grabbed two adult sized pasta bowls. With a slight of hand over the contents to sprinkle on some enchanted herbs and the mumbling of some words, for a brief moment the food glowed a sickly green, flowed to a regal purple before settling back to normal.
“Sorry about the wait girls.” Suzanne said sweetly. “Some special Spaghetti Carbonara for you! The finest pasta with creamy cheese, eggs and bacon! Enjoy…”
“Thank you!” The girls chimed, somehow missing the rather ominous ending to the cooks sentence. Nor did they notice the woman gazing at them as they took their seats.
In unison they picked up their forks and spun a mass of spaghetti, sauce and bacon until it was a ball. Quickly they crammed the oozing mass into their maws and devoured it. Unseen to them, under the table and their jumpers, their stomachs glowed green and purple before fading to the normal pale skin. The twins felt only a tingle from this magic, however they were so engrossed in their food they barely noticed. And though not noticed, considering the gluttony of the entire school now, this was a new level of attention being given.
Sherri and Terri waddled back to class, struggling to move their legs.
Despite the massive meal portions on offer at the school and even the most gluttonous of students only managing 2nd helpings, the twins had effectively eaten every cent they had on them. And with the discount prices Suzanne was using, it showed on the girls with their already large stomachs now so bloated it forced their XXL tops to ride up and their ‘husky’ sized skirts to sit under the overhang.
And yet, despite all that they had devoured, somehow they were still hungry! This preyed on their minds as they barely managed to head back to class, the bell close to ringing with the risk of detention high. As such, the halls were nearly abandoned by the students with only a few stragglers left such as the Mackleberry’s and, grabbing some mid-class snacks at the vending machine, Richard and Lewis.
Bart’s friends were no exception to the school’s weight gain. It was unknown whether Richard had ever actually done his jacket up, even in winter. But seeing as he had refused to get a bigger size version of it like shirt and pants, there was no chance he would be able to do so now. Lewis at least had seen fit to have all his clothes not just fit but fit comfortably, making him pretty unique amongst the corpulent children. He was just counting his change when both boys realised the bloated girls were next to them.
“Holy cow!” Richard cried, jumping back at the shock of the twins near enough creeping up on him. Such sudden movement caused the stitching in his jacket to rip apart.
“I think they ate one…” His friend mumbled, noting the large pale guts on show. The girls ignored this comment.
“Have either of you got any spare change?” They asked in stereo in as sweet a voice as possible. However, their intense hunger made them sound a tad desperate with a small amount of drool coming from their maws.
“Sorry.” Lewis replied honestly. “But all I have is enough for a bar of chocolate during class.
“Then, why not that then?” The girls asked, the sweetness being overridden by desperation and the saliva nearly cascading down their double chins.
“Because it’s ours.” Richard declared matter of factly, taking off his ruined jacket by tearing it apart. “Besides, look at you two! Haven’t you had enough?!”
By this point though, hunger had engulfed Sherri and Terri. They were desperate, their fat bellies needed filling and they could smell food. They NEEDED to eat.
Sherri, being the ‘smaller’ of the pair, was the first to act. Lunging at the struggling Richard, she grabbed his arm, scattering the few dimes and dragged his hand into her mouth. As soon it touched her tongue her mouth closed around the wrist and powerful gulp dragged it down.
“Hey! What the hell?!”
The victims cries were ignored as swallows powered by dark magic not only enabled the throat muscles to overcome a struggling obese boy, but allowed her mouth and jaw to stretch around the thickening meal.
“I got this!” Lewis cried, moving to ram the supersized Sherri. However he forgot the tubby Terri and she had decided that her sister had the most brilliant idea.
As such, instead of barging the older twin, the young boy found his head descending into the younger twins throat. As pitch blackness engulfed him, Terri used his momentum to help devour him, mouth stretching inhumanly to take not just the head but also the shoulders.
“Oh crap…” the first victim managed.
This was before Sherri, doing things the hard way, reached out with her hands to drag him in further. She was having to fight her bloated belly and his blubber belly but whatever was powering this feeding frenzy, it overcame this issue as she managed to force his head into hers, her neck bulging with the cranium. Although her neck was pretty fat, his facial features were still obvious on the way down.
Player two was still having a pretty easy time with her ‘meal.’ With such a large weight moving at speed, she had syphoned that energy directly down her throat, meaning that already her victim’s chest was filling up her cheeks and going down.
At near enough enough the same time though, both desperate gluttons came across a slight issue. Eating a whole human child was one thing, but an obese one took a lot more effort and there was only so much magic to go around. Now they were forced to use their hands to mold and shape child blubber into their maws, their cheeks stretching out even further than before to take in the large boys. However, desperation and hunger was a fine fuel when combined. The massive midsections, from gut to butt, were forced into Sherri and Terri’s mouths. It was helped that the victim’s struggles had finished, either resigned to their fates or passed out, neither glutton cared. And once down to the lifeless legs, it was easy as slurping up Spaghetti Carbonara.
With a pair of loud thuds as they collapsed onto the floor which helped mask a pair of loud belches, the twins were done. And slowly, realisation as to what they had done began to creep in. They had devoured two boys whole. There was no sign of life from within their stomachs. Their stomachs, containing individuals near enough the same size as them, were monstrously huge and seemed to be nearly separate from the rest of them. Because of their own fattyness and the fact so much of their victims was fat, there was hardly an impression of them on their guts. The only major change was their belly buttons and gone from innies to outies.
And yet, the other realisation was that they were finally full. Stuffed. Couldn’t eat another bite. Finally smiling at one another contently, the twins gently rubbed their gargantuan guts as loud digestion noises rumbled in satisfaction from insite.
“Well, that was delicious…” Terri said.
“And filling! I wonder if we will need to do that again?” Sherri asked, before both twins smiles turned into devious grins.
After grabbing the scattered change, because why waste good money, the twins awkardly helped one another up. Waddling before had been difficult due to sheer amount of food they had put away. Now it was nearly impossible with stomachs as big as the rest of their bodies and just as heavy. Both girls found their backs arching backwards to try and help pick up the guts and give their legs more room to move. It helped a little, but it was still a strange and strained waddle back to the 4th Grade class.
Despite their enroute meal, the Mackleberry’s were just on time. Pretty much nobody paid any attention to them, despite stomachs that bumped desks away and tops so far ridden up and skirts forced so far down their butts were near enough on display. This continued as they failed to sit down, legs forced so far apart to allow their stomachs to hang over the seats and unable to even fit under the desk. As such, both girls were forced to block an aisle and sit at an awkward angle.
One person did notice though, Bart Simpson noticed their massive frames which confirmed immense gluttony. Somehow these two girls had binged more than he ever could, and he had Simpson DNA! So wrapped up in this, he failed to realise that Richard and Lewis was missing initially. He wanted to know only one thing;
‘How can I do that?’
There was no major events for the next few days. Despite the initial outcry at the two missing boys, life plodded along normally.
Or as normal as possible with a cook magically fattening up the students. This meant the students grew in inches and gained a few more pounds.
The exception to this rule was of course the cannibal twins, what with said missing boys sat in their stomachs. Due to the sheer mass that had been devoured, it took days for digestion to take affect. With that sheer amount of meat sat within them, their appetites were very sated. For 24 hours they needed no further food. But as time dragged on, slowly their appetites built up. Day by day their meals consumed went from picking to regular child meals to handling Suzanne’s meals.
Of course, the digestion of an entire obese 4th grader was not without its consequences. As those days went by, the massive, firm bellies gradually got softer and deflated in size. Richard and Lewis’ weights were redistributed onto their devourers, Sherri and Terri inflating rapidly with fat each day, near enough doubling in weight. Their arms and legs became massive, struggling to bend at the elbow and knees and starting to flow onto their wrists and ankles. The chunky cheeks and chins now completely obscured their necks and framed their mouths. Each girls chest swelled to to the size of their massive heads and sat upon their vast stomachs. And although the boys did eventually digest away, it seemed to many that the stomachs simply halved in size, still being massive blobs that hung down to where in theory their knees were and had to be countered by a butt size that meant the duo could happily hog a three person sofa. If it wasn’t for their parents, Sherri and Terri’s clothing would have exploded with their masses. They had fresh clothes designed somehow to fit their immense frames and cover as much of them as possible, although with knee length bellies that was difficult.
Only Bart took notice of this, but this was in an attempt to surpass them. The Simpson raided his father's wallet, his mother's purse and even visited his grandfather to collect as much change as possible. And every single cent went into food, stuffing himself to food comas not yet reached by mere mortals. This of course did have an affect on his waistline, but nothing as drastic as the twins as his own clothes, ill fitting or not, was still able to be worn.
“Aren’t you going too far?” Lisa said whilst digging into effectively her own cake.
“Nope! If they can do it, so can I!” He calmly explained, ripping apart an entire deep fried chicken.
“Well, they haven’t done it since last week. Maybe it was a one off thing?” She went on, greedily devouring the cake like it was made of air. She was not far behind her brother thanks to her Simpson DNA.
“Nah Lise, it wasn’t. You do it once, you’ll do it again. How many buffets has Homer been thrown out of?”
As the Simpson children agreed to disagree, Suzanne gently took note of what was happening. Even she was impressed by the rapid growth of the twins, though she was far from certain of how it had happened. Even better, it seemed to have stirred something in the boy Skinner had labeled as a ‘troublemaker’ and his sister marked ‘annoyance.’ Licking her lips she pulled up a chart and flicked her wrist. Four figures appeared on it, two purple, one red and blue and the fourth just red. Slowly each one inflated into large balls.
Eventually the twins appetites returned in full. And by in full it was back to the state of near constant hunger, raiding the family kitchen and ordering take out when they could get away with it. Annoyingly for Sherri and Terri though, the full rage of this appetite had returned on a Friday night, meaning a distinct lack of children to devour.
Fortunately for them, they only had to last a single night. With the help of many concerned parents, Mary had arranged a day out for most of the school at the waterpark. Disguised as fun day out, this was of course a desperate attempt for the kids to exercise before they exploded.
Much like the hospital waiting room, it was overly crowded by massive children. And despite their best intentions, there was only so much you can do before a child will just not do something. So most of the kids simply floated in the water, relaxing and being massively lazy. Two such children were Bart and Lisa Simpson, who having failed to do anything in the water apart from float on the surface, now reclined on poolside deckchairs with snacks.
Tossing an empty ice cream carton aside, Bart caught sight of Sherri and Terri as he leant over for more. Just about waddling along the poolside, both girls clutched their aching stomachs which was covered by an immense one piece bathing suit.
“Hey girls! Want a snack?!” He called out to them before belching. Sherri licked her lips and began to move that way before Terri stopped her sister in her tracks. It was of course fortunate she did so, as no doubt the older twins idea of a snack was not ice cream…
Going back to lounging on his seat, he joined his sister in stuffing their faces.
“Where do they even get clothing that big?” Lisa asked, obviously envious in her too small two piece.
There was no further discussion as the pair carried on eating. However, the elder sibling watched the giant girls descend into the water and bob along in the water. Envious in their ability to eat, he couldn’t help but gaze at them. So he noticed that when one of them pointed towards the point where the flumes deposited riders into the water.
Confused, Bart crammed more snacks into his fat face as watched them swim over to where obese children splashed into the water. For a while they bobbed up and down there, as if they were timing what was happening. Finally, without warning, they dived under the water and disappeared.
Moments later two children flew down the slides and into the water. Beneath the waves, the sheer momentum they had meant they had no way of avoiding the sea monsters that awaited them. Mouths stretching, the swimmers went from one water slide to another, feet descending down to throats and into a black abyss.
Unlike their first meals, their second happened a lot faster, a matter of seconds really. Their stomachs once again filled out with the new occupants, bursting the swimsuit as it grew in size. So dramatic was this growth, the tear spanned their entire bodies and redesigned the swimming costume in seconds.
Sure enough though, the hunger was gone.
Well, near enough. They were growing girls after all.
When they surfaced, Bart was still watching like a hawk. He was the only one to notice that only they did surface and the other kids failed to do so. He was as such alarmed by their slow swim back to the poolside. Whilst Bart was not traditionally smart, he was far from dumb. So, when he saw that the girls one piece had become a two piece, their massive bellies not jiggling but swaying, he was able to realise what had been done.
“Oh wow…” He managed, envy rising as Lisa gorged away and not notice the public display of cannibalism.
By the time school had come about, Bart was well and truly in a mood over the entire situation. He had near enough seen his “rivals” out and devour other people whole in seconds. This was not fair as far as he was concerned, seeing as neither twin had really shown any form of gluttony before the change in food. Okay, sure, Terri had always been the chunkier of the duo, but it was nothing like his life experiences!
His funk carried on right through the lesson (of which the Mackleberry girls were not there,) and onto lunch. It was always a rare sight to see anybody eat aggressively, but Bart gave the impression of a diner willing to kill his food a 2nd time over a matter of honour. Suzanne noticed that he stomped up for yet another helping of fried food.
“Are you finished, sweetie?” The cook asked as she prepared his servings.
“No, I’m not.” The boy huffed, crossing his thick arms across his flabby chest. “It’s not right how those two can blimp up so quickly whilst us normies have to do it the hard way.”
“You mean the twins?”
“Who else could crush a car?! I can get as big as them! BIGGER EVEN!”
For a brief moment all Suzanne could see was the three stuffing themselves to the size of minivans. As the trio happily swelled, she could also see herself happily rolling the three into a giant oven…
“Tell you what sonny…” She said, snapping out of her day dream and mixing up a giant milkshake. “Have this, on the house…”
Once more, secret incantations filled the air and the massive thick shake glowed green to purple before being handed to the boy.
“Thanks…” Bart muttered, waddling off with his food. He thought nothing of it as he went back to his seat, littered with meals he had already devoured.
Once more the eldest and possibly largest Simpson worked his way through his oversized meals. There was little change to the manner in which he did this at first. But then Bart took his first sip of shake. With his too tight clothing, there was more an impression when his stomach changed colours, but it wasn’t noticed. Soon though the hunger did build, cramming more and more chicken into his gob and taking larger gulps of drink…
“Hey Bart?”
Bart blinked, clutching his bloated belly with both hands beneath the table. Sadly, this was not the sight of more food but in fact the sight of Milhouse, his obesity quivering as he gasped for air. Something had forced the shortsighted boy to run!
“What is it…” Bart groaned, the pains in his stomach overwhelming him. He was famished!
“Sorry Bart, but Ms Johnstone, wants you, in class. Lunch finished, ten minutes ago!”
Looking around, the starving Simpson was shocked to discover he was in fact the only student left in the canteen. Even Suzanne seemed to have disappeared, despite the mountain of plates that surrounded Bart. Sighing, he tried to shift his bulk out from the fixed seating, however his bloated belly was wedged under there.
“Need a hand?” his friend offered.
Without even waiting for a response Milhouse grabbed Barts wrist and started to tug on it. This bought both boys close together and allowed the stuck child to smell his friend. Instead of the standard sickly aroma he normally had with the addition of of sweat, there was something completely different.
Something delicious.
Licking his lips, Bart grinned at his life long friend.
“I need more than a hand…” he said. Before Milhouse could react Bart tugged sharply and opened his mouth.
The former friend had never been a great athlete and his increased mass had done little to improve this status. Combined with this was the fact that Bart had a significant weight advantage meant that Milhouse barely put up a struggle. Tripping over his own feet, the boy fell into Bart’s maw so for a brief moment one obese child hung out of the other. At that point, a pairing of gravity and hunger kicked and the new predator begun to gulp down his prey. Holding down the Van Houtens hands, the Simpson becomes like a vacuum cleaner and sucks the boy in. He doesn’t even mold that flabby sides and rear, relying on pure willpower, determination, gravity and hunger to devour an entire peer. It was also at this point that the fresh cannibal came to acknowledge that this was the way to beat the twins.
Grabbing Milhouse’s oversized butt cheeks with both hands, Bart crams as much of the boy into his bulging cheeks and throat to send the victim to his gullet. In a matter of moments there cafeteria went from two occupants to one.
With his stomach more like a blimp now, Bart was well and truly wedged in his seat. The massive gut forced his thick legs wide apart as parts of his and Milhouse’s flabby bodies squished over the table edge and onto it. Despite nearly doubling in size and weight, somehow nothing bad had happened.
And then Bart belched.
It was deep, long and bone rattling. It sent reverberations throughout the giant boys body which in turn rattled the bench that had been bending under his weight BEFORE devouring his own friend. Now, with this vibration from the gargantuan gas release, the bench broke under Bart’s weight.
With the massive noise created by thick wood snapping and immense mass slamming into the floor, Suzanne was alerted and rushed into the hall.
“I-will-curse-you-to-step-on-LEGO-for-rest-of-your-pitiful-existence! Oh, hey Bart…”
Having undone any potential hexes onto the boy, the cook struggled to help the two-in-one child to his feet and sent him on his way.
“I didn’t think my food was that fattening…” The witch mumbled to herself. “Maybe I should reduce the eye of newt…”
Much like his rivals, Barts appetite was finally sated with his devoured friend. Which was handy for the school, as whilst he was unable to devour his fellow classmates the twins had returned having digested their poolside snacks. The weight gain was less dramatic this time, though still large. Mainly what happened to the twins was was they became a whole lot wider, their legs now thicker then the average obese student of the school. Rather then dip lower, their stomachs and butts had swelled forward instead and making it impossible for their overly thick arms to reach beyond themselves anymore.
The duo made their return just in time for the annual school photograph albums to be done. Despite 5 children now missing and the rest of the school reaching levels of obesity previously thought impossible, even from America, Skinner was adamant that these pictures still be taken. So, with the former soldiers order lodged firm in place, every child waddled round in their best clothes. Many found their clothes too small, with shirt buttons popping off and stitching ripping. Sherri and Terri were amongst the handful of children that didn’t have this issue as once more their parents deep pockets ensured their gluttonous girls were properly clothed. As such, they were dressed in what could be described as cute pink dresses, though they were the size of tents.
Using their immense bulks, the duo pushed and barged children down the way, their safety only guaranteed due to their own movement and the near impossible reach of their fat arms. It also helped that they were talking.
“Do you think we should stop?” Terri asked her older sister. “I mean, we have eaten two children and we are a bit blimp-like.”
“Maybe.” Sherri responded. “It might be another four today and then even more later!”
For a brief moment the titanic twins looked at one another then burst out laughing.
“Okay, you made that brilliant!” The younger twin said nearly crying.
“Hey, you’re the one that said we should stop eating people!”
Despite this somewhat dangerous talk in public, not one child around them reacted. This was because the pair were conversing in their own specialist ‘twin-speak’ so nobody understood a word that they said. And unable to high-five one another they simple bumped their large stomachs together.
Any joy they had instantly melted away as they arrived at the cafeteria to try and sate their unending stomachs. Instead of pure fattening joy, they found it locked with a note;
“What will we do…” Terri whimpered, clutching her midsection and earning as much of a hug her sister could offer.
“We’ll think of something.”
“How about you hand over your money wide loads?”
Turning on the spot, the twins were all alone except for Jimbo Jones and Kearney, two of the school’s premium bullies. They had avoided becoming massively obese like the rest of the school with rigorous exercise regimes and attempting to continue bullying the other children. And although the twins were seasoned cannibals now, a lifetime of fear meant that they backed away from the looming thugs until they stumbled backwards into an empty classroom. As the older boys stepped in after them, one closed the door. The click snapped the Sherri and Terri back to their senses and a loud grumble decided their action. Before the bullies could begin, to their absolute shock and horror, the blimps launched themselves at them.
Patting her stomach, Sherri let out a loud belch with Terri, who rubbed her own. After the combined release of gas, a damp purple beanie flopped onto the ground in a puddle of drool. Once more, their stomachs had swelled thanks to one of their peers. Considering how massive they already were and the relative smallness of the victims, the swelling was less extreme then before. And despite the new occupants of their stomachs, the twins were still VERY hungry.
“They barely filled me up!” The elder twin cried, shaking her oversized gut from dramatic effect.
“I really could go for seconds…” Terri whimpered before letting out a deep yawn, mouth opening up to a size that seemed like it could engulf a car.
Despite their desire for more food, overpowering two bullies had been the closest thing to exercise any student had received since Suzanne had cooked the gym staff into lunch. Both girl yawned and stretched their immense limbs before settling down to sleep. Positioning themselves as best as possible, they laid head to head and used one another’s oversized arms as pillows and drifted off to sleep.
An hour passed before the door opened.
“Holy crud!” Nelson hissed at the sight of the two slumbering behemoths.
“Fat and lazy, just how I like my victims!” Dolph said, following the other bully and closing the door behind him. “Now let’s find their cash or beat them thin!”
Muntz was barely listening though. He was more interested in the still damp hat that was on the floor. Poking it with his finger, he noted that this wasn’t just water as it was far too sticky.
“Dude, do you know where Jimbo and Kearney went?”
“Nah man. I heard they were shaking down kids around here earlier. Why?”
“I think they might still be here…”
The redheaded bully looked at his comrade with a raised eyebrow. His eyes slowly went to the hat on the floor and then back to the massive twins asleep by them.
“No way man! Nobody can just eat another person whole!”
“Why not?” Nelson nearly yelled. “This school has BLIMPED in the matter of weeks, FIVE dorks are missing and now two of our friends are missing and here we have these two whales!”
Rage was filling the bully to the brim and driving him at this point. Stomping over to Terri, her mouth still wide open as she slept. This wasn’t enough for him though as he grabbed her jaw and dragged it further open.
“See, this shouldn’t be possible!” He went on, before putting his head in. “Now lets see if-”
At this point Terri reacted. She was still fast asleep, despite all the noise the boys had been making. However, her brain still being guided by her gut, made her non-pillow arm suddenly reach up and shove him into her maw. Dolph attempted to react and save his friend, but so did Sherri, whose free arm reached out and grabbed him by the ankles. Slowly he felt himself get dragged into a wet cave as he watched Nelson go in head first…
Whilst this was going on, Bart Simpson was on the hunt. Whilst this sounds very dramatic, he was in his own best clothes for the photo shoot so it was ruined a little bit. Unlike the Mackleberry family, the Simpsons did not have cash reserves as large as their children, so his clothes were very ill-fitting on him. The buttons were strained on his shirt, he couldn’t even do his top button up and every roll of flab was on display and ready to rip it all apart. The fact his friend was still digesting away, belly slowly shrinking as the rest of him grew fatter, didn’t help his clothes.
And despite still feeling somewhat full, Bart was on such a mission to out-eat and grow bigger then the twins. And that meant more food, prey or both. This lead him down the same path the twins had towards the lunch hall though he wouldn’t get as far as them. His route was blocked off by the Weasels, Nelson’s supporting bullies.
Unlike the other bullies, these minor thugs hadn’t been able to avoid the effects of the school’s new menu. This meant that they easily blended in with the other children with their obesity and used it to great effect. Being on a similar size and weight to other kids, they could easily threaten the others and obtain their lunch money to stuff their own faces with it.
Despite this, in the end the pair were still loyal to Muntz. And when their bullying master called for them, they answered the call. Although now they were confused as to where he had gotten to.
“Morning boys.” Bart smirked at them. “Whats up with you guys?”
“Buzz off.” One of them responded.
“Yeah, this doesn’t concern you. Unless you want a beating!”
Rubbing his chins with one hand and his belly with the other, Bart’s smirk got bigger and frankly a whole lot darker.
“Hm, close. Let’s drop a ‘b’ from that last word though.”
As confusion hit the minor thugs, so did The Simpson. Using his belly as a battering ram, he barged and pinned one of the bullies with his stiff person packed gut. With one down, Bart grabbed the untrapped tubby tormenter.
From his position on the ground and a face full of predatory stomach, the weasel failed to understand what was happening. He was aware of his friends initial yells and attempts to fight back. Then suddenly the crying out became very muffled and distant. Not too long after that, Bart’s stomach began to wobble and seemingly get bigger and tighter. Every second that went by seemed to make it worse and worse, slowly crushing the boy. Just before the end, the growing gut stopped and slowly Bart stepped back.
The other Weasel was gone. Bart was even bigger, at some point he had managed to undo his shirt so the buttons had not popped off. Belching loudly, The Simpson looked at the cowering boy before licking his lips and reaching down…
Having added two entire obese children to his stomach, Bart was in a large amount of pain. He struggled to reach around his engorged gut, the two boys managing to barely blend into the flab that he had gained. Fighting around the still, firm mass that was a bully, finally his fingers groped and reached the belts of his pants. With one tug, the smart trousers spilled open and allowed the vast yellow orb to surge forward and the pain instantly disappeared.
Patting his stomach, Bart sighed in contentment as his legs bent under the massive weight. Two! Two oversized kids in one go! There was no way in Hell that Sherri or Terri could beat him in that! And, as he struggled to button his shirt back up, he was on top of the world.
This came crashing down as the classroom door opened. Struggling to get through the door, the twins emerged one after the other once Sherri cracked the door frame. Both girls stomachs were forcing their dresses to ride up, exposing a massive amount of pale flesh that bobbed and swayed with a pair of bullies packed in them.
“Hi Bart.” Both girls said as he stood there dumbfounded. He failed to respond, though his stomach decided that buttons sucked and popped the one’s he’d managed to pull together. This allowed both girls to giggle at him.
“Looks like you packing away some serious snacks!” Sherri said with a drool covered grin.
“Yeah, you’re almost as big as us!” Terri added, her hand gripping the older sister's dress.
“S-something like that…” Bart conceded.
All three looked at one another's stomachs and it was obvious to one another that they were stuffing themselves with their peers. And it was also obvious that things were going to be coming to a head…
Laying on his bed, Bart slowly rubbed his stomach as his friend and bullies continued to digest onto his frame. Over the last few days school had been closed as the photographer and his team had gone missing before any pictures could be done. Suzanne had kindly served fresh burgers to the rest of the school as they awaited and now Wiggum and his men were combing the school for evidence. Of course, digesting three children meant that he was hardly feeling that active, which only made Marge worry even more.
As such, sat there on his bed, Bart was surprised by a sharp prod to the side of his stomach.
Struggling to sit up, he was shocked to find Ralph Wiggum standing there. Like every other child, Ralph’s gluttony had taken hold of him and made the police chief's son obese. He was probably the largest, non-cannibal child in the school, and that's saying something. The boy was wider then he was tall, and considering he had never been thin or athletic to begin with, he was potentially as heavy as his father.
“What do you want Ralph?” Bart asked in a sight, propping his upper body up on his elbows.
“Your mom arranged us a playdate!” The simple boy smiled at the older boy. “She said you were too lazy whilst daddy looks for missing people!”
For a moment, Bart looked at Ralph and accepted that he was actually right. Sure, he might be a cannibal but there was no reason for him to just sit in his room doing nothing all day.
‘Maybe I can have a few hours playing with him. He’s alright when he opens up.’
All those plans went out the window when his stomach let out a loud groan and familiar feeling crept back.
“So, what did you want to do then Bart?” Ralph asked happily, somehow not noticing that Bart, still laying down, was licking his lips.
“Hmm, want to see a magic trick?” He asked, sitting up as much as possible.
Soon Marge made her way into her son’s bedroom with a tray of cookies and drinks. Instead of two boys she found her eldest child still on his, laying on his bed. Somehow she seemed to not notice that his stomach was even bigger, rounder and loomed over Bart, who had spread his arms and legs like an eagle to make room for it.
“Oh, what happened to Ralph?” She asked, looking round the room and even leaning over the vast yellow gut.
“He had to shoot off.” Bart said, gulping heavily as his mother leant on him. The increase of pressure on his overpacked tummy didn’t feel good. “Something to do with another missing kid.”
“Oh good Lord, what is the town coming to!” The mother responded, reeling back from the news. She leant down and kissed him on the chubby cheek. “Maybe it’s best you do stay in doors for the time being…”
“Okay mom. I promise I won’t move.”
Leaving her son, Bart sighed and gently rubbed his belly. Both these actions made a rattle, which was unexpected.
‘What did Ralph have on him, $5.00 in change?’
Glancing up, he saw that Marge had left the refreshment tray on top of Mount BartGut. He was in two minds; on the one hand, he was stuffed and nearly at the point of barfing up at least one whole kid. On the other hand, more food!
Uselessly his short fat arms flailed for the summit. He was pinned by his own appetite and any attempt to roll over would spill food and drink over the carpet.
After what seemed an ice age, school finally returned as normal. For some, the new cooks food was so addicting that the first thing they did was hit the cafeteria to stuff their fat faces. Suzanne had no issue with this, and had a fine selection of brunch items ready for her inevitable meals.
So engrossed in their food, they didn’t notice the arrival of three other children. As they just about entered, one of them locked the door behind them. An agreement had been made between the twins and Bart to finally see who was the biggest, greediest kid in school. And with what they could do, this meant only one thing.
Now twice as wide as they were tall, the trio were monuments to gluttony if not the personification of the sin itself. Their bodies, temples built literally on the backs of others, were immense with the vast stomachs hanging down to their ankles and their legs almost as big as a doorway. Both girls and boy had rears that meant that regular cars would struggle to seat one of them let alone two and and upper torso that was larger than their arm reach. Said limbs were so thick that their fingers were the only things that emerged from the tubes of fat that could smother a baby. The cherry on tip were their fat faces, cheeks nearly as big as their heads and with multiple chins helped nearly obscure their mouths. They were barely clothed, as even the Mackleberry money simply couldn’t clothe such huge children. So much of the twins flesh was on show, their tops barely containing their chests and their giant butts escaping their skirts. Bart was faring a little better, wearing Homer’s clothes but this had its limits as well.
Simply put, they were monstrous in both size, appetite and morals, their stomachs the last resting places for too many already. But they weren’t here to change their ways.
Terri was the first, enveloping one child with her body’s soft mass that winded her victim has hands grabbed shoulders. As her mouth stretched over her victim, Sherri pinned at potential witness with her own body to devour a not so little girl.
Deciding he needed to desperately take the lead, Bart hitched up his stomach and dropped it onto a bench which contained three kids. The two closest tumbled towards his waiting maw whilst the third was launched into the air. His pinpoint accuracy drop into Bart’s mouth not only stuffed the first two into Barts stomach, it gave him the lead.
Looking at one another after witnessing their rivals top eating game, the twins nodded at one. From somewhere on their bodies they each produced a jump rope and fastened them into a form of lasso. With a swing, the duo lassoed two plump children each and using themselves as an anchor point, put all of their might into dragging the four off of the benches. In a few moments, the tied up kids flew through the air right into the sisters mouths.
By this point the game was up. Kids flying through the air is something that doesn’t normally happen unless it's magic or some random internet story. It didn’t help that they seemed to be landing in the biggest kids who were growing steadily larger. Panic reigned and the children tried to run for the doors. Considering how out of shape they were, this was slow enough for the trio to pick off another child each before they slammed into the door. There was a brief moment of confusion as the doors failed to open and the few, faster thinkers realised it was time to break.
By the time the remaining three realised this, they turned to see Sherri, Terri and Bart. With four obese children packed into them, their stomach’s now touched the the floor and rose above their chests. The thick layer of fat they carried was so stretched, the each child’s massive middle was obvious on the three. So stunned by this, they couldn’t react in time.
From inside the kitchen itself, the remaining three children tried to be as quiet as possible as they crept through the room. All this did was allow them to hear several loud gulps and some belching that rattled the room. As the vibrations hit, not only did their bodies slosh and jiggle, a fine cloud of dust flew around. It was as if the kitchens had been used in months…
“Where do you think you’re going?”
Turning, the tiny children cowered as the trio slowly and awkwardly moved towards them. Their stomachs bulged unnaturally, impressions of libs showed through the flab as 5 kids added to their bulks. Spotting the backdoor, the three ran for it and tried to work the handle doorknob, only for it to break away in their hands. As it crumbled, the smell of chocolate wafted through their noses. Such a distraction, the failed to notice the three cannibals loom around them.
“So, a tie?” Bart offered.
“No, this is a contest, winner takes all!” Sherri cried.
“Well, maybe not all…” Terri said, concerned what her siblings cry meant.
Still in the kitchen, the twins and Simpson were simply too stuffed to move, literally. Their stomachs obscured much of their vision and their fat legs had couldn’t shift that much weight. All five victims were obvious on them as their stomachs tried to work down such an immense meal.
“Fine, maybe we can hit Hoovers class.” Bart said. “Most will be asleep because of Lisa…”
Before any further conversation could happen though, much to their horror the kitchen door opened. Suzanne stumbled in backwards, bags in her hands.
“I can’t believe unicorn horn is so cheap these days! This towns waters really helps magical creatures breed!” She said happily before turning around.
Her mouth dropped open, she dropped her bags and a dozen strange things spilled onto the floor, some crawling away.
“We can explain?” The twins offered in stereo, as if talking their way out of gobbling up kids would be easily.
“Oh, this is perfect!” the cook cackled. “Child stuffed child, why didn’t I think of it before!”
With a snap of her fingers, a wall morphed into a giant oven, all three kids gasping in fear.
“SHE’S A WITCH!” Sherri and Terri cried out.
“Well, it’s kinda obvious.” Bart pointed out. “Obesity, our appetites, eating other kids.”
“SILENCE!” The witch cried, lightning and thunder erupting outside. “You’ve eaten well, and so will I!”
With a flick of her wrist, the floor rose up to the ceiling under the kids and then formed into a slide. Screaming in fear, the rolled down towards the open furnace, flames roaring within as the witch laughed maniacally.
The scene was sadly ruined when Bart’s butt got wedged in the doorway. Before he could burn, Sherri and Terri bumped him three and the immobile predators skid across the floor.
“Oh what the Hell?!” Suzanne hissed.
“Yeah, you might need a bigger oven.” Sherri said.
“And good luck finding one our size!” Terri added. “We can’t even get clothes our size!”
Smirking at the twins, the witch grabbed the oven and physically dragged it until it was big enough to contain all three at once.
“Well done.” The male sighed. “Want to recommend a Sherry or Teriyaki sauce whilst you’re at it?”
“No, I prefer my children unseasoned…” Suzanne said, stalking towards the three. So focused on them, she failed to notice a cream pie slide under her foot. In a single moment, the witch slipped on the dessert item and flew backwards and into the oven with a loud scream.
“HOW THE HELL!?” All three cried just before the giant door slammed shut. Standing behind it, looking like a miniature version of them before they had gorged on diners, Maggie Simpson waved at them.
“Well, that was unexpected…” The older Simpson said as the younger one waddled over and rested on his stomach.
“So, does that mean the magics going to wear off?”
“Or are we still big fat cannibals?”
The Simpson looked at the Mackleberry’s as his sister fell asleep.
“I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see.”
The trio grinned at one another, anticipation growing within to see if they could still devour others whole. Why stop now, there was an entire city to sample…

The End...

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