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UU: it is the day whereafter the legendary octet of mUtUal progenitoriety will come together and heal a great breach in paradox space.
UU: a day delivered throUgh eighty billion years and foUr distinct Universal instances worth of Unfathomable tUrbUlence.
UU: and while the emerald eye of this storm is fixed in the abyss forever
UU: today yoU are poised to escape its scowl once and for all.
UU: by skaias gUiding light, yoU may leave behind its tUrning arms of bright coloUrs and mayhem, and secUre peace for yoUr cosmic progeny for all dUration.

~ Calliope, Homestuck
Tagged by WhiteBAG

RULES: You have to post ten songs which have made an impact on your life.

I can't say music plays a big role in my life. I do enjoy it of course, but I don't listen too often, and haven't even had a favourite band in five years.

But here you go, thirteen song that made impact on my life, in roughly chronological order. Why thirteen and not ten? Because I like to go three steps beyond. Also, I'm gonna cheat in more ways than that. 

1. Heroes of Might and Magic III full soundtrack by Paul Romero, Rob King and Steve Baca

That's the cheating I mentioned earlier. That's a one and a half hours of music right there. And godsdammit it's good. Hell fucking yes. I probably spent more time listening to this sweet jam while getting my ass handed to me by dumb AI than on sleeping until the age of 15. And I regret every moment - that I didn't spend playing it. It shaped my passion for fantasy and to this day impacts the way I imagine mythological creatures. Though the graphics got updated.

2. Gothic full soundtrack by Kai Rosenkranz

I promise it's the last full soundtrack on the list. But Gothic soundtrack is arguably the only soundtrack I listened to more than Heroes III soundtrack while getting my ass handed to me by dumb AI until the age of 18. And I regret every moment afterwards. This is truly the greatest game ever created. I could literally play this game indefinitely, not doing any quests and just pretending I'm literally living in a world of Gothic, like it's Minecraft. To this day Gothic's and Gothic II's aesthetics and atmosphere impact my imagination in a lot of ways.

3. the Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy opening theme

Okay, another cheat, since the song here on its own didn't impact my life all that much, but the series it opens did. This series probably shaped my sense of humour entirely. I also learnt English fluently watching this. And it lead to my post-childhood interest in cartoons, although at this point I still wasn't quite done with my pre-adolescence interest in cartoons, so it's not like I ever actually stopped watching cartoons. One achievement I can truly be proud of. It also lead me to watch fan music videos on the Internet, my first contact with fandom culture, and that in turn lead to other great and important things in my life.

4. Accidentaly in Love Billy and Mandy Are Accidentaly in Love by Counting Crows Tora Yakari

Fan-music-video-making was something I got into the early days of my Internet (no-)life and it lead me to many great things. This video, along with another one, inspired me to make fan music videos of my own. More on that in a sec.

5. Another Heart Calls by the All-American Rejects

First band I considered to be my favourite. I hope they're doing okay. I loved this song so it's no surprise I made a my first fan music video with Billy & Mandy with it. Sadly, it's muted now because corporate America. Let us continue though this strange and mysterious period in my life when I was actually creating stuff instead of wasting my life on Internet and video games. Weird.

6. Gimme a Grade by the Baljeatles from Phineas and Ferb

Another important series in my life and, of all songs from this music-ridden series, this song in particular. Why?

7. Real World by the All-American Rejects the Baljeatles

Because I made a fan music video using Gimme a Grade sequence. And that video has been found by WhiteBAG and she found out I'm also Polish like her and I also had a deviantART already like her at this point. And so we started writing to each other, and here we are, five years later, madly in love. That's right, pretty much everything on that list so far was just me telling you the story of how I met my girlfriend. Which is fitting, because the next song on the list is...

8. How I Met Your Mother opening theme

I will save this journal and it will double as how I met your mother story for my future kids. Literally How I Met Your Mother: the Musical. True story. Also another cheating, this song also only symbolizes the series's impact on my life, like Billy and Mandy opening. That's also why I added three additional songs to the list. The three steps beyond bullshit was another lie. I lied to you so many times in this list I lost count at this point. Another characteristic of my life I guess. Also, the series is amazing, go watch it all except for the finale. Or watch with alternate ending (obviously contains spoilers, like, duuuuh), it fits the story and characters much better and isn't an abomination like the original ending. Yeah, still bitter over this.

9. Sburban Jungle by Micheal Guy Bowman for Homestuck, album Homestuck vol.1-4

If I had an opening theme, it would be this. Homestuck is my obsession, the single greatest work of literature(?) I read(?) and I love it. This song sets the rhythm for electric impulses in my nerve system. Impact of Homestuck on my life cannot be underestimated, and that's why the rest of the list are just Homestuck songs. I'm not even sorry.

10. 12. Rex Deudecim Angelus by Malcolm Brown (features themes from the album 'Alternia' by Toby "Radiation" Fox and Horschestra by Alexander Rosetti) for Homestuck, album AlterniaBound

mumblemumbleshouldbe"Angelorum"mumblemumble sorry I'll shut up know, but this one always bothered me. Though I may even be wrong, because I don't actually know all that much about Latin. That one also counts as 10 songs all on itself (at the bottom of "Hivebent" section of the article), so there you go, two free lists of 10 Songs That Shaped My Life. Protip: the third list is just all Troy Bolton's songs from High School Musical trilogy. You don't have to thank me.

11. Black Rose / Green Sun by Malcolm Brown for Homestuck, album Homestuck vol. 7: At the Price of Oblivion

This one I just really really like. Also: literary goals for grimdark fantasy aesthetics. And heartbreaking moments, though it's obviously nonsense without context, where context is a fuckton of webcomic you should be reading.

12. Cascade by a lot of guys for Homestuck, album Homestuck vol. 8

This song is literally my 'idle' mode. When I'm not doing anything specific, I usually just start daydreaming about [S] Cascade. Every. Single. Day. It's just so epic and large! This is probably the single most influetial song on this list. If my nerves work to the rhythm of Sburban Jungle, then my very molecules vibrate to the rhythm of Cascade. I don't feel about a lot of things in that way. Forever favourite, like if u crai evrytaim.

13. Eternity Served Cold by Malcolm Brown for Homestuck, album Cherubim

The single greatest villain's theme of all times. Yes, I'm talking to you too, Vader. Eternity Served Cold is a varied, amazing song perfectly fitting the epicness and atmosphere of [S] Caliborn: Enter, even though only half of it was used for that flash. I daydream about this almost as much as I do with Cascade. Epic song for an epic villain. Emotions it causes in my and the visuals that accompany it indubitably made a great impact on my imagination.

So there you have it. Thirteen songs that made an impact on my life. Five of which are from Homestuck. I'm even less sorry for that than before. Homestuck trash pride!

Looking back, remembering all those years, my life, I can't help but think. Wow. I'm a huge lazy trash for not writing a single dumb short story in all this time I dreamt of being a writer.

But right now I'm in college, studying Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science in English on Silesian University of Technology. It will be a hard year. But at the same time I feel inspired like never before and creating my ever-expanding fantasy secondary world of Marva more than ever. Though that's not exactly 'writing', isn't it. I gotta work on that shit.

I'll try to be more active around here. Maybe finally check this literal 11 thousand items in my dA inbox I accumulated over my absence. If you won't more activity than it is good for both you and me, you get follow me on tumblr! Warning: I reblog a lot and can't use quequeing.

I feel like I should tag this. Okay...

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