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Today I was choosen to be on Of the Character Design Challange Winners for June. I am very happy, grateful and proud about it.…

Survivor by Gilmec
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Hello my Friends. How are u doing?

I am starting to be more active on social networks (not as much as I should be).

I am now on Pintrest:

Besides of  Facebook, Twitter, Istagram,

Please follow me, ur support is appreciated
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Walking Through The Streets by Gilmec

I missed my Daily Deviation, because i was moving to another city.  But i am very happy about it!

Thanks to ~gummyrabbit for suggesting and  ^dust-bite  for featuring!
I really appreciate ur support!!!

Thank u Guys for all the kind comments
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My Rise of The Guardian Shock.

(Please excuse my bad English)

The other night I was checking a journal entry of my fellow deviantart colleague rufftoon:…
In this article he introduced the trailer of an upcoming animated Film called Rise of the Guardian by DreamWorks .
Interesting title, I thought, so I checked the trailer.
What I saw had punched me right in my stomach.  It was like Santaman is coming to live, but actually NO he didn't.....

For those of you who are familiar with my work know my concept of Santaman and the animated short movie I did about it.
For the many of you who have no idea what I am talking about please feel free to check out the following links and information's:

U better watch out by Gilmec… Gallery1… Gallery2
the animated Short

"So you think You know all about good old Santa? Think again!!!

The truth will be revealed, now it's time for Santaman!
The whole world claims to know him, but only few people have actually ever seen him – and even fewer would admit to this!
It turns out the time-honoured gentleman with his big bushy beard is actually a punchy superhero – talk about "Silent Night"!
Under the red jelly bag cap we find a grim patron saint, who takes on the baddies of this world."

Santa and the bunch by Gilmec -notice: this line up contains (beside of Santaman and other):
the Tooth Fairy, the Easter bunny, the Sandman, and even the Boogieman (the green skinned guy in the left group)
Osterman by Gilmec Tooth Fairy by Gilmec Sandman by Gilmec

I know, what I saw was just a trailer, not the final Movie , but so whole thing is soooo close to my Santaman concept , especially the early stuff,
that I felt quiet shocked about it.

Don't get me wrong I am not saying DreamWorks copied my stuff at all; my works are way too unknown for that and i also know that some similar ideas buzzing around
from time to time, but seeing a whole package of "my ideas" coming to live on the big screen and myself has nothing to do with hurts, I have to admit.

You know I carry the idea of Santaman with me for quite some time, but beside some tiny achievements, like the releases of the Santaman Comicbook in 2006 ( just in Germany) and the Animated short in 2009, the franchise never got off the starting blocks.

I guess this big movie means the end of my good old Santaman concept. Now Santaman will look like a cheap copy version of the Rise of the Guardian. What a pity (sniff)

It felt like a big missed opportunity. And YES I am envious !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway I am looking forward for this movie, because I am curious what they made out of the concept and I admire their works.

Now, after I wrote this from my chest, I already feel better.

Let know what you think about it.

Can u you understand my reaction?

Best Regards

Daniel aka Gilmec
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Hello Folks and Friends!!!

Finally I have started  blogging  

Is just the beginning , that’s why there are not so many articles yet, but believe me, I will write a lot of stuff about my World as an Artist (with my poor English :))!

Please check out:

My art Blog:

Kasper and Seppel Blog:

You will find a collection of my best Artworks and u will get (in the near future) an exclusive inside view in my Projects and the way I work.
You will also find Links of some of the best and most inspiring Artists in the biz (who are definitely worthy to watch)!!!

Stay tuned for updates and new articles

Thanks for your support!

See u around
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