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SANTAMAN - The Movie

So you think You know all about good old Santa? Think again!!!

The truth will be revealed, now it’s time for Santaman!
The whole world claims to know him, but only few people have actually ever seen him – and even fewer would admit this!
It turns out the time-honoured gentleman with his big bushy beard is actually a punchy superhero – talk about “Silent Night”!
Under the red hood we find a grim patron saint, who takes on the baddies of this world.

The hour of Santaman has come!
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and thus, The Grinch is born!!
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WOW!! This is just too amazing. Stunning job- Congrats
MangleDangle's avatar
Awesome! My only concern is the lip-sync, but pretty darn good for an independent project
Badass, sir. You didn't cheat on the action sequences, I appreciate that :)
Style and background remind me a lot of the Airbender series.
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Thank u my friend, i am happy u like my little movie!! Thanks for stopping bye :w00t:
Jyger85's avatar
He drives a PODRACER?! Holy crap! XD
S-2385's avatar
dude it deserves a sequel

something like
santaman 2 wrath of scrooge
yuki-no-monogatari's avatar
I've been meaning to post a comment for 3 years now.
First, your video is awesome!
I've been using it for 3 years now, around Christmas, to show my EFL students in Japan a fun Christmas story. They love it. They are sending you their thank you for a fun video! They also ask every year for part 2 :D.
AP1708's avatar
:aww: mit dem santa legt man sich besser nich an :lol:
besonders mochte ich die stelle, an der endlich mal aufgedeckt wird, wie der weihnachtsmann überhaupt von allen wünschen erfährt... mönche als antennen
VisAnastasis's avatar
It's absolutely the best animation and story I see on deviant for last .. EVER! :wow:
Entenn's avatar
LOL! Awesome work!!!
Thimix2's avatar
NaturesWolfchild's avatar
Wow! This was one of the best Christmas shows I've ever seen! I thank you for sharing with the world your amazing talent. =D
NaturesWolfchild's avatar
Wow! This was one of the best Christmas shows I've seen! I'd love to see more of this. =D
NaturesWolfchild's avatar
Sorry for re-posting, it didn't show up on my computer the first time so I re-did the post.
JoeltheSwedishDragon's avatar
:jawdrop: Holy Jingles!... So epic! 8D
Verteer's avatar
I just love SANTAMAN's voice ^^
videolizzard99's avatar
Really top notch! The action and humor reminded me of old super hero cartoons... and I love how you added the three spirits!
Rblue's avatar
I enjoyed this. Where did you get the idea?
Rblue's avatar
Nice movie. How did you come up with it?
Kattoi's avatar
Santaman reminds me of Batman, minus the black cap, pointy ears, and all the other stuff. The animation feels a little jumpy at times but the quality and the time you put into it shows. I really enjoyed the show, two thumps up! Keep up the Awesome Animations! =D
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I watch your SANTAMAN The Animated Movie and it was very good,I like the story and your style I hope you make more.
LikeFireNeedsAir's avatar
in simple words lawl
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