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Black Widow

Costume Constriction:

The bodysuit is made by me, it’s actually a result of me playing around with my pattern and practicing insetting. It’s made from a four way stretch leather look spandex, the side panels are a two way stretch ribbed knit. I custom cast the belt pieces from resin and painted them with a metallic gold spray paint. My bullet bracers are made from a Halloween bullet belt and painted with the same gold spray paint.

Photo By: ASPhotography

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Mar 12, 2013, 11:32:53 AM
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How incredibly sexy! A very fine woman.

You wear that suit like a pro.
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 Beautifullphoto ;-) (Wink)
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good trigger discipline.
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awesome cosplay here.i love this one.
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I'm pretty sure you're in this gallery on Geek Tyrant, but it's being credited to someone named Crystal Graziano?…
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GORGEOUS!..... LOOOOVE Black Widow.. :)
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Really nicely done :-)
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epic job on the suit
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Can you take other pics of this amaizing costume!!! Only one pic is not enough ;) ! PLEASE
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Nice costume designing and work,and,the model is slick too.
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Thank you.  I'm the model in the photo and I also made the entire costume :)
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Umm, :wow: Nicely done with the outfit detail and the bullets are nicely done and authentic looking. I really like the side panel ribbed knitting you used for a some comfort while in motion and it adds a nice flare to the outfit kinda like the Stephanie Brown Batgirl uniform.
Love the long red haired style wig which look ALOT better than Scarlet's hairdo in the Avengers movie.
Nice job using an assault air rifle for realism. Just remember to take the safety off first:giggle:
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Boy!! I wish the Widow had looked that hot in the movie...!
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OMG.......stunning !!!!!
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This is the most convincong Black Widow costume I have ever seen.
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Yum! :) One of the, if not THE BEST, Black Widow cosplay and model... EVER! -- Excellent!!
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Yess. dat look. the best portrayal of Black Widow so far!
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Mad respect! Your cosplay is not only accurate, but you have a different face; different make-up every time to make it all the more unique, staying true to characters, while still being you. Other "famous" cosplaying women tend to stick with the same eyes painted shut routine. You're awesome.
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Thank you, I find different wig lengths/styles highlight different facial features, I change up my makeup based on the wig usually. If I'm wearing a red wig I do colour/makeup that would complement a ginger, with a dark wig you can do heavier/darker makeup. I don't really change my make-up style very much, just the colours. I don't have enough make-up skills to do a different look per costume. I've never been able to get the super heavy dark eye look down, so props to the girls who can.
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Fantastic job on the costume and always interesting to know the construction. Great photo! :D
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