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HP meme 2

Why? Cuz I'm bored and upset, that's why!!!1 :o

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I'm anti-animal cruelty but pro-KILL THE DAMN MARAUDERS! YES!

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Snape is my fav character so yeah. But good drawing. 
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Wow amazing art but NOOOOOOOOO DON'T KILL SIRIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ok, I agree with Sirius and James (*rages as name is typed*) but you don't have to kill Remus! BTW this had me rolling at that last panel!:happybounce:  Great job!
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Now that i'm done with that, awesome drawing, yes.
Ha hahahahaahaha Severus XD
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snape as a woman. never thought id see the day.......... :)
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I cried like Mary in front of The Cross (no offense there) when I saw Snape's death scene in the movie...I hate the marauders, but I actually like Lupin 'cause he actually was sorry about it and even went on to be sincerely nice and respectful to Sevikins and didn't judge him for becoming a Death Eater and in fact saw it was something that was his own (Lupin's) fault.
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Yeah, I think Remus knew he had been a coward and was ashamed he didn't have the courage to stand up to his friends when they bullied Severus. He was a very sad man, not that I can blame him, his one best friend was murdered, his other best friend was locked up in Askban for like 12 years and then murdered and learned the other member had betrayed them. The only time he was ever had any happiness was when he was married to Tonks and they had Teddy but they died shortly afterwards. 
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It Is True, Snapes Death Was Greatest Lost, I Cry Two hours Wen He Dies, He Was So Sexy And Best Character!
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i wanna go to Gender bended Hogwarts now o///o
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I love #4! Too many children!
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I still love this xDDDDDDDDDD
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The shadow in panel 7 appears to belong to a muppet... o.0;;
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:rofl: that's my favorite spell too~! and now I casts it!!!
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haha! LOL!
I loe the female snape!
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hey, snape, you dont look bad as a girl *gets shot*
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:giggle: i love the female snape :heart: u are epic, as is ur snapes, luciuss, and all teh ofers. (but they dont matter.)
ur epic. Teh end.
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Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today...
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:D *gasp*
fuck this
*fast forwards*
yaaaaaaaaaay :glomp:
u have to do moar artz, or i will cry black tears of harry-angst and go die in a corner. HARRY-ANGST, I SAY, HARRY-ANGST!
Thats alot of angst.
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Hahaha! Don't worry, I'll never stop :D
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