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It hurt not to put in Mark Hamill but i just wanted a more realistic live action pic.

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Very great!

I can't say, who's the best Joker here, but I don't like Jared Leto so much...

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Thank you. Heath is still the best for me
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same for me. joaquim was good but heath was legendary.

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Happy Birthday Joker!
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What a buncha jokers... :P

When doing a Joker mash-up, Hamill is always kind of a double-edge sword. The guy is the PERFECT Joker, but only in terms of voice acting, and from there, he has actually voiced numerous incarnations of the character. So... you kind of NEED to leave him out, vs all the guys you have here, who are very easy to pick, as specific actors who each gave one, specific rendition of Joker (vs Hamill's many, but in voice only).

Anyways, awesome pic :D I've seen a pic or two that had three of these, but it's great to see one that captures even more :)
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Good call with the mark hamill stuff, I probably would have used the animated series one if I added him. Thank you for your interesting comment.😀
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You're welcome :)

But yeah, there's another idea - A group shot of a bunch of various animated versions of Joker, which of course would include numerous voiced by Mark :D
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Actually pretty good idea😉
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Thanks :D

Oh, and thanks so much for the watch :)
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Lol why leave out mark Hamill? He should’ve been here instead of Jared Loser
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Agreed, but I just didn’t feel like a cartoon character fit in with the look of it all
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Oh true but it’s still unfair to leave out an iconic joker imo
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I might add him back in when I get a chance
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So no animated Jokers then?

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I wanted to but at the same time just wanted more of a live action thing
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Ah yes, the Society-Men
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