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Journal Template Premium Content by gillianivyart

This is an installable for free with option to buy as a template as a Premium Content.  And that's right, I'm naming it Sexy Idris.  --  This is being offered for free, but please consider upgrading to the full version for customization and extras.  I provide a lot of free skins for the DeviantART community and this is my only form of income at the moment.  It would be a way to say thank you and receive a bit of extras, making your use of my skin semi-exclusive.  The extras are ideal for users who submit articles or feature artwork.  And the customization options can personalize the journal for your use.  Changing the color scheme is a little more complex, as some parts alternate between rgb and hexadecimal formats.  Again, I do not mind assisting.

Sexy Idris --
:icongillianivyart: Theme --… I recommend keeping the grey and white tones and only swapping out the colored borders/bgs/fonts/etc.  For gradients, try the Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator.  And alternate fonts can be chosen at Google WebFonts, many of these are integrated into the DeviantART journal skins. The ZIP file has the header and footer image as a PSD so you can change the colors easily enough.  I will also include a PSD of the background image (do not alter or claim my artwork as your own) with a black & white filter and 50% blur action.  I recommend a tileable pattern for the bg.  Otherwise the CSS may need to be altered to have a fixed attachment.  I can help with this.  Other background sizes would also work for this.    The Premium version is available for purchase --

What is Included?

The Installable version has 5 styles for images: Standard/Big Thumbs, Emote/Stamp Cleared Style, Small Thumbs, Embedded Deviations and Literature/Journal Thumbs.  Video Embeds are also coded as part of the installable version.  The Premium Content Template has 3 extra image DIVs: "ponds", "eleven", and "river".  Those require a bit of extra formatting, instructions will be included as either a PDF or online in my GoogleDrive which includes full support for troubleshooting and future site wide CSS changes.  The GoogleDrive has embedded chat and comments, so you can possibly get live assistance from me.

Emote and Stamp Thumbs
Dr. 10 Stamp by brooklynpage
Standard Thumb
Allons-y ! by Samkaat
Embedded Thumb
Grand Theft walkie talkie by Harnois75
Big Thumb
Doctor Who - The Pandorica by DeanSidwellArt
Special Div "ponds" Available as Premium Content Only
Amy Pond by emsen

Special Div "eleven" Available as Premium Content Only

Text Formatting

Suspendisse pretium, dui eget commodo aliquet, felis mi aliquet sem, a egestas dolor augue quis purus. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed sit amet ullamcorper orci. Integer pretium imperdiet faucibus. Phasellus eget ligula eget mi egestas vestibulum non nec ipsum. In tristique auctor augue. Nullam ornare, nisl id elementum consectetur, nulla nulla mollis quam, convallis bibendum elit mi ac metus. Duis ac accumsan urna.  Morbi lacinia euismod commodo. Vestibulum sagittis tempor neque non viverra. Mauris sed mi lacus, eu convallis dolor. Duis commodo nisi non elit posuere auctor. Praesent commodo ullamcorper ipsum, eu pellentesque  orci lacinia imperdiet. Maecenas neque turpis, venenatis eu sodales tincidunt, aliquam vitae ante.

Special Div "river" Available as Premium Content Only
TARDIS 1990 by Harnois75

in her best light - ANIMATED by greyfin Doctor... Who? by Maelthra-Studios conman by greyfin
Small Thumbs

Alternate Paragraph Styling

Etiam accumsan nunc vitae justo iaculis a volutpat mauris dignissim. Nunc blandit, orci vitae elementum suscipit, odio magna lacinia nunc, a pretium purus urna a velit. Mauris ut purus quis turpis laoreet malesuada id ultricies velit. Donec tempor gravida odio, ac rutrum magna  convallis a. Phasellus laoreet mattis vehicula. Praesent sit amet elit id mauris malesuada porttitor in eu risus. Curabitur ac velit purus, at elementum leo. Duis mi quam, hendrerit sed pharetra sollicitudin, volutpat sed felis. Nam metus velit, faucibus feugiat gravida et, eleifend et urna. Suspendisse sed est ipsum, in convallis eros. Mauris gravida adipiscing facilisis. Nulla sollicitudin massa eget urna blandit  eget pellentesque nunc accumsan.

Subheading 5
Nulla facilisi. Duis erat turpis, elementum eget consequat sed, sodales ac est. Integer fringilla dapibus lacus venenatis gravida. Praesent et pellentesque eros. Fusce facilisis, ipsum gravida faucibus auctor, orci ipsum pretium dui, eu laoreet tortor risus eu dolor. Aliquam erat volutpat. Mauris accumsan, magna eu congue adipiscing, lectus nibh congue lectus, quis posuere nisi enim sit amet neque. Etiam vehicula accumsan scelerisque.

Standard Font Formats
All the standard HTML formats to style your text are included, as well as six subheadings, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 & h6.  Only basic HTML knowledge is needed to use this.  Ordered and Unordered lists with child elements are also formatted.

Bold, Strong, Italics, Emphasis, Underline, Strikethrough, Insert, Acronym, Abbreviation, Code, Teletype, SuperScript, SubScript and Small.

    Unordered List

  • One
  • Two
  • Three
    • Child One
    • Child Two

    Ordered List

  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Three
    • Child One
    • Child Two
Premium includes "left", "right" and "clear" for float formatting.  This can be used to float text, images, etc.  It works very nicely to write captions under images.  When using floats, it is best to use the "clear" div in order to prevent content you do not want to be floated from being floated.   This way, the content after this paragraph would not be effected.  Also, an alternate horizontal rule (using <div class="hr">) is included with the premium purchase.

Idris TARDISYou stole a madman and ran away. It's been 700 years since then, and you've never regretted it. Not even once. He doesn't follow your instructions or realize how much you mean to him, but as long as he's happy, you don't care. You were human once. That was the time when you talked. When you finally got to say hello, but you had to say goodbye just as fast. Seeing all of those sights together, seeing him change. He's changed so much. You change with him, but in your heart and his eyes, you're still the same TARDIS. He makes so many new friends. A few he falls in love with, but none as much as you. Because his companions come and go, but you've always been there and always will be. Forever his love, his best friend. His one and only TARDIS. A MonologueTitle: A Monologue From the Console Room
Rating: G
Disclaimer: If I owned it, would I be writing this here?
Summary: During that horrible period when Amy and Rory are asleep and the Doctor is alone, Idris appears. The Doctor talks.
Spoilers: Massive ones for 'The Doctor's Wife'.
A/N: Me! Writing Doctor Who fic after all this time! Neil Gaiman, this is all your fault! Tone-wise this is based on a short story called 'Orientation' which, though different in subject matter, tells the story just through a one sided monologue without any description of action or tone of voice (well worth a look by the way as it's very chilling.)
I really hope I've pulled off Eleven's voice - especially as there is no  description to buffer it and you have to make the judgements about when he is being light, or sad, or emotional from my use of words, breaks and grammar!
What? No! Don't explode! Ow!
That. Really. Hurt.
Where's my hammer? Hmph. And

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this.  I hope you will enjoy using this skin, free or Premium.

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DeanSidwellArtProfessional Traditional Artist
Thank you, than you, thank you for including my Pandorica drawing! :)

deviantART muro drawing Comment Drawing
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gillianivyartHobbyist General Artist
:iconwoooplz: The crack is everywhere and everywhen!
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SparklyDestHobbyist Artisan Crafter
:iconlovelyemoteplz: So pretty!
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gillianivyartHobbyist General Artist
Thank you ;D Not quite done yet. This one will be a Premium Content template so people can modify it.
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AstrikosHobbyist Artist
Nice skin!
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gillianivyartHobbyist General Artist
Thank you! ;D
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AstrikosHobbyist Artist
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This is brilliant. :thumbsup:

I really need to make more journal skins, but that would only happen if I had time. :lol: I guess that's the only disadvantage for being a CV. :laughing:
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gillianivyartHobbyist General Artist
p.s. hover everything. :)
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gillianivyartHobbyist General Artist
Now look at it ;D Just finished the last bit. Cleaning up my code and then need to package it up. Making two separate versions of it. Installable with basic features and Premium Content as zip with extras. I discovered I can add Premium Content to the Installable versions, so only need to upload it once. :iconwoooplz:

Hopefully, I'll have all the help files and extras readied tomorrow and uploaded ;)
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This is so good! I love the different kind of thumbs and their hover effects. :drool:
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gillianivyartHobbyist General Artist
ZOMG! It worked! .daembed{} Ooooo, video code! Now looky! (very bottom) Yay, codes make me happy. :giggle:
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Sexiest video embed ever! :giggle:
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gillianivyartHobbyist General Artist
:D Lols!
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gillianivyartHobbyist General Artist
:D I'm pretty happy with it. Had to stop at 3 extra divs though, no need to go.... overboard ;P lols! I discovered I can format the embedded images <da:deviation....> Probably can do embedded videos as well... hmmmmm....
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gillianivyartHobbyist General Artist
Thank you! Yes you should make a quickie skin, just to have fun. ;D
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