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Hey Babes! :heart:

We felt it was time to settle on a few new rules for our group, to keep it up-to-date and also because we've been facing various issues lately that needed to be addressed. Please let us know if you think there is something you would like to add, remove, or modify.

:star: Becoming a Babe

:bulletpink: The ladies we accept as "Babes" must prove that they are interested in and dedicated to CSS. If you wish to become a "CSS Babe", you need to have more than two complete CSS skins/CSS designs in your gallery. Alternate versions of the same CSS layout are not considered separate skins. In addition we will verify that your code is not stolen/copied from someone else's work.

:star: Submission Rules & Process

:bulletpink: Submit your deviation to the right category: misplaced submissions will be declined. Note that the "Featured" folder is for select works only, so do not submit to this category.

:bulletpink: Provide a live preview of your journal skin to prove its functionality. (a link to sta.sh is sufficient)  Previews typically contain examples of text, links, images and whatever features are added to your skin to demonstrate them in use.

:bulletpink: Before accepting your submission, we will verify that it doesn't contain stolen material like copyrighted images, images found on Google Images or other Image Websites, etc.

:bulletpink: When using stock images, you must credit the creators of the stock. If no such credits are provided, the submission will be declined.

:bulletpink: For now we will not accept any more fandom journal skins like "Hetalia", "My Little Pony", "Naruto", etc., as well as Celebrity Skins. Exceptions to this rule are journal skins created using your original art and original characters as opposed to official art that must be verified. (permissions must be provided, we will not hunt them down)

:bulletpink: We won't be very strict concerning the quality of your designs; each person operates on their own skill level. We will, however, decline CSS designs containing barely legible text. Keep in mind that the highest purpose of a journal skin is to provide information through text, hence legibility must be among your Number One priorities.

:bulletpink: A deviation submission will NOT be accepted or declined based on personal taste.

  1. Legibility
  2. Functionality
  3. Copyright permissions & Credits
  4. Live preview of the skin
  5. Tutorial: Sta.sh Installables (optional)
Any questions or issues, please feel free to address them in the comments below.  Specific details like templates used with permissions and proper credits, etc and other things can be discussed.  If we decline your submission, we will attempt to give an explanation.  If it is in question, please check that it complied with the rules.  We will attempt to request any submissions that had expired from the voting process as long as they meet the requirements.  If you submit a work that needs changes, you can edit before expiration, or resubmit after changes have been made.  I hope this clarifies our rules, thank you for reading!

:rose: Your Super-Babes


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I wish I could, but I'm still struggling on making a journal skin, and no one seems to be able to help me. >.<
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If you have specific questions, I might be able to help or point you in the right direction.  But expect delays in responses.  I'm super pregnant and can be popping out a baby any time now ;D
yipyipbrrring's avatar
Ah, really? Thanks! And got it. ;P Good luck with the baby...? I guess? Haha, not really sure what to say to that. xP

social anxiety: you're doing awful, don't send that, nope nope no- you just sent it. -sighs-
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hahaha, thanks, luck is always good in that situation!  ;D
yipyipbrrring's avatar

Yeah, it is I guess, haha

I wouldn't know, though, I've never been pregnant XD
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Maybe I'll take my chance... someday :B
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I have a question:
I understand that the rules state that works will be declined if proper credits aren't given, and I also understand that they won't be accepted by any google images, either - but what about those who cannot draw? If proper credit were given for, say, a google image - would they be counted?

The only reason why I ask this question is because a lot of work that I like to post I usually make it with GIMP 2.8, however, before my GIMP-ing days, I would actually use random google images off the net for practice. I've done two different journal skins in my gallery, three if you count alternating a script from someone else. However, I used images already from the net and made my own with an image manipulation program. I change the colors and whatnot to suit my needs (for instance - the Professionally Smooth one) I used a random BG from google search, put it in GIMP 2.8, altered it a lot and then posted it to my DA Sta.sh.

So, knowing that, would that even count? (Out of curiosity...)
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Good question.  The problem is, search engines just pull up images and we cannot accredit the search engine for it.  Google does not own the image, nor can it give permission for use.  I recommend searching for images labelled as 'stock' or searching known stock sites for royalty free and public domain images.  I think there is also a database for public domain.  

It is hard for us to track down the permissions of each image, which is why we request credit given.  If it is your own art, then "art & CSS by myself" is sufficient.  We might not be tracking down every bg texture, etc.  But if credits say 'found on Google' we would decline.  If it were a link to the source of the image, proving it is used with permission, or a credit to the artist, then that would be acceptable.

This is one of the reasons we do not accept fan skins unless the art is fan art instead of official images.  It is hard to track down the rights and we would need to know the images were used with permission.  Many fandoms have fan kits with free to use, public domain art.  We would allow that, but link would need to go to the official page permitting it.  (see how complicated it would be for us to look for)

But, no, altering someone else's image without obtaining permission for use is not allowed on deviantART.  FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?  So, it would not be acceptable to the group.  If you are able to, edit your deviation with a bg created from stock or your own images.  Otherwise, removing it (you can move to storage temporarily while making edits) would be the option.  "fair use" is something you would have to check your work falls under.  I think if the image is entirely unrecogniseable from the original that it might fall under that category.
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No, as Google is a search engine and not a stock agency. Google doesn't hold the copyright to the images you've found and taken. Google just indexed them for faster finding - nothing else.

As long as you can't provide permissions by the original copyright holder, your work is a copyright infringement. It's that simple - no buts, no excuses!! Plus by posting it here on deviantart you violated dA's TOU as well  - as stated in FAQ #8: What are violations of the deviantART copyright policy?

What is Copyright?What is Copyright?
"Copyright is a legal concept, enacted by most governments, giving the creator of an original work exclusive rights to it, usually for a limited time. Generally, it is "the right to copy", but also gives the copyright holder the right to be credited for the work, to determine who may adapt the work to other forms, who may perform the work, who may financially benefit from it, and other related rights. Copyright is a form of intellectual property like the patent, the trademark, and the trade secret."
"Copyright may apply to a wide range of creative, intellectual, or artistic forms, or "works". Specifics vary by jurisdiction, but these can include poems, theses, plays, otherliterary works, movies, dances, musical compositions, audio recordings, paintings, drawings,sculptures, photographs, software, radia and television broadcasts, and industrial designs."
"Copyright does not cover ideas and information themselves, only the form or mann

There are a lot of stock providers here on dA, just check dA's Stock & Resources gallery. There are also stock sites like Getty Images, Shutterstock, etc but usually the stock there is not free. dA offers both - free stock as well as stock sold as Premium Content.  Read the Terms of Use for each provider as each has different ones and follow them; and when in doubt ask the provider. Joint-Stock has a big folder with  textures provided by various dA members.
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