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Created For daRelate
-- Live View

Instructions with Live Examples: [link]


This skin is designed as a News or Feature skin. It may not be suited for daily use, as it requires a bit more HTML knowledge/use. It was designed with displaying art in mind. Please see instructions for use, I'm afraid explaining the use of this skin will be too complicated, you will be asked to read the instructions. If you are not good with HTML I do not recommend this skin, please have a look at my journal gallery for user friendly easy install skins.

Created for ^namenotrequired's contest for a daRelated DD feature News Skin -- [link] (closed)

Inspired by $marioluevanos's #hq skins.



and my own resources: [link]

Custom Box


Stock belongs to owner, read rules for use. Do not alter or redistribute art or CSS. This is free to use. Please leave credits intact, all other footer elements can be removed.

Again, I'm sorry I will not be giving a lot of help using this.
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First of all i must say that it is really interesting to see how you get further with coding and develope your own style. It seems like you are on the right way and aren't afraid of any challenge CSS and journal skins can offer! That is really great.

Most of the critique points will be rather a personal opinion, so i have no idea if you or others agree.

While this is - without a doubt - one of the most complex and unique skins i have seen so far, the amount of details and features the skin offers are a bit too much.
I find it kinda hard to keep the focus to one place or feel guided through your skins. It's like here is a bit, there is a bit... oh wait, there is something as well. The eye has a hard time to choose where to go first and what order to follow to be able to enjoy the provided content easily.
Additionally there are those special hover effects that rather make you want to explore where you can find another fancy hover-effect rather than going through the content.

The chosen color theme is nice and should help to focus on the content, but at some places the mixture of textures, semi-transparent backgrounds and shadows makes it hard to figure out which parts are more important and which are less. It doesn't help to navigate as all elements want your attention at the same time.
Finding a balance between more dominant and important elements and those who aren't would make it a bit easier to find an order to follow. For that it could also help to structure the single elements a bit more, like having them a bit more aligned while keeping the open structure itself.
For example: At the top you have those text boxes. Both start at a different height, which is ok, but i would still keep the text itself at the same height. It would feel more balanced then. Those are just tiny details but can have a big effect on the general feeling of a layout.

If you keep things more balanced in general with the focus on important and less important features i am pretty sure that we will see many more awesome and detailed skins from you!

Hope it makes sense to you and was somewhat helpful.
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I love your skins, and your explanations. You make it very easy to understand. Thank you! :)
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That's good because I make everything complex, hahaha. ;D I should be updating this one soon, I have all the images readied.
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Cool. Hopefully I can figure out the CSS well enough to use this correctly. ^^;
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This one the code is a little more difficult, since you have to use one of the text boxes, or else the text will not have padding and be more difficult to read against the busy bg. This is best for doing features.

But can be used for every day. The easiest way to have it for every day use would be to copy the code you like for the main text into the HEADER and put the closing tag into the FOOTER.

***in HEADER***
<div class="main">

***in FOOTER***

Then save your changes. This will make it so you can use the journal simply for doing regular journals.