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Abstract Vector Wallpaper

By Gillfeesh
I made this when i saw a few abstract Vector Wallpapers on here, i thought they were really good so i decied to make one myself, so many thanks to all those peopel (sorry i cant post your name, i would have a list about a mile long :P)

Use it if you want.
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© 2008 - 2021 Gillfeesh
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Hey EmoGilly, I just wanted to say that i really loved this piece, and i'll be using it as my wallpaper for my desktop. I love the sunburst feel the picture portrays as it becomes darker the farther you get away from the focal point. 5/5 man.
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Thankyou very much.
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Thank you! This is a fantastic design :)
Awesome design.

I would love to use is as a filler image on a template site I am designing.

With your permission, may I use it?

My web design portfolio is at
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If you wish, sure.
This is an awesome Wallpaper and I'm going to have to ask to see if I can use it on my site. I'm still editing but I would really like to use this because it is closest to my site colors anyways
Thank You and a great wallpaper image!
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Sure, go ahead.
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Nevermind, I learned to read and saw that you used photoshop... and also found a nice little tutorial for vector wallpapers [link]
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This is awesome! I love orange and black! I actually combined with another background to make something for myself [link]

I really want to learn to to this kind of thing... could you link me to a guide or tell me what program(s) you used?
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I like the color orange.
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what program did you use to make this? It's BEAST
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just photoshop, thanks :)
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You've smashed my feeling with this :P
Perfect one ;)
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God... I LOVE(!!!!!) this kind of art... thjank u soo much for making this! :D
love it on my desktop
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i like it, very good layering woot :D
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groovy, really like the orange and it looks like you put quite a lot of time in to this
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So beautiful!! I really like it! Moreover orange is my favorite color so it's maybe why I looove it, but your drawing is really well-realised!!
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wow nice! I'll use it okay? ^_^
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