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Finally I'm opening commissions but I want to take it slow because I'm working fulltime and it hasn't been easy so far (it's "flexible hours" but in reality it means I work more than I should lol I like being there sorry). So I will have 3 slots and I will try to keep it updated with progress stuff. I will keep the usernames of the commissioners private but will use their initials or something to differentiate. This isn't the actual thing but this is how it will look like:

1. :bulletgreen: :star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: [empty slot] 
2. :bulletred: :star::star-empty::star-empty: person A 
3. :bulletred: :star::star-half::star-empty: person B

The order of the slots doesn't necessarily mean the order the arts will be finished - that depends on the individual artworks complexity.

More info on my terms:

Gill-Goo's Commission Terms and Conditions thingieI have yet to write an actual, structured Terms and Conditions document, but I thought it is time I write a rudimentary one, to clear up some confusions regarding commissions. The most important stuff are under COMMISSIONING PROCESS and USAGE OF COMMISSIONED ART, if you are commissioning me, I strongly advise you to read at least those, since by choosing to commission me, you automatically agree to all of this. Commission pricing system is included so you can be sure I am not just pulling number out of my... back when I offer you a price :)
You have two options to pay commissions, either via deviantart points using the Commission Widget, or by PayPal.
When using the Commission Widget, the following amounts may or may not have to be paid, either once or multiple times, depending on the individual request (with the exception of BASE PRICE), all prices are in dA points:
 - BASE PRICE: 2250
 - EXTRA #1: 1500

A lot of people messaged me recently and I'm so so so happy so many of you are interested in my art but unfortunately I'm really not in the situation right now to do commissions :(

I will announce when I'm open again and I also compiled a list of everyone who messaged me interested in commissions, so I can directly message you when I'm ready, I can assure I would LOVE to do art for all of you!

I honestly wish this was my fulltime job so I would never have to refuse any of you but unfortunately that's not the case and I really need to focus on some other things right now.

I hope you understand and won't forget me! :)
I have yet to write an actual, structured Terms and Conditions document, but I thought it is time I write a rudimentary one, to clear up some confusions regarding commissions. The most important stuff are under COMMISSIONING PROCESS and USAGE OF COMMISSIONED ART, if you are commissioning me, I strongly advise you to read at least those, since by choosing to commission me, you automatically agree to all of this. Commission pricing system is included so you can be sure I am not just pulling number out of my... back when I offer you a price :)


You have two options to pay commissions, either via deviantart points using the Commission Widget, or by PayPal.

When using the Commission Widget, the following amounts may or may not have to be paid, either once or multiple times, depending on the individual request (with the exception of BASE PRICE), all prices are in dA points:
 - BASE PRICE: 2250
 - EXTRA #1: 1500
 - EXTRA #2: 500
More information on what these prices cover can be found in the Commission Widget.

This payment option may only be used for fully finished, colored artworks. If you want a cheaper, faster option, the following types are available:
 - Colored sketch: 700
 - Monochrome sketch: 200


To commission me, you have to contact me either via deviantart notes, or the email address, or via the deviantart Commission Widget (in which case I might contact you in deviantart notes). The process consists of the following steps:

1. you contact me with a short, rough description of your request (eg. "I'd like a colored fullbody of a character, with text reference, is this ok?" or "I was thinking of a fighting scene between two groups of Marvel superheroes.")
2. I reply wether I am available for such a request at the moment, and if yes, what is the estimated time for finishing (eg. next weekend, this month etc.). Unfortunately, I might happen to reply no, as art is not my primary job, so I have a limited capacity for commissions.
3. If I accepted, it is time for you to send detailed references and description of your request, and choose your payment method. If the characters are from copyrighted material, you provide the title of the medium or the name of the original creator, and the name of the character.
4. I draw an initial sketch which I do not charge for and calculate the price for your preferred payment method.
5. You can approve the sketch, or you can ask for corrections before you do. If you are satisfied with it, you pay the price now by a. points, using the Request Commission buttons in the commission widget b. PayPal, by giving me your email, and I send you and invoice, to pay.
6. I keep you updated on the process via notes or email.
7. I send you the fullsize, finished artwork via email or by linking it from


You are allowed to modify the finished artwork to your desire. You are allowed to share the artwork (original or modified) on any platform, with credit (by naming me, "Gill-Goo" as the artist) and if possible, a link (

I may or may not post the artwork on my own platforms, entirely out of subjective, personal choice, this is not indicative of the quality of the artwork you recieved. If I do post it, I will name you as the commissioner, and list the names of all characters with credit to their original creator and/or source medium. I will not own any of the characters on the image unlesss specified. If you do not want it posted, or do not want to appear as the commissioner, please inform me, otherwise, the former apply.

Artworks will be sent either via Google services (Gmail or Drive) or uploaded on deviantart's You are strongly advised to download the fullsize artwork for yourself as soon as you recieve it, as I cannot guarantee it will be stored on the aforementioned platforms for any amount of time. I may or may not preserve a copy on my own personal computer.


Any data you provide me within Gmail, deviantart notes messages or PayPal (including email address, your real name, your username, reference images you send me, excerpts of the texts of your messages) might be stored on my personal computer for the amount of time I am working on the commission. No third party will access any of your data, and all of it will be deleted after they are not needed for the completion of the commission anymore. You personal data will not be used for anything other than reference for the artwork and lines in my commission to-do list and commission-related contacts.

Any messages you send me will be stored on the messaging service you used and the policies of said service apply to it.

If you are requesting age restricted material, I may ask you to tell me your age. I will expect you to be truthful and I will not take responsibility for a minor being exposed to age restricted material created by me, as I will not provide such for any person who gave me the information that they are under 18.

I will not ask for any additional data unless strongly needed for the completion of the artwork.


You may recieve a full refund if
a. I was unable to complete the artwork for whatever reason and will not be finishing it at all, and I cannot even provide you any work in progress material other than the initial sketch which I do not charge for.
b. I was unable to complete the artwork to meet a strict deadline you have perviously informed me of, which resulted in you not being able to use the artwork at all, causing you significant harm (eg. forcing you to commission someone else for the work or delaying your project)
c. I completed an artwork that you are utterly dissatisfied of, despite you previously informing me of desired corrections which I replied to that I recieved it, but completely ignored.
(Shortly: if I cannot provide you an artwork which fulfills the purpose you asked for it to.)

You may recieve a partial refund if
a. you ask me not to finish the artwork and send the work in progress instead. In this case, you will recieve the work in progress in fullsize, and will be refunded the price of the steps not completed.
b. I was unable to complete the artwork due to circumstances outside my controll but I have progressed with it and am able to send you work in progress material, which can be finished by other artists. The same refund applies to this as to point a.
b. the artwork took significantly longer than I initially estimated and told you, which I did not properly inform you of, which caused you some discomfort, but did not harm you in any other way.
c. you are not completely satisfied with the artwork due to me not being able to make a correction you asked for during the process or notice a detail, but the overall quality of the artwork is what you desired.
(Shorty: I provided you an artwork but it is not exactly satisfying.)

You may not recieve any refund if
a. you did not previously inform me of a deadline you expected me to meet and I failed to meet it 
b. you are utterly dissatisfied with the artwork but failed to ask me to make corrections during the process when you could have, or you do not accept me make the corrections afterwards
c. I could not complete the artwork because you failed to reply to me when I had questions which I needed to finish it properly
(Shorty: I completed the artwork but you are dissatisfied for reasons you could have entirely avoid.)

By commissioning me, you are expected to be aware of these Terms & Conditions, and I will assume you have familiarized yourself with it if you state it.
Hey everyone I'm sorry but can you be patient for a bit longer? My uni made sure to make my last exam season absolute hell and I don't know when will I find time to even breathe. I just got home from a 8.5 hours transatlatic flight from another uni and had to come home to this absolutely horrendous schedule and I just wanna end.
Hey everyone! So recently I was thinking about changing my uploading schedule on my different sites.

1. Patreon (gillgooart): everything first (excluding commissions) incuding stuff I was too afraid to share haha, even full-on nsfw if you sign up of that. Unfinished speedpaints are also shared. Basically lots of "behind the scenes" stuff first-hand.
2. Facebook (gillgooart): ALL finished art and a few extra stuff. I previously had a no-fanart policy there, but I decided I would rather share all my finished work there, including commissions, and wips and sketches of higher quality. Generally better quality content is selected here.
3. Tumblr (gill-i-art): everything except very nsfw stuff. Basically like patreon with all kinds of fun behind the scenes stuff but a bit later than Patreon.
4. Deviantart: fully finished art (fanart, commissions, original)
5. Youtube (Gill - Goo): speedpaints

Thanks for reading, make sure to follow me on the platform the suits your interests the best :)

Con hell

Mon Mar 26, 2018, 12:02 PM

hey everyone i am balls </span>neck deep in Con preparations which is in two weeks and i'm even going to have my own panel for like an hour so uhm yeah I am very nervous and busy

so as a result i will probably not be able to work as much on commissions as I wished, just a heads up

Thanks for your patience, i will get back to work as soon as things don't seem so damn crowded haha!

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All my accounts ever

Mon Jan 29, 2018, 12:29 PM

I decided to sum them up, ALL OF THEM, even those that aren't quite active at this point (but idk, if they recieve more attention and I see it's worth doing them, they will be??), and ones that don't require activeness, like ko-fi

So here's the full list

I just realised my spreadshirt account doesn't exist anymore, so I'm wondering if I should make a new one... Or maybe try out another t-shirt design website...

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Sun Jan 28, 2018, 2:33 PM

YEAH i finally understood taxes and friggin made one

here it is

you will get most stuff for a minimum 1 dollar pledge and there are also some gross extras available

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point commissions

Tue Jan 23, 2018, 4:25 AM

i have them

buy them

if you wanna

just posting this in case someone wanted to but didn't see it because you have to scroll way too much to see

about core membership

Thu Jan 11, 2018, 9:11 AM

I like dA like 999 times better when I have it

IDK, my page just... feels right

So maybe if you have some spare points?? Can you pls donate if you don't need them?? Or buy point commissions?? <3 Any kind of appreciation and attention is wonderufl gift to this ho 
*insert a pic of my trying to seductively instert dA point in my bra but it looks weird because I'm crying at the same time but it's happy tears so its ok*

point commissions and "regular" ones are available

I've fallen victim to this too lmao

Wed Jan 3, 2018, 7:13 AM

Yeah I have fallen for the dAhub craze lol

hopefully I can make myself a bit more known?? and keep the core membership to post pretty journals like this lol

i'm trying to get my name out there a bit more because I will really need the commission money when I finish uni, because you know what scientists who studied for 5 years and do cancer research get?? barely enough money to pay rent lol

so yeah you probably know :icondahub: but whtever go there to earn point and tell your friends, let's speed up the dA economy

lmao so
I sure did abandon this acc

but I'm back

graduated once
now doing my masters
creating GMOd bacteria and others

i tried to write rap lyrics but i falied nevermind

i have no life but i'm trying to create one again and dive into the art world because i'm screaming for catharsis whenever I finish solving an ordinary differential equation lmao

i have a cold rn I just want to jump into a pool full of voltaren

please comment on my comic and validate me :'D
I hope you will enjoy my upgraded art skills and generally will feel a bit better when you look at my stuff, that's my goal!! bye


i have a facebook too
So looks like I gave myself a good tendonitis in my wrist... or carpal tunnel's syndrome, I don't know. Used my right hand a lot these days because of room renovations at home + carrying heavy objects while travelling... and now it's been in constant pain for an entire week and it's only getting worse, no matter how much I rest it :')

So I guess it will take a while to finish the commissions. I'm not closing yet but if it gets worse I might. 
Sorry for the wait.
core gone, ugly journal :((( nevermind tho it was too expensive anyway

Hey everyone, so lot of people have been asking me if I do commissions during the entire year, but now that I opened them, no commission emails? :(

I'm gonna say it, I know it's probably because of the prices??... I recieved advice not to underprice my art so I looked at other artist's prices for similar quality art and I decided to reevaluate my stuff too...

But I decided to encourage people to start commissioning me I will

:bulletyellow: give 20% off for the first 3 people to commission me! :bulletyellow:


:bulletyellow: every 5th person to commission me will recieve 10% off!! :bulletyellow:

So send them emails to if you're interested, or write me a note! Check out my commission widget for sketch commissions!

More stuff
✿ insta

Commish pricing info 2016

Sun Jul 3, 2016, 5:17 AM

I thought I will write this little guide to provide more info on pricing. Everything is in US dollars.

 - sketch: 5-10
 - lineart: 15-20
 - colored: 30-50

portrait: 0.5*fullbody cost
half-body: 0.75*fullbody cost

extra character: same as a separate character, max. 10 characters on one drawing 
background: +5-30 (depending on complexity)
fetish/non-human character/etc.: +5-15 (depending on complexity... and my discomfort level lol)

Comminfo2016 by Gill-Goo

All 5 slots are still empty :meow:


Sat Jul 2, 2016, 3:28 PM

they are open yay

Comminfo2016 by Gill-Goo

There will be 5 slots, you can see that on my page, if you scroll down to the commission widget. Progress will be also updated. Click on the image for more info.

insta + art + commishes + life

Mon Jun 27, 2016, 9:34 AM

Hello beautiful people of dA!

I'm not really active these days because drawing feels like such a pain... I really don't have much inspiration for art these days.

However, I switched to sewing and fashion as a hobby recently! I made an instagram account for that especially, and other stuff that I just generally find pretty or cool? It's kind of random just like most of my social media pages but it's mostly for thrifted gems and stuff I made from old bedsheets?? Check it out :3

Despite my lack of inspiration to make my own art, I'm planning to open commissions soon, so at least if I can't make art for myself, I will for other people. It will take some time because I want to make a new detailed info post again. I want to get more serious about commissions because this time I'm planning to save up for something bigger... I want to finally get laser eye surgery so I can throw those damn glasses and contacts in the trash. But that's quite expensive so I will need to draw a lot before I can get it done :')

That's all I guess, now I'm off to clean my room ugh... Bye

Gem daki poll + Commission stuff

Fri Jun 10, 2016, 6:19 AM

I decided it's time to close the gem daki poll, the winner is:

Gempoll by Gill-Goo

Lapis Lazuli!

But I might also draw the top three if I have enough freetime... Hopefully I'll have more motivation and energy to draw since my life is pretty decent these days, there isn't anything stopping me finally.
Keep checking my art tumblr to see WIPs :meow:

Also, attention people who want to commission me
Sketch point commissions via deviantart are still open (have been for a while). If you want to commission me right now, you can use the widget. I will also post my updated commission info soon, but I don't know when exactly.

I made a facebook page

Sat Apr 9, 2016, 8:22 AM

because da is meh and tumblr is a mess
soon i will upload stuff too yeah



Wed Apr 6, 2016, 1:13 PM

(scroll down for english)

Nagy örömmel jelentem (nekem legalább is biztosan az, hogy másnak is az-e?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯), hogy 

megnyílt a saját artist partner oldalam a! :la:

A webshopban máris 5 !!!!ÖT!!! minta vásárolható meg, és folyamatosan bővülni fog (=néha csinálok is valamit ha éppen életben vagyok)


Kérdéssel (pl. szija dzsill úgy tudom neked van pólód KETTŐ IS szóval milyen minőség, kijön-e belőle a takonyfolt stb.) és kéréssel (pl. szija dzsill tervezel csinálni olyan pólót amin már eleve rajta van a takonyfolt hogy amikor tényleg rajta van az ne látsszoon) nyugodtan lehet nekem üzit küldeni :3

 - - - -

and now... THE ENGLISH

I'm really happy to announce that

my webshop on is open!


There's already 5=FIVE!!! designs available and more is coming soon!

Now some explanation because the website is not yet available in English, however, you definitely CAN order from any country!

All you have to do is write an email to, tell them what would you like to buy (size, color etc.), and discuss shipping and payment stuff.

Feel free to note me if you have any questions, or suggestions :meow: