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I remember this scene in the book!
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Ooooooo something from the original work!!!! You can't believe how much I love it! And Clopin in the background! <3 You've captured everyone perfectly!

I remember when I first read the amazing work, I fell in love with the poor guy. He fell quite quickly, being robbed and then beaten, deeply loving Esmeralda but wasn't allowed to show her his feelings... But still he managed to adapt and survive! :D

I always imagined that one day he would replace Clopin. (But hopefully not in a long time. :D Clopin would need to train him first. ;)) And then one day, he would finally be happy with bigger and more loving family, Court of Miracles. :)

Again, amazing work!
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Oh, Gringore. XD
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from where is this scene ? it looks really interesting
PyroGothNerd's avatar
The original Hunchback of Notre Dame book
RebelFlame-sama's avatar
From the original movie!!! Ur offically my favorite
NekoNinja-chan's avatar
This was and intense scene in the book. Totally my favorite.
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Poor Gringoire. :) I actually feared for his life while reading this section of the book. (I don't really trust Monsieur Hugo since he killed of 90 % of the charakters in Les Mis. xD) This picture is great.
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Note to self: after watching Disney's "Hunchback of Notre Dame" over 10 times in two months, I think it's high time I get this book. -U-;

Anyways, this is excellent. I love Gringore's face.
optical-jackson's avatar
Ahahaha... if you're coming to the book through Disney, BEWARE. It's FAR less SFW and Clopin is NOT a nice guy.
sailorlovesong's avatar
This was such a cruel and unjust game. Good old gypsies getting social revenge. :evil:
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could you please tell me the chapter this is from i would love to know and by the way THIS IS SO COOL I WISH I COULD DRAW PEOPLE LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!
O-ph-3-l-i-A's avatar
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what chapter is this from? I dont remember it, haven't read it in a while .
Sierraness23's avatar
Ah, Gringiore's expression takes the cake!
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I've read the book twice! This is one of my favorite moments of all.
I really like how you drew this. Gringiore is just like I imagined him!
animefreakhacker897's avatar
I like how yours is based off the book~
Ghost-to-a-ScAreCrow's avatar
I really like your interpretation of Gringoire, that's great!
xkookypandax's avatar
That is AWESOME! I looove how you made Clopin with the 'Disney' features (goatee, black hair) but it's a book scene :)
Nathalorial's avatar
Note to self, read this book so I know what the heck is going on O_o (after I finish reading the 15 or so other books I'm in the middle of, haha)
YumKiwiDelicious's avatar
beautiful picture for an amazingly underappreciated character XD
love it!
Sparrow-luvver's avatar
Great work! I like how you made Gringoire look!
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