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The Ballerina Wish Musicbox by Gildsoul

By Gildsoul
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     Sometimes a wish is worded wrongly or misunderstood from it's original intent. In this case Pat gained immortality as a music box gold ballerina figurine. Not exactly as planned, but it became a happy situation for the solid gold ballerina once named "Pat".

Thanks to Jumppro sending the great idea my way that I made into an illustration.

Done in one day on an iPad with Apple pencil and Sketchbook software.

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© 2020 Gildsoul
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deviantartkingof97Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Nicely done! Love the art work with the story a lot

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Do you do requests?
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GildsoulProfessional Digital Artist

If it's a good idea and I have time a request, more a suggestion, may influence a future art piece. I have a half dozen suggestions from others on my plate, but do give a suggestion.

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One day? Damm that looks impressive, great work!
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GildsoulProfessional Digital Artist

Started in the morning, took short breaks for lunch and dinner, finished by early evening. Trying to force myself to work faster. My art takes too long because I try to over analyze it, make it perfect and hesitate. A bad habit I'm trying to cure.

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Another person that learned too late that one needs to be careful when wording a wish!!  Nice!
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I'd like to see version of this where the ballerina is porcelain, thus making her likely to end up in some child's bedroom instead of an art museum.
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ggggpHobbyist Writer
Couldn't quite manage 24k huh? well, magic IS pretty expensive these days! and she still looks so pretty!

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GildsoulProfessional Digital Artist

24 karat gold, pure 100% gold is a very soft metal, it can be scratched by a fingernail. Gold is strengthened by adding small amounts of other metals to make gold alloy. 18 karat gold is a harder, more durable metal used to make gold jewelry. Much harder than pure gold.

The gold ballerina is a piece of living gold jewelry, durable, strong and wear resistant.

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likestatue79Hobbyist Digital Artist

Nicely done! I'm following your artwork for a long time now, I'm glad you are still active. Keep it up ad's stay safe these days!

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