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Jerry Hopper the Wizard by Gildsoul

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    Jerry Hopper, freshman student at Magicaftee College of Magic was an outstanding student wizard. Having inherited powerful magical abilities from his maternal grandfather, the famous wizard Merlin, his teachers saw a great wizard in the making.

    The day before spring break,Jerry was experimenting with a transmutation spell, turning inanimate objects into gold and back to normal. A student saw the gold spell through a lab door Jerry accidentally left open, curious, she entered the room. It was Henrietta Granjera, the hottest co-ed on the campus!

    Henrietta asked Jerry to demonstrate the gold spell to her. Jerry told her that the the transmutation spell was designed to only work on inanimate objects and be reversible for safety. She asked Jerry to turn her dress and shoes into gold to wear at a party during spring break to impress people. Jerry, love struck in the presence of such a good looking woman temporarily lost his caution and complied.

    The raging hormones of a 19 year old college man amplified Jerry's already considerable magic powers to tremendous levels! Unfortunately the spell's safety feature of only transforming inanimate objects was overwhelmed by Jerry's sex driven super magic powers.

    Henrietta's clothing and shoes turned into gold along with everything else, including Henrietta! From head to toe, inside and out, every bit of her had become a gleaming, 24 karat, solid gold statue! Thinking quickly Jerry cast a stabilizing spell on the statue to keep it from tipping over.

    Jerry was shocked and enamored at the same time! She the most beautiful statue he'd ever seen, it was almost a shame to change such a work of art back to normal. Jerry left her in her golden state for several minutes, sighing and swooning with desire as he examined the enchanted gold statue.

    Just then his frenemy Michal Dragon entered the lab and there were now two love struck students gazing amorously at the gold statue! Michal asked where the incredibly beautiful gold statue of the hottest girl on campus had come from. Jerry told him how the spell accidentally turning Henrietta into gold. Michal, hypnotized by the solid gold co-ed stated that it would be a shame to change such a beautiful statue back to normal. Jerry agreed, but a teacher might discover them and he'd get into trouble.

    After almost a half hour of both sitting, looking at her and sighing Jerry decided to change her back to normal. He cast the restoration spell, nothing happened, she was still a gold statue! No matter how hard he tried the gold statue was unaffected! Jerry began to get nervous, very nervous!

    Michal theorized that Jerry's sexual attraction and raging hormones strengthened his magic powers so much that his spell changed everything into gold, including Henrietta! They would have to create a love potion with rare, hard to find ingredients to strengthen his powers enough to change her back.

    They had to hide her! First they created a gold pedestal and welded the statue to it before the stabilizing spell faded and the statue fell over. Then, teleport the extremely heavy gold statue to a safe hiding place. Michal suggested they take her to his family mansion and hide it in an unused store room.

    Jerry didn't know the Michal planned on contacting a shady art dealer his family dealt with and selling the gold statue to a wealthy art collector. The scheming frenemy, dishonest art dealer and rich art collector was going to make things much worse!


    Got the idea from an old out of copyright comic book cover of a competitor of Archie comics that went out of business long ago.

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the colors really pop!
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Incredible art, I especially like the sparkles and the upper part of the "statue".
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amazing gold effect