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ASFR Godmthr Bunnygirl Part 10 by Gildsoul

By Gildsoul
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Location  Heaven.
  Poly Ester, the beautiful, living, enchanted plush bunny girl continues her wonderful adventures. A nerd named Ralph died, arrived in the afterlife and was reborn into a new body. The body of a stunning,  beautiful cartoon plush bunny girl. Ralph became a living, moving, life sized plush toy bunny girl made of polyester plastic, polyester cloth, fur and stuffing.

    Because she was polyester, she renamed herself, Poly Ester. Poly Ester the cute bunny girl had been assigned a spiritual guide with an oddly spelled name, the ASFR Godmthr. An angel sent to help her spiritually evolve into a female gender to match her new girl body.

    By celestial law, everyone in heaven becomes female. Arriving male souls are assigned a beautiful new female body, and trained to become mentally and spiritually female.

    Poly Ester wished to find out what it was like to be an ordinary plush toy. Her new adventure is being processed in a toy factory, boxed, shipped and sold.

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I like where this is going~ maybe she gets broken by a girl who likes to play roughly with her toys~? ;)

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GildsoulProfessional Digital Artist

Nearly finished on next chapter. She's bought by a woman with exotic...

Stay tuned!