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Vlad the Impaler

Portrait practicing again! =P

Vlad Tepes III, Prince of Wallachia, often called "Vlad Tepes, the Impaler, known for the exceedingly cruel punishments he imposed during his reign.
Vlad III is best known for possibly inspiring Bram Stoker's novel Dracula.
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If you ask me the real life Dracula was far more terrifying. Cause even without supernatural powers the rivers flow red with blood and the forests are filled with his impaled victims.
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Looks like Prince Keldor of Eternia.
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This guy could give ISIL a run for it's money in the brutality department. 

Pretty good picture. 
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One of the most scariest men in history  
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You know, I first herd of Vlad in Saints Row Gat out of hell, I was like, "who is this guy?" so I did some googling and was amazing on how brutal this guy was. This guy was intense. It's no wonder he he inspired Bram Stoker to wright Dracula.

Ps-who said video games can't teach you things?  
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Kinda looks like Gabriel Belmont 
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I think that was the idea...
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Very well done!
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He looks so evil.  I love the atmosphere you made from this, I can practically feel the chill in the air.  Great work. 
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OMG he's look so cool, ¡Ilove it!
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Beautiful.. Well done :)
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This is awesome.
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I like it. 
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Those eyes...*shudder*
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amaizing badass :D (Big Grin) Hug
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Purifies his land of thieves and other scum. Protects his people. And yet still thought of as a monster.

Yet someone who is a dictator's bootlick, an outspoken racist, and a quitter gets worn on some pot-smoker's t-shirt.

Sorry I'm getting into an unrelated tangent. Good work here. I'm trying to evolve beyond visible lineart in digital pics so I'm gonna study the hell out of this.
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To cool looking..:)
I'm romanian but this looks more with Attila The Hunn
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No kidding..his eyes were green...dark green.. >_<
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He has mongol features.
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I can say that,as a romanian student with an interest in history, most of the things foreigners hear about him are exaggerations created by hungarian and german writers to give him a bad reputation BUT he was a very creepy individual. For example when he led his campaign in the north of Bulgaria against turkish settlements he killed 28.343 people in a single siege, thing that he claims himself in one of his letters, he did it by counting the severed heads of the slain . He also had a series of laws that rival Dracon's laws. If let's say a dead body was found in between two villages people from both had to find the murderer in a set number of days or else they were all impaled, women and children and men. However the country prospered and criminality was next to inexistant. But that he drank blood, stole power from the devil and whatnot, that's made up.
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Very interesting, thanks for your comment.
I think that people forged in war and battles tend to be especial in some kind of way. Most of them must suffer from a total loss of emotion and may appear to other people as monstrous. As you said, most of his actions, despite being barbaric, helped controlling criminality in a very effective way. I'm not justifying anything this kind of people do, but I think I can understand most of their motives and behaviour if I try to think of them in context.

Again, thanks for your comment! It was a good read and I agree with you, everything is magnified to be more appealing to the public.
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