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I just wrote an article about the game industry today compared to right before 1983.  Plx read/ digg if you like it!…


To anyone who actually enjoys looking at this profile:

Most of my current stuff is unfinished and (unfinished) conceptual and so if you want to see it as of late, I highly recommend checking into my Scraps section every now n then.  

Anyone who's interested in Project Chronokin, I'm still looking for talented people to make the game happen. There are now 4 assets of this universe I want to encompass, with a 5th in the thought process, each of which develops an individual character:

-Mid-Title (Game) [Rush] < Pre-dev: 40% >
-Untitled (Viral Campaign) [Fraz] < Pre-Dev: 80% >
-Reverb (Comic) [Vendetta] < Pre-dev: 90% >
-Untitled Meta-game [Vertigo] < Pre-dev: 2% >
-In-The-Pipeline idea [Coup or Sly] < Pre-dev: 1% >

There's also the story of what happens in Fraz's reality in the future, which is what is set aside for another time entirely. I may incorporate it into the Viral Campaign if I feel like it, as Rush takes place around this point in time in parallel.



I'mma sell my graphire[4] 6x8 for 200, if there are any possible takers.  Comes with photoshop elements 3, as it originally did.  Good condition, I'm only selling because I want a wider one for my newer monitor (so that I have a 6:10 tablet matching a 6:10 screen) and I intend to get an intuos3 6x11, so the the 200 would put me halfway there.


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