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How are you all doing?
I'm doing great. I'm in the middle of doing this year campaign for Israeli tourism department. If you want to know more about it, I wrote about it in a previous journal ->…
Other than that I'm living my "day job" in Media marketing and I'm starting an Internet research department for my Company ( that I hope will me more satisfying and will broaden my horizons to the future of how the web is going to be, and how is should be. Of course, photography will always be a major part of my personal future.

Now, I invite you to take a look with me, at 10 of my favorites Under my weekly spotlight

Gilad's Journal
Jump by Stridsberg

Great beauty and strong expression. That's the best combination. The photographers point of view, standing far from his "model" created that point of view. Most of us think that in order to get a good model shot we want to be close, but here is an example of what we can do differently.

Total views up to now: 94
Total Favorites up to now: 17

Gilad's Journal
Misty lake by Fanfnirr

The tone and atmosphere here is what makes this one special. The composition and minimalism is great for the mood, and of course the mist as well.

Total views up to now: 125
Total Favorites up to now: 29

Gilad's Journal

And here is a sharp and clean landscape, not as moody, but just as beautiful. Sharp lines, good composition and great graphic lines.

Total views up to now: 119
Total Favorites up to now: 26

Gilad's Journal

Now, that's a creatibe photographer. Using whatever he can to make a "point of view" statement. A street bench makes this one flow and much more interesting than usual. Bravo!

Total views up to now: 275
Total Favorites up to now: 45

Gilad's Journal

Hey you cat... listen, I got great light here. Would you mind striking an interesting pose? Naa... you can do better than that. Ohhh... that's it! Yes.. It worked!

Total views up to now: 683
Total Favorites up to now: 112

Gilad's Journal
026 by harmonist

Graet colors and sweet reflection. I love the street scene, and the expression (trying to clean up the streets for puddles?)

Total views up to now: 348
Total Favorites up to now: 50

Gilad's Journal
Clarks Grebe by ForeverCreative

Poetic photo. The work of an artist. The composition is brilliant, and I just love the lines and overall resault.

Total views up to now: 131
Total Favorites up to now: 36

Gilad's Journal
Choose me by cagdash

Very nice shot using the space, prespective, and the composition (including the graphic arrow).

Total views up to now: 172
Total Favorites up to now: 22

Gilad's Journal
Sossusvlei12 by parliamentstreet

When you look at this one.. do you really need my words for something?

Total views up to now: 140
Total Favorites up to now: 45

Gilad's Journal
Zindagi Trust by UsmanBaloch

What will I read now?

Total views up to now: 554
Total Favorites up to now: 56

Gilad's Journal

absurd staircase by icarus-ica   her Paris are gone by MotyPest   :thumb85433645:
The rule of thirds by bingbing51  :thumb86382713:    Webb Bridge III by GVA
:thumb86113111:   La melodie du bonheur by gunpici    Spring lake III. by env1ro

:thumb83795095:  :thumb84130706:    rain istanbul by abdullahcoskun
:thumb86308847:   The twentieth spring by Dabadus    Golden Lake by Lank217

Freedom of mind by ElenaOprea   Island Of Dreams by soulofautumn87   Spring Tree by Osiris81

It's amazing to see how much beauty and quality is passed un-noticed here in all one week. I hope that more great work will get noticed here. It's up to us. Use the comments favorites power to support the un-noticed.

Keep supporting!


Gilad's Journal

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There's one picture I want to look at but DeviantArt says it's not there. It's called Love Echoes by hearthy.
Brilliant stuff though.