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What is life? Is life happens just when somebody else know about it? I mean, if nobody knows you're there, you might as well not be there, or even be dead. Am I right?
People search for the perfect life all around the world, but I know better. I was just thinking that there is an old Chinese saying that tells that if you stand long enough in one place, the whole world will pass you by. I know he said it because he said that while standing in my shade. I remember I thought it would be great if it was true. I could really "see the world". A few hundred years later I can tell you that if all I've seen is what this world has to offer, the world must be a sad place. Seasons change, Rain and then sun and again. Night becomes day and day becomes night again. Birds fly, land, take a crap, fly again. Sometimes a Jeep drives by leaving a cloud of dust. Hundreds of years that I'm here and now I understand that the old Chinese was just trying to be nice, and give me hopes for an interesting future, but sometimes a tree is just a tree. The less thinking I do, the better the time I have. Because, after all, what is time....


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North of the Negev, Israel
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Your words set your piece above the rest in an otherwise tranquil setting. I see you. I appreciate you. Trees are beautiful and so are you. The clouds are like giant puffy marshmellows in the sky. They would melt in my mouth. The wise tree and the clouds bring life to an otherwise rather desolate territory. I have actually wanted to ask a tree, what it would say, if it could talk. They are one of few creations that live centuries. I can't think of a thing, I would change about your work. If you've read "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy," you would know the meaning of life is "42." The book is so much better than the movie.