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The Matrix effect

By gilad
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Is it possible you are the one?
Did you decide the color of your pill?
Is the world making any sense to you?
Would you follow the rabbit is you see it?
Do you see green letters dropping all around you?
Do you find yourself dreaming of Carrie-Anne Moss?
Have you ever eaten soup then realized that there is no spoon?

I'm sorry, but if the answer is YES to any of these questions... You are infected with the Matrix effect. Seek help in your local Blockbuster.


Taken inside the Austrian Hospice of the Holy Family, Jerusalem --> [link]

Main model *NadavDov
On the left: ~Brazilero2002
On the right: Vadim Sigalov
Image size
555x800px 402.13 KB
Canon EOS 5D
Shutter Speed
1/100 second
Focal Length
55 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Apr 18, 2009, 6:31:51 PM
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Maybe I'm missing something but I don't see the connection to Matrix here (other than the title and description). That's why the title and content doesn't match in my opinion.

And to be honest it looks more like an over done snapshot than well planned photo to me. If it was some amateur photographers work I wouldn't pay much attention to it, but as I know your talent I must try to find some meaning in this. The problem is that I can't. What were you trying to communicate? Is this an art by accident or don't I just get it?
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This super reminds me of the Kid's Story from the Animatrix. If it's JUST the Matrix Trilogy, then yeah, I get what you mean. Doesn't really connect.
But if you've seen the Animatrix, there's an origin story about Kid from the Matrix. In it he escapes from his school, and there's a seen of him running down the hall. That's what this piece of art makes me think of.
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I also thought immediately of the Kid's Story. It has to be.
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allen5924 Photographer
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When I saw this image in my message centre, it really struck me. The colours and contrast!

I really like the concept behind this photo (just like all your other photos) where you conceptualize an ordinary photo and make it mean so much more.

The contrasting colours in the background (orange/blue) creates the surreal effect in this photo. It really makes the silhouette stand out. The balance of the subject and background is almost perfect.

The frames on the walls really add to the geometry of this piece, enhancing the perspective portrayed by the 'converging' walls.

Did you try any other poses?
I think the pose of the model in this picture looks a little unnatural, but besides that, I think this image is perfectly executed.

Keep up the amazing work Gilad!
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Israel-RodriguezHobbyist Artist
Let me guess? You based this image on a episode of the animatrix.
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Another great photo.
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Matrix? I see this more as the Michael Jackson effect.
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Excellent photography work, here! Good lighting effects! But I don't see how this relates to The Matrix.
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reminds me of a particualr animated short in the Animatrix(which expaind parts of the matrix that werent exactly explained)
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what is matrix anyway?
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LynnIsFlyingHobbyist General Artist
a way to structure data in informatics actually...
but also an awesome film (:
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EdwardWebphotobookProfessional Photographer
light&shadow composition very impressive
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I see "Kid's Story."
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undercoverblacksheepProfessional General Artist
Belated Feature [link]
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I see a likness to a specific scene from "The Animatrix", no?
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e che c'entra con matrix ?
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wow.. AMAZING colors
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it's seems more footloose than matrix!
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A fabulous photography !
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jemms2012Hobbyist Photographer
Very nice colors ;)
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jemms2012Hobbyist Photographer
Very nice colors ;)
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stillnotkingStudent Writer
I absolutely LOVE this shot. Gorgeous lighting.
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