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Stone Age


Looking at what use to be the footprint of a giant, I feel as small and insignificant.
A small piece in a puzzle that keeps changing around me.
All I can do, Is simply admire and get out of the way.
Maybe just try and leave a footprint, so someone else might admire one day.


Taken with a very dark ND filter (ND128) on top of my Sigma 10-20 lens @10mm.
13 seconds of exposure with the sun setting behind me.
Tel Baruch beach, Tel Aviv.
Image details
Image size
900x614px 341.37 KB
Shutter Speed
13/1 second
Focal Length
10 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Jul 26, 2006, 7:07:38 PM
© 2006 - 2021 gilad
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One day palestine be free will and we will enjoy this
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i love this - the colours are amazing and the concept is lovely. the water and sky are breathtaking also <3
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Just love the lighting in this. Really beautiful.
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wow, I didnt know that the Nikon D70 (s) can give such results... I have the Nikon d70s but I think im going over to the Nikon D200.

Are you shooting raw? no editing work?

I think I can learn something from you;) just by looking at your photos, im getting motivated and I'm gonna see things different.
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Shooting Raw.
My editing is basicly limited to contrast and levels
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no colour tones or things like that?
Im trying to improve..

Thanks my friend
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This is wonderful!! One of your best, I think. I'm going through your whole gallery, I'm amazed at all these beautiful Israeli places :)

In this picture I especially like the silk-like effect of the sea surface, the almost surreal colours and the man standing on the mountain. :)
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אחלה תמונה גבר
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awesome how did u get the water so soft and foggy looking?
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Long exposure
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beautiful picture, as usuall... at first i thought it was shot at the dead or the red sea, because of the red tones of the rocks and the sky. i'm quite amased that u managed to achive such a picture in tel baruch.
although i remember some pictures u took in Yaffo and they were great too.

i guess thats what truly amases me about u as a photographer, u manage to pass everyday situations and settings in such a surprising and different and perfect pictures.
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simply beautiful!
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this is israel?!
oh my god
i thought this is NZ or something
as this was loading
my jaw, just kept dropping.
im learning from the greatest.

you are, very inspirational
you have the best kind of talent.

x belle.
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Amazing work. The temperature and colors are magnificent. The little rocks/islands are very nice and eye leading. Beautiful art!
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You've got a stunning gallery!
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Beautiful! And I appreciate the tech info. :)
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