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In mid Tel-Aviv, they sold a huge wall for advertising and covered it with a poster for a fashion company.
The poster is very provocative, mybe a bit too much.
You go down the street and find yourself passing between some girl legs...

I see this a statment of the commercial gods, sending their "models" to look down on the little common people, like us.
You can see another example of this street photography here
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May 20, 2005, 6:38:25 PM
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Provocative?! You wouldn't say the same if it were a man.
Plus, no one passes between her legs, they're passing in front of her legs.
I love this poster only because it can somewhat irritates people in the 21st century....
You wouldn't say the same if you were a man.

Wide open legs. Direct eye contact. That's body language for "fuck me". Period.

Secondary, but also substantial.Parted lips. No bra. Teasing by using her hands to cover dose lips dat excite. Mmm... (Though, she's baring her throat -- whether or not this is attractive could go either way; personally, I find this a negative.) And, of course, young attractive female with a pretty face and luscious hair.

Nope, definitely not provocative. No fucking way.

...Unless, of course, you've got some XY.
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Your whole comment is subjective. Pay attention to your explanation.

If instead of a woman it would be a man in that pose, you wouldn't react this way.
If my comment was subjective, then yours is very easily subjective as well. And lacks any sort of support for your claim. You bring a counter argument which is rather irrelevant; it seems like a straw man (logical fallacy).

Obviously, I would not "react" (i.e. consider it provocative) because:

1) Men doing that looks weird. To me, a male.
2) I am attracted to women, not men.
3) Men don't open their legs like that to signal sex.
4) Lack of bra is irrelevant.

Really, her entire lower body is exposed other than what is covered by her hands. We don't even know if she's wearing underwear.

A woman spreading her legs like that is very attractive to most men. Whether this is cultural or psychology, I don't know, but it is commonly used to send signals.
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I find this publicity unnecessary and bad taste. good shot
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I am glad you like it!
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Lol i'd be looking too!
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Yeah She's Florencia Gomez Cordoba! Argentina model
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hahaha xD

you're amazing foto-reporter!
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i love how the man walking past the posting is looking at her..... "wrist". and the male-model in the poster is looking at the man walking past...

all the while, the girl in the poster is looking directly at you, who in turn is looking at all 3.

sorry, i just confused myself with all of that :(
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dude...good observation, it made the photo all the more dynamic and interesting.
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I never really thought about how commercialism has become our "Gods" - but I suppose it's true. Even now, the name of the woman model doesn't seem as important as the icon she represents.

Is this, I wonder, the modern version of the great marble statues of Greece and Rome? And again, I wonder, did people think the same of those statues then as we think of these ads now?
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Interesting point :)
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Wow, it's so expressing. i love your works dude.
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I'd really hate having to walk past that every day.
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:) a perfect shot again!
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100% street photograph) I admire!
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is she ambrosio? i though you have shot her. what a lovely women..
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:rofl: So funny! :XD:
Oh man. What a poor dork staring at her...
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