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Knights Halls


In the heart of the land
Inside mother earth
The knights were planning their freedom
Now, free to eyes of the world
We breath in the tears of their effort
We can enjoy the beauty of what they left us
And cherish the freedom of our mother earth
Teach our children to not take it for granted
For their children's future and for mother earth


Under the citadel and prison of Acre, archeological excavations revealed a complex of halls, which was built and used by the Hospitallers Knights. This complex was a part of the Hospitallers' citadel, which was combined in the northern wall of Acre.

The complex includes:

* Six semi-joint halls.
* One large hall, recently excavated.
* Dungeon.
* Dining room (with a tunnel).
* Posta and Crypta (remains of an ancient Gothic church).

(Those interested in medieval European remains should also visit the Church of Saint George and adjacent houses at the Genovese Square (called Kikar ha-Genovezim or Kikar Genoa in Hebrew). There were also residential quarters and marketplaces run by merchants from Pisa and Amalfi in Crusader and medieval Acre, so today there are also Pisa and Amalfi Squares in the old city.)
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You are   really a fantastic artist……...
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Thanks. I like all the info you write in your posts
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i love the atmosphere put in this pic... its so "knightly." XD
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I love how the archways are wore closer to the ground than usual great shot!
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This is so beautiful
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I featured your picture in my journal link
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Wow I wish I could see this place in person...its so beautiful :o
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wow this is so cool , did u make this pic??
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This is exquisite!! :)
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I love the lighting.
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Wow, this was underground...? It looks like nothing I would have expected out of a medieval sort of era; it's almost darkly futuristic. The lighting is amazing, and I'm supposing it's brighter towards the right because of an opening opposite the visible one...? It looks like it's open to the public (I mean, you're there too, right? xD), too.
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I love this...

...though I must confess, I know it was important to include people so that the image had scale, but I do wish they were less *touristy* looking people. For a location like that, it would be lovely if the people were dressed in a very timeless way, or if you could just barely see what they were wearing.

Of course, the fact that they're tourists adds a whole different meaning to the shot, and reflects how commercial these grand places have become... but I'm a purist and a romantic, so I love to lose myself in images of old architecture without being reminded of the present day.

Just some musings... :)
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what sort of lens are you using?
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it would be a 12-24mm lens
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This picture is incredible! It would have probably looked better had the other people been cut out or you waited til they were gone but it look like a public place so that would most likely been impossible. Beautiful.
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What an amazing place...
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i uttered "wow" when I saw this photo.

amazing lighting. great job :)
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where legends are born -- later days
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wow .. impressive building :O
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