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Inbetween Days

Can’t seem to realize where I am…
I look around and my world is blurry
The sky has disappeared under a shallow dark dome
I try to scream but my cries are only echoes in my head
An eye drop is slowly going down my face

My world shivers
It seems to me that I know where I am…

I’m stuck inside a puddle
Time froze, but I keep on breathing
Seems I’m stuck between autumn and winter
Keep waiting for rain, to put a hole in my perception
To free life, where only memories are left


The life in a puddle...
Take a look in full view please :)
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A shadow in summer..
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Featured in this news article: Puddles of Life
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what a beautiful image, and it definitely fits the cure song. thanks so much for this!
pyrasa's avatar
this is amazing..
Enigma-thats-me's avatar
i like this one a lot........i was thinking of doing this in chalk pastel........may I?
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amazing gilad. i love the texture and color. :+favlove:
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I think this is one of my most favorite pictures. I'm not sure what in it exatly appeals to me, but it's just awesome!! :)
tonieja's avatar
great idea :D congrats...
highmountain4's avatar
Beautiful image. The texturing of the reflection by the debris in the puddle is a master touch!
Gabrielpensador's avatar
An absolute :+fav: the colors the composition the originality..just fabulous :)
charke's avatar
how do you get he reflections to look so clear?? ive seen great reflections in your earlier shots too....
hobowithafork's avatar
this is the fakest looking photo i have ever seen!
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Incredible colour and clarity! What surface were you standing on?
gilad's avatar
On the road, on the other side of the puddle
twosen's avatar
That's really cool -- it doesn't look like a road surface!
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Simply wonderful. :) I love the concept and these lucid colours.
recklesslibertine's avatar
This is so cool! like a painting! :D :D :D
Sir-Catherine's avatar
The texture of the vibrant blue and yellow, with blurred but seemingly raised edges made me think of Van Gogh's Starry Starry Night painting.
AmirNasher's avatar
Lovely! I like that kind of photos, reflections
illufox's avatar
This looks cool at first but then I noticed the shoe in the left lower corner.....this part should have been cropped out... good idea though...
illufox's avatar
Understand, but a professional photographer would have cropped it out.... ;)
gilad's avatar
The leg is there on purpse, for that exact reason.. so people can see it's a reflection
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