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This is a story of a brilliant man called Henry who, one day, thought of an idea.

He joined his top executives in the morning of February the second and introduced what he said would be the boost his company needed to rule the market and to rule the world. Henry knew his most valuable asset was his employees, and, therefore, their time.
Henry felt that just like him, they were probably wasting away hours every day just thinking of things not related to work, things like silly family picnics or movie endings…
And so, Henry suggested to his executives the building of a new world. Of course, it would be called "Henry's world", as it should.
All of the employees will be forced to donate all non-work related thoughts that got in their work into this world, such as artistic vision, daydreaming, passing thoughts, and even indecisions. A world dedicated to all the non related work things. The company will have to pay for the new world, but the money will be easily compensated inside the work flow.

"Ohh, brilliant, brilliant!" his top executives roared. They knew this could make their employees much more effective in the work flow. How didn't they think of that first?

And so, a new world was founded. A parallel world, made from ideas and thoughts. The employees didn't like it much, but Henry didn't leave them any alternative. Besides, there would be extra time involved for them.
And just like Henry predicted, the work flow got better. Soon after the foundation of "Henry's world," the performance of the company went through the roof. Other companies had heard of what Henry did and wanted in. Henry picked some companies that were no threat to him, and charged them money for allowing their employees' private thoughts to join his world. Soon everybody wanted in. Everything was going great for Henry, but he couldn't have known what would happen next. Henry lacked the ability to predict and reflect on things.

Meanwhile, on "Henry's world," the thoughts got bored. They needed something to take them out of the thinking loop, some kind of a body to convert all the thought into actions. What are dreams if there could be no action to define them? What is an idea with no one to reflect on it?
Lacking a body to help them bring essence to their thoughts, Henry's thoughts suggested an idea. They should invite silhouettes to live with them on "Henry's world". That way, they could use an ally and create a worthy alternative to what they left behind.
It was no problem for the thoughts to persuade the silhouettes. The thoughts on "Henry's world" were very good in debating, and besides, there was no competition. Before too long, "Henry's world" was bursting with silhouettes running around with ideas. There was nothing missing there.

Meanwhile, on earth, people were starting to rebel. They were convinced there must be something more to life than work; they just could not remember what it was. A feeling of frustration was taking over. The work flow was getting slower and Henry was worried.
He joined his top executives in the morning of March the second and introduced what he said would be the boost his company needed to rule the market, and to rule the world. A merge between "Henry's world" and his company.

"Ohh, brilliant, brilliant!" his top executives roared. They didn't really think it over, but it was a work reflex to agree with Henry.

On March third, Henry sat down with Henry's thoughts and tried to work out the deal. They couldn't agree on the terms. "I created your planet, you belong to me!" Henry shouted. "I think not," his thought answered, and Henry couldn't disagree with his own thoughts.
Since they couldn't agree, the two worlds continued separately.

It was only after Henry died on October second that the two merged back into the world we all know.
Still, the time the two worlds were separate left its mark on our world. Up to this day when we look at silhouettes, it always seems that they know something that we don't.

Think about it.


I hoped you enjoyed this little story.
If you found any grammar or typo, please let me know.

This was taken at Tel Aviv's harbor.
I was lying on the grownd to get this low angle, and get a sense of the wavy floor (for skates i think...)
I was lying there for 15 minutes to get a good silhouette passing by, when all of these appered at once and made me feel very lucky.

I hope you enjoy the photo, and the story.
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Thank you!
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I love this story!