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A place under the sun


Hey mister,
leave me be
I hurt no one
I hardly ever speak

Hey mister,
Don't chase me away
I just seek my place
Under the same sun as you

Hey mister,
Will you be my friend?


A cold winter day.
This little fellow was trying to warm up under the urban winter sun.
The sun was falling right on him.
I under exposed, and used fill flash to get the mood, and still get the details.
A few seconds after this shot was taken, the frightened little thing ran into the shadows.

One more techniquality data -
I used the Sigma 70-200 F2.8, and it did a very impressive work.
I was amazed to see the sharp reasults.
Even in 100% it's unbelievble.
Impreesive lens, that I highly recommend.

I must admit, this is one of my best works, at least in my opinion.
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Montara's avatar
Poor kitty :( Last year, my daughter made me take home (crying that he'll die outside) one as small as this one, maybe he's a family member :))
Your cat photos are heart tugging. I want to come and take them all and give them a home and someone to love them.
jcaritao's avatar
the under-expo + flash worked really great... congrats
Peaceblossom262's avatar
awwww, I want to cry. This kitten looks like it was put out. I love cats so much and I hate for them to suffer. I'm crying.
Ariel3's avatar
Wow! I'm fascinated and I like it.
How much did you had to take this photo? I guess that I couldn't be so fast to make this.
I like the image structure, the "look" of the kitten and the illustration of the sunlight and the shadows.
I don't know your works but I guess this picture is one of your best.

Best Wishes,

yengx's avatar
so cute..i love cat..and the picture it's so fascinating....i remember my pet ming-ming in this picture...
Vergil-is-eternity's avatar
I would have taken him with me, where the kitty could always feel the warm sun in a warm home :heart:
This is my favorite out of all of your wonderful work!
billie-holiday's avatar
awwww what a cutie <3
xxKTabsxx93's avatar
Awww he's adorable (: Hope he found a nice place to stay warm!
ellytakepics's avatar
wow wow wow , *_* wondefull , nice , fantastic... the cat looks like a little gollum :| ^^
Qusyte's avatar
soooooooooooo wonderful :-)
momouse's avatar
RFHartwell's avatar
This kind of reminds me of "The Third Man"
StormRhyder's avatar
Wonderful work! I wish ta upload & use in a Virtual World build that I am doing. Only if you allow me permission to do so. May or may not transfer the 3D object/s I build but WILL NOT transfer the graphic/texture itself. Will give credit to you for the texture/graphic in txt document with item. Please let me know if I may use it.... Thanks
25percent's avatar
I featured this wonderful image on my journal [link] - hope you don't mind.
gab4design's avatar
aww, he looks a lot like my cat! i hope he's ok :)
fabulous23's avatar
woow ,super amazing :D
sahmail2003's avatar
this is one of my favs
12tikal's avatar
Very Adorable :D :+fav:
AnaFelixPires's avatar
I may be biased in my love for all things furry, but this is definitely one of my favorites of your works as well. :)
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