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Um. I spent a lot of money and made friends.
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Rightstuf picked up Hetalia and the third volume is to be released June 19th in English! And if you preorder it's colour pages :D. Excellent, because the Chinese print is god-awful quality. It's 10.50 right now and 8 dollars to ship. But if you want to order any more items, the shipping goes up by two dollars each.
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D: Gross

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Tomorrow's my birthday and it's supposed to be cold and rain. Sadness.
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The rules are:
1. Post the Rules.
2. Answer the questions that the tagger set. And make new ones for the ones answering.
3. Pick 10 people to choose
4. Tell them you tagged 'em
5. You're allowed to tag back
6. No 'your tagged' cause your reading this! You ACTUALLY have to choose people! *le gasp!*
7. Bananna phone this message.
8. State 5 things about yourself, such as name, age, ect. XD

*excuse the grammar, I DID NOT WRITE IT >: I don't even understand these rules*

Name: Amy (Funnily enough I share Andy's initials)
Age: 14.96
Other sites: Serebii, Bulbagarden, Shelfari,, tumblr (not really), LJ, various other Pokemon RP sites
Internet age: 3.5 years
Invested fandoms: Pokemon, Hetalia

1. What's your favorite anime?

idk >.< I don't really watch anime. The animation becomes so derpy, and my favourite always changes.

2. Who's your favorite seiyuu?

I never pay attention to VAs. Austria was Link though!

3. Who's your favorite Vocaloid?

lol Why is everyone around me so into Vocaloid?

4. What do you dream of?

Cotton candy, rainbows, butterflies, rainbows, unicorns, rainbows, gay marriage, rainbows, cake, shippings, rainbows, people using other people, bees.

5. If you could marry someone in the world of anime, who would it be?

I don't like to think of it like that, because I prefer to ship characters with each other! C;

6. What's your favorite catchphrase?

Meow, *streamers*, or "dot dot dot".

7. Do you prefer Tsundere or Yandere? Why?

Yandere scares me, so I'm going with tsundere.

8. Your favorite OC of mine. (I know I only have like... 3...)

Err... *looks at OCs* I must employ Chinese tact! Literally. 蠢材, 你这么会问我这样的问题?我也不知道。

9. What's your favorite song?

idk, I don't really care about music either.

10. What's your favorite game?

Role-plays.  Not really a game, I guess.

11. What's your favorite animal?

Um... wow. I don't really know. Or care. Burmese cats? Do they count? Or like, unicorns? Can I say unicorns?

12. What's your favorite element?

I think, iridium isotope 6.

13. Who are your friends on dA?

Mostly internet friends and then some RL friends.

14. What's your favorite color?

Pink. Surprisingly. That or a saturated blackberry purple.

15. How many digits of pi do you know?

Eight. But legitimately, when do you ever need more than three?

Questions for others? Well, I don't plan on tagging anyone else, but if anyone hassles me to make some, I guess I should.

I guess I didn't really fill the thing out properly when you think about it.
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Anyone want to suggest a practice topic? I want to practice writing for it. ;a;
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