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Oh god this is so random.

Based off [link] because someone said I should go into modeling 3D guns on the computer. Sadly, I cannot 3D model, only draw. Also, the body is much too short and crooked, and there is no shading on the bottom because I ignored space and so it got cut off about there... ^-^;;

About one and a half hour.
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why can't i draw like you?
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:iconjapanpastaplz: The shading is so nice! At least you tried for him, ahaha. My mom was here when I saw this and she told me that I could go to the same art class as you if I wanted to...
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It's /obviously/ because I love him from the bottom of my heart. :P

Er... yeah, sure, you can definitely come! But you'd have to be in my class so I can explain the Chinese to you...
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Awe Amy, so sweet.. so do you think you will actually show him this?
Yeah I told my mom that it might mostly be in Chinese and my mom was like "oh well, Amy can translate for you"
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Duh, I'm giving it to him tomorrow because he made me depressed today... (that reason makes no sense)

lol I'd be willing. The only criteria is that you're passionate about drawing... you can't really talk in class too much, but I think it'd be fine. :P
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Why did he make you depressed today, tell me or I will hurt him! XP Could you imagine me just running down the hallway, chasing him while yelling "GET OVER HERE BROWN LAMP GUY!!!!"

Yeah I guess, I can be pretty focused when I'm supposed to be so I won't talk too much.
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No, it's my fault for being depressed on his behalf. So.

But yes, I can imagine that, and it is hilarious (good that you actually remembered who I was talking about lol)

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Of course I remembered, how could I forget something as crazy as a brown lamp :P
Then why were you depressed?

How much is the art class?
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lol Anyway, Miranda already gave him his comeuppance today when she yelled profanities at him.

Er... idk, 20, 25 dollars a class? Some kids also do charcoal and acrylics.
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:icondatassplz: Revolvers be great... anyways, :iconnicejobplz:
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lol thanks for the random face pics?
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no shtawp it shtawp
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