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This art will be a cower for a book
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This looks like the room of a human anime character if Twilight accidentally teleported to Earth
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You have a great sense of perspective. I need your skills! GIMME 
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I wonder... if there are other beings out there...
I wonder... if they are thinking like me...
I wonder... if they are searching for us...
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The Canterlot calendar hanging to the right of Celestia's picture was a nice touch: I'm sure Twilight's always been picky about scheduling.
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There is a picture about Celestia on he wall XD
Xeronik's avatar
i love Twilight Sparkle :3 <3  that looks like a nice room, i think this is where she would live in our world
LJ-ATCTION-360's avatar
love your  backgrounds
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What is the book? 
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The book was published in Russia
MLP-OC-Creators-Wiki's avatar
What is the title of the book?
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totaly blown away by your backgrounds
О да, обои. Я заметил, что нигде так не любят украшать стены обоями и\или коврами, как в России. Так что комната выглядит очень по-русски. :)
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разве? а что у других? краска вместо обоев? 
Скорее тупо однотонное наклеивают без заметного рисунка. Ковры на стене, - это 99.99% Россия, исключений еще не видел. Х)
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Wow!!! This looks really lovely and adorable!!! :meow: :meow: :meow:
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Рисунок хороший, проработка деталей радует как всегда.
Хотеть больше пони ) Успехов в творчестве )
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Awesome work. How's things going?
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Beautiful artwork, I like it the scenery. Neat professional work!
holographic-poptarts's avatar
Your artwork always feels so alive, as though I were looking through a window into a breathing, thriving world.
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"This art will be a cower for a book" Well then. This is so good that it looks like a movie that's been paused. It's better than good
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beautiful colors and lighting
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Lovely night time scene!
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