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I remembered getting this piece at BronyCon 2013. It was one of many pictures that really inspired me to look at the MLP Art Scene. It's still great all these years later.

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8 Years later and this is still one of my all time favourite pieces.

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Starlight! Where are you? Keep the Cold and Lonely Trixie company!
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That one makes me kinda sad for Trixie :(
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Awww poor Trixie!
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The impressionist background, the capture of the dawn lighting and the demeanor of the singular character is magnificent. The dirt on the cart from it's travel is perfectly placed and the over-all piece is one of both tragedy and hope. Bravissimo!
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Don't worry! I will be with you wherever you go! 
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this is so sad but amazing Chibi Trixie Lulamoon Icon 
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I really hate trixie, but this makes me feel bad for her
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I think that Trixie is the victim
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Your art is so beautiful and this piece is no exception
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Maaaaan.. your artworks are purely awesome!
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I LOVE the background on this one. You REALLY captured clear Winter mornings/evenings.
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This picture and a specific song called "Of Winter Coolness" both inspired one of my pictures I drew, it's kinda crappy but ehh...
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Wait a minute! Trixy doesn't trust wheels!  Why does she have wheels on her cart?
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She said that while wearing the Alicorn Amulet, and after the events of S1E6 "Boast Busters". I think either the Alicorn Amulet convinced her wheels were bad, or somehow she stopped trusting wheels after S1E6.

In this picture, she is not wearing the Alicorn Amulet, and it is likely that it shows Trixie before S1E6. 
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Sad yet wonderful art.
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Aww, poor Trixie.  :'D

Show business is a tough business. 
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