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HAPPY 2019

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Finally I've completed the eighth part of my comic: "A day at the seaside!"
I've the impression that this is the best chapter I've made (even it's a little ecchi)!

English version download
Italian version download

Hope you like it!
Hello! Long time not see ^^;
By the way I'm working on the new version of the eighth part (which will be, as with all the new chapters, completely different from the previous version) and for the occasion I anticipated the debut of Mikami, Okinu and Tadao (who had to debut in the ninth part).
The big problem of this story is a yuri image that i've created for the page number 27:

As you know I don't usually design these things, but this time I let myself go... what do you think, I have a good idea?
:faint: Today i've published 48 new images... geez... i never published so many images in one time...
By the way, in a few time I will publish a new edition of my website and the new and completed version of the second part of my comic.

As always thanks a lot for following me!!!
Heck, I realized only now that it's been a while that I didn't access to devianart Nuu Nuu Nuu 

Lately, however, I have been very busy (I have a new job that I like and I prefer to keep) and I had very little time to draw (in fact I managed to complete only 75% of the new version of the second part), but fortunately I also started to convert the PDF versions of existing chapters into ebooks (which are easier to view and don't need to be downloaded).

Soon, however, I will start to publish new drawings (and finally, to publish the second part of the second part and the eighteenth part, so as to continue the development of the comic, which I interrupted when I had the "brilliant" idea to replace the older chapters CURSE YOU! CURSE YOU! CURSE YOU! ).

I'm really sorry for being away for so long!!!

Uhm... I think I'm a little too beforehand.
By the way... I published the 2018 calendar of "A day like any others" (
late, like every year) and you can download here…
Hope you like it. And, as always, thanks a lot to all of you for supporting me and my comic!

I reached 15K Pageviews!!!

Thanks to all of you for following and supporting me!
The 2017 calendar is now available. Enjoy it!!
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Unbelievable but true, but I managed to publish two chapters together!
The chapters are the fourteenth (which finally closes the dispute between Nabiki, Okinu, Mikami and the demon who stole the body of Nabiki) and the new (and final) version of the first chapter (the previous version was made a little bad, and I did not like the end).

As always the chapters can be downloaded for free and are available in two languages (Italian and English) on my website:…

on mediafire:… [Chapter 01_Italian]… [Chapter 01_English]… [Chapter 14_Italian]… [Chapter 14_English]
I've completed the thirteenth chapter of the manga "A day like any others". This chapter is the continue of the twelfth chapter (the story is divided into three parts) and you can download it from my website… and from [International version]… [Italian version]…
Sorry if I'm away for some time, but (as always, for some years now) I had the usual avalanche of impediments (labor and so on).
In any case, I'm completing the thirteenth part of the manga "a day like any others", and I hope to publish the first ten pages as soon as possible
From today is available the new chapter 12.

You can download it (for free) from my website:…

or from MediaFire:

[International version]…
[Italian version]…

Je suis Charlie...

And I'm proud of it!

The evil, in all its forms and coverage, will never win. Only death and eternal damnation await those who commit similar acts of cowardice. And this goes for ANY type of religion.
:cries: 2014 has gone... with all good and bad things...

WELCOME 2015!!




It took a LONG time, but eventually I managed to free myself from all the messes that have sprung up in the latter part of the year (2014 is a year that for sure I will remember as one of the worst ever).
I finally finished the chapter number 11 [English download]… [Italian download…, updated the site, created the calendar for 2015… and opened two accounts on twitter and tumblr… (I have no account on Facebook because I just hate it).

I apologize to everyone if I'm gone for so long, but I had a lot of trouble to solve :faint:
Finally i've finished the tenth chapter of my manga!
This is the last of the "EVO" type after which I will publish the new chapters (EVO chapters were nothing more the than updated versions of the first ten chapters, for various reasons, have been completely redesigned).
These are the links to download (for free) the .zip files:

English version…

Italian version…

As always, let me know what do you think ;)
:iconw00tplz: Finally i've published the new chapter of my manga (the 08EVO: A day at the seaside) in the new version of my website
Hi there :iconcheerplz: <span class="">I'm back!
These last few weeks have been quite a bit heavier, but many of the things I'd still pending are arranged (thankfully). The company I work for (which was about to close) was purchased, I managed to change my car and I fixed my relationship with my sister (in reality she's not my real sister, she's my best friend, but for me she's like the sister I never had).
This time it went well ... let's see how it will end the year ...</span>
<span class="">Okay folks!
</span><span class="">
I finally decided to publish, in parallel to the new chapter 07EVO of my manga (A day like any others), a special chapter starring Kei and Yuri, aka the lovely angels, the protagonists of the manga Dirty Pair.</span>
<span class="">The title will be "Hell's Gate" and will be set on an abandoned prison planet </span><span class="">populated by </span><span class="">bloodthirsty space pirates who worship a hideous alien creature </span><span class=""><span class="">:worship:</span></span><span class=""><span class=""><span class="">:worship:</span></span></span><span class=""><span class=""><span class=""><span class="">:worship:</span></span></span></span><span class=""><span class=""><span class=""><span class=""><span class="">:worship:</span></span></span></span>:worship::alien: </span>what can you do... no accounting for taste!