Sea Life ~ A Mix

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Here is a short mix
of many more wonderful sea creatures
and plant life
All so beautiful and interesting
Finneon by CreepyJellyfish
With kid by half-scientific
Lampion-Spyro by scubapic Grille naturelle by scubapic
The Nautilus by TurnipPhotography Keeper of Black Pearls by Bodza
Chromodoris lochi by Saad-A Bright Orange Nudibranch by underwater-girl Blue Bubble Coral by TheSleepyRabbit 
Blastomussa Wellsi by Monikker Palys by Monikker
Blue Button (Porpita porpita) by deviantAPP
Sweet pair by Vitaly-Sokol Whale Shark by 8TwilightAngel8
Whales and Elephant by Ducks-with-Crayons
Jardin de coraux by scubapic
Octopus Garden by miku Clown et l'anemone a grosses tetines by scubapic
Tube a franges by scubapic Anemone by Jaiiko
Spotted Eagle Ray by JKase911 Upside Down Blob by InayatShah
Aequoreus vita / Marine life by V-L-A-D-I-M-I-R
Featherduster Worms by Althytrion Marine Wallpaper by Althytrion
Cave octopus net by jybe44 SEA FLOWERS by RSConnett The Star by SylviaRitter 
Star Coral Feeding by figurephenatix 
17.11.16 Corals by ALEC22 Refugees by SandraWinther
Purple coral by bebadawn  Squishy by miku The Eon of Puppies by Alonaria
The Whale Country by AntonKurbatov Castle underwater by Ohara2007
Starburst Anemones by Blackfoxx24 Coral Reef by marijeberting
Mechanical life forms by poca2hontas
They captured our friend ... by marijeberting Coral reef with fractal fishes by marijeberting
WTC - Sunken Treasure Collage by wolfepaw
Sea Anemone and Squat Cleaner Shrimp by figurephenatix 2015 - Bon - Yellow Sea Anemone by figurephenatix
 Aequoreus vita I / Marine life I by V-L-A-D-I-M-I-R Medusa arms... by Omoidenoki
the heart of the sea by JoanLlado
Its a whole different world
under the sea
I experienced it a bit on my last Mexico trip
Definitely want to do it again
I saw so many beautiful creatures
with all the beautiful coral and all kinds
of coloured fish, sea spider, many types of crabs
and even a sea slug, urchins
and I know I am forgetting some :faint:
It sure Amazing 

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Thnaks for feature Gigi, under sea life is beautiful and magic indeed ! 
V-L-A-D-I-M-I-R's avatar
Lovely collection!

AntonKurbatov's avatar
Thanks for the feature < 3
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Gorgeous feature! I love me some anemones :love:
Althytrion's avatar
Fine feature! :aww: Thank you very much, Gigi, for including my work! :thanks:
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InayatShah's avatar
Lovely Journal and Honoured that you included one of my images in it
vanndra's avatar
Another very beautiful feature - awesome collection!
Nerdy-pixel-girl's avatar
Don't use my NF2U art :/
gigi50's avatar
Sorry You will have to show me which one you mean
Because I use a lot of emoticons and don't
know what you mean by NF2U ???
Nerdy-pixel-girl's avatar
the shell pixel is not free :/ pay attention to what you use.
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So sorry by Brigitte-Fredensborg  Removed it !
Nerdy-pixel-girl's avatar
It's fine dear, i'm not mad, Happy V-day!! ^_^
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