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Lara Croft

Lara Croft from Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones
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Juked out by ol' Indie eh? Nice.
Bazzkorg's avatar
LOL that's hilarious 
Jaquina's avatar
haha! Lara will turn around and shot Jones with her guns!! He dont have a chance!!! He's so mean: he is cheating!! :O
chaos-sandwhich's avatar
lol, yoink, now i'm off to find Nazis in unlikely places
Great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a6ydevil's avatar
And then she turns around and shoots him :P

Love the image, their expressions are adorable and the paint job gives it a nice feel.
Sir-Pounce-Alot's avatar
Love it lara's face is priceless and Indie's like YEEEEAAAH!
raccooncitizen's avatar
The quest for the golden hamster? :rofl:
This is so adorable!! :love:
iumee's avatar
i hate to say it but i knew this was coming
mimimaddy101's avatar
Indie! Give her back that artifact! XD
CoeurEtAme568's avatar
Indiana Jones FTW!!! I LOVE this!!!
As you can see Miss Croft there is nothing you can posess which i cannot take away.
Resident-Evil-Gamer's avatar
Lara Croft is the female Indiana Jones
Blackofhearts's avatar
lol, thats so cute, and very cleaver, she would probs turn around and try to kill him though
Gigei's avatar
Thanks XDD,
I hope lara don't kill indiana, it would be very sad T__T
Blackofhearts's avatar
your welcome,
lol same, she wouldn't be happy about him stealing her idol tho...0.0
mszynisz's avatar
Wow, this is sooo great! :P
Lara's expression is the best! :D
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Gigei's avatar
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indy would so do that XD " it belongs in a museum!"
"... your as is going in a museum once i'm through with it!"
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