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This is a fun piece, I can say that right off the bat. The characters you chose to include are an interesting mix. I think the expressions you chose for each fit his or her primary personality, i.e. how we see them most often in the Ice and Fire universe.
I particularly enjoy Arya's reaction to her sister's presence (it is typically my reaction to Sansa too. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/> ) Joffrey's expression makes me want to hit him with a frying pan, so I'd say you captured his essence quite well!
The dragons amuse me, particularly the one at Dany's feet, gnawing on a human hand. Quite creative on your part. Her expression of devotion to them is quite true to her portrayal in books and show. The wildfire Tyrian has is a nice inclusion as well. I must say, I can't fault you on the character details! You included so many of them, and that's not what you usually find in an artwork of similar style.
My one difficulty is Ghost. Those eyes bother me for some reason; I find their shape and size vaguely annoying... but I do like his fluffy tail and the way he's curled protectively around Jon.
In all, I'd say you have quite an entertaining piece here.