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Doctor Who Midlife Crisis

Doctor Who Midlife Crisis
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I looked at 11 & Harry Potter them started play

But in all seriousness I like how you drew/colored these Doctors in, the texture in the coloring looks nice & fits the art style
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Isn't it mildly strange that the two younger looking people are hundreds of years older than the old guy?
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It's cute! But there are so many times I bet the Doctor wished he could go back and time and stop the 1st "Doctor" from doing whatever the 10th and 11th say they wish never happened.
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War Doctor: Why am I surrounded by these bumbling buffoons?
The obvious answer is: IMAGINATION
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Boy: No
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Boy: No
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Eleventh, and tenth doctor:(singing) And we danced all night to the best song ever we know every line now I can't remember... 
War Doctor: I hate dancing, and One Direction!
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i like what you did there
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John Hurt i'm so sorry! Waaaah! 
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Very cute.  I love the expression on the War Doctor's face.
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Sorry! Nothing is serious between the three of us lmao
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I love the Doctor's ashamed-face
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Oh GOD I love this so MUCH!!! Heart Heart Heart Hug thank you my freind. for yet another brilliant drawing!
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x: oh god
Good drawing thought
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Poor John Hurt....Though the 10th doctor is SO cute
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lol very funny XD
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"Are you capable of talking without flapping your hands?"
"Yes." ..... "No."
Lovely little representations here :) gave me a smile.
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very cool :) hehehe
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War Doctor's thinking: "This is the future that awaits me? How embarrassing!"
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