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Banner idea for a tutorials site for open-source graphics software. It's intended to be more of a pixel2life database type site so that it would help other sites get traffic, and will probably also offer direct downloads for the latest versions of the software if bandwidth doesn't become much of an issue. I'm currently working on the template, and I have someone that will help speed up the coding process so that it's not a one-man job.

Why? What I'm hoping is that the site will allow for more individuals to consider free alternatives to commercial programs over their pricey counterparts for personal and possibly professional use. Also, since everyone has the ablility to access the programs covered on the site at no cost, people should be able to post tutorials that use multiple programs to produce a result without narrowing their audience.

If this doesn't make any sense to you, you'll have to forgive me; it's midnight and like most people, I don't function as well when I'm tired.

Made using blender and tweaked with the GIMP.
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hey i love the banner!

i think i can help a bit with coding html and can see some samples of what i can do in here:

[link] -- site about free sofware i use

[link] --website for a friend's band