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Earthly Star (Raw text)
This short-story was inspired by fellow deviant Ellysiumn's artwork...

...,for his contest that included it.
01:50, date: 240, 3421
Experimental Station Azure, Orbit of Hyperion
"Lady Howlet! What is going on here..." snarled the cloaked female "... Where's the child?!" She hissed, white spirit fire escaped her eyes, her posture emphasized her rage, as she bared her teeth.
"I released her..." Lady Howlet answered with an unsurpassed tone of nonchalance
"YOU ARE A FOOL! We'll lose Hyperion!..." She shouted, striking her hand against a chamber, she heard a glunk, as the latch fell, 'what... I'm not strong enough in this form to break...' she thought, fear flooded into her mind as she took out a knife, then rapidly turned to face Lady Howlet.
"That won't do you any good..."  Stated what was once appeared to be Lady Howlet, but was now a towering grotesque beast, it's jaw seemingly dislocated when it spoke,
:icongiganotosaur314:Giganotosaur314 3 0
Shadow the Hedgehog by Giganotosaur314 Shadow the Hedgehog :icongiganotosaur314:Giganotosaur314 15 12 Miles Prower by Giganotosaur314 Miles Prower :icongiganotosaur314:Giganotosaur314 18 3
Decaying Lotus_Part #2: Plot to Invade (Raw text)
Note: This work is of pure fiction, and any relation to any actual events and or people is only coincidental. 
If you like this story, feel free to comment, or just check out some of my other submissions if you so wish.
Chapter 1: The Plot to Invade
Blitz Coral Island
  October 5th, 2016

  In the mists of a cloud covered autumn day out in the Pacific, a flock of gulls swarmed around a rock covered island, as a school of mers where giving out fishes to their feathered messengers. An underground structure laid nestled in the earth, built out of the bulbous submerged part of the island, which reached far down into the ocean floor. The sleek interior of the structure was accompanied by corridors and rooms painted in a variety of varying hues, its interesting world travelers style, accompanied by its frequent use of murals and astounding architecture, often made newcomers question if their in a
:icongiganotosaur314:Giganotosaur314 4 0
Decaying Lotus_Part #1 Destiny (Raw text)
Note: This work is of pure fiction, and any relation to any actual events is only coincidental. I will occupationally add more of the story to this over time, (Because of a new decision I've made, I am no longer scheduling myself for all of my content.)
If you like this story, feel free to comment, or just check out some of my other submissions if you so wish.
Frigid ice swept past him as he ran, the snow and frost attached themselves to his long strands of green hair and tricolored feathers. If he wasn't magical, his light metal armor would have burned him, for the temperature up north was nonsensically glacial. His bandanna that was tied to one of his arms, came loose then flew up to the clouds to touch the face of his gods. In hearing something he paused, the ice underneath him made the sound of a half-mute crippled paper-bag, then an explosion, he hurried running faster then Nike. The pads on his peculiar fee
:icongiganotosaur314:Giganotosaur314 3 0
In the Blue Fields of Paradise by Giganotosaur314 In the Blue Fields of Paradise :icongiganotosaur314:Giganotosaur314 10 3 Sung-Sun by Giganotosaur314 Sung-Sun :icongiganotosaur314:Giganotosaur314 8 0
A small four set of my newest artworks, if you like what you see, I encourage you to view some of my other works.

Random Favourites

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A quick look at some of my favs that I found while sifting through DA, all of these artworks, journals, and tutorials are wonderful in their own unique ways. Feel free to take a peek at what wonderful works I found on DA from people all over the world.



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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Give a llama, get a llama policy is present.

All that I make has a max rating of PG-13

Always open to collaborations, as long as everything we work on, and it's finished version is at max PG-13

I am a self-taught artist, who loves answering questions

If you have any questions about DA (a.k.a: Deviant Art), The "Sonic the Hedgehog" series, "Steven Universe", and/or "Marvel", or any G-PG-13 rated question, feel free to ask.

I accept Notes (DA email)

Commissions are always open!

Also: Positive comments are always welcome, and thanks to everyone who posted, I appreciate the comments.

Thanks to all my watchers for being my watchers, and thanks to everyone who appreciates my art and/or literature.
Inspiration for story direction
Impossible yet Lovely thoughts by Giganotosaur314 Midday Nap by Giganotosaur314
All of these artworks are fanarts, all characters presented in this journal are from the series "Steven Universe", which is property of it's respective owners. This is not an official extension nor release for the series, this is fan-made, please support the official release. 

No crossovers this time

This is of pure fiction, any correlation to any events, people, places, est. Is purely coincidental.

Add to the comments to add or suggest edits to this story, this is for the group Bunyip-and-Montile.

Story begins here:

Chapter #1

After pleading to the other Diamonds during the middle of the rebellion, Yellow decided to aid Pink in the halting of the colonization of Earth, she hated allowing Pink to give up, but she did say that Pink can do anything with her own colonies. Eventually Pink managed to convince Blue as well, telling her of what Yellow told her long ago. Even though neither were happy about it, they stuck by Pink's side anyway, reluctantly, as she left to talk to White Diamond. 

Back on Earth, some of the Crystal Gems, Pink's rebel group she formed under the alias of Rose Quartz, where starting to worry; they hadn't seen their leader for almost two weeks, not even the second in command, Pearl, was to be found. But Garnet, the replacement leader of the Crystal Gems in case anything where to happen to Rose or Pearl, reassured the team that everything was going to be fine, even though she didn't believe it. 

Back on Homeworld, White was furious, how dare she disgrace their authority, their empire, just for a love of organic life. They are a colonizing race, but Pink saw more then that, thanks to Pearl and Garnet. She wanted all gems, the name of their race, to be free, she wanted her world to be one where they can be themselves, free of the caste-system of Homeworld and the other Diamonds' colonies. Pink was at wits end, she knew that if White didn't agree, the effort she spent convincing the other two would be for not. So a dark thought resonated in her mind, a sinister cruel thought. 

Pink returned to Earth, her and Pearl, whom rarely left her side, traveled to a secluded outcropping, hidden from wondering eyes. To make sure that no one knew they where fighting in a rebellion, Pink shape-shifted into her alias Rose Quartz, and Pearl knowing well that no one notices her in her normal life, she just mostly changed her outfit. Unknown to them was that, Jasper, a brutish gem and one of Pink's strongest highest- ranking soldiers, witnessed the entire thing, metaphorical tears fell down her face, in shock to have witnessed this, and to have realized, that her leader, and the leader of the rebellion where one and the same. 

To be continued...


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