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little star A patreon request by Panalee - Ganyu from Genshin Impact game :3
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FantasyFun98's avatar

She looks so cute! ^^ Great art!

RevengedChompyPingas's avatar

Going to patreon = going to china

BeakTVArt's avatar

Really lovely :D

wondermanrules's avatar

You two did such a fantastic job on this! Oh my God the details in it are just so well done. That grass looks great and I love how her hair and ribbons are splayed into it. It really gives the sense she's laying out in a wild countryside field.

I love her pose and dreamy expression. Also, the hazy but bright light source really gives it a sense of comforting warmth from the sun.

Outstanding work

GigaMessy's avatar

Thank you very much for the high praise! We really love how she turned out, even uploaded a timelapse video on twitter :D

Always loved to work on characters from games we're playing :3

wondermanrules's avatar

You're both very welcome :D

I think when you like or love the character it just makes it so much easier to create something with them and really pour your feelings into it which is what you two clearly did here and it shows. :)

RevengedChompyPingas's avatar

Why do people call a paid commission a request. A request means _free_

GigaMessy's avatar

This is a bonus for "all content tier" on patreon. Well meant to be from the very beginning. We have no such commission type.

RevengedChompyPingas's avatar

I'd like to request but im not going to patreon aka china, cant be asked sorry

Elioenai's avatar

Oh wow this is great :) Nicely done

VentusRogue's avatar

She is absolutely adorable. Great work. 👍

Firestorm999's avatar

what a relaxing and peaceful artwork

agh5eventh's avatar

How attractive, pretty and beautiful Ganyu uwu

Syndar's avatar

So beautiful, good work ^^

Miku775's avatar

When I see this, I think to myself "OMG!!! this person are such an awesome and impressive artist" You are so talented!! Are some of your Talent for sale? If it was I doubt I could of afford it any way, because you my friend are beyond talented!! I'd should say your talent are priceless

GigaMessy's avatar

Hehe thank you very much! :love:

Ryuzuki98's avatar

Just beautiful!!

KawaiiKitsune2000's avatar

Damn! I want to be that great at backgrounds some day. Cool work!

Agetian's avatar

Very beautiful! :aww:

LuciaAuditore's avatar

Very pretty and cute girl! :meow: .

vanBlood's avatar
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