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Gigabyte Nice by GigaMessy A semi-sketch gift for 364Tomorrows, who won one of 5 prizes in our 100th jubilee raffle game :3
Messy Smile by GigaMessy Hope you will like it  :thatssocute: by stuck-in-suburbia 
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love the color of her eyes
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Gigabyte Nice by GigaMessy We don't know the color of her second eye :D
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I love her design and colors. She's cute and sexy at the same time. I really like how you shaded the white parts blue to compliment the outfit. :iconclapplz:
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succubi: oh hello there handsome
??: oh hi!!, sorry i was distracted
succubi: want to come here??
??: can i??
succubi: you can do what you want smiles
??: excitedcan i??!!
succubi: "he´s mine now" come here sweetie, i´ll give you what you want...
??: pull out a notebook you can answer some questions??!!
succubi: "ok, this is new" sure...
??: what are your horns made of??, they grew since you where born??, how you hide your wings??, you can do the same with your horns??, since you feed on energy, any living being works or it has to be humans??, what is your lifespan??, is longer then humans like the legends says??, all your race is females or you have males??, this is your first encounter with a human?? can i thouch your horns?? what about your wings?? can i touch them too??, oh sorry, i got excited cause this is the first time i see a succubi
succubi:"wow, this human is...  unique" ahem!!, ok let´s star from the begining, my horns are made of...
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Gigabyte Nice by GigaMessy Not sure she's actually a demon, but absolutely sure that you can't touch horns! :D
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You're very welcome!!!
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she looks gorgeous *_*
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You're welcome :)
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Gigabyte Nice by GigaMessy Thank you kindly :D
 I really like it as she represents so many ideas, emotions.
Her warm smile, big green eyes and hair along with clothing which show cold elegancy
but at the same time tight enough and revealing for us to admire her great figure.
I of course could mention background and "regular" bench which add both normality and a little bit of magic, fantasy.
 She's trully a demon (horn were a small hint :D (Big Grin) ).

 Great job on this one, absolutelly love it! Heart 
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