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#148 Mym

Character  Mym - Dragalia LostLocation  Dragalia Lost
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DreamGuardianAMS's avatar

A great dragon girl. Great work.

TRIV3RR's avatar

Mym :000

Wonderful job, she looks beautiful here ^^♥

victortky's avatar

Fun Fact: Mym is kind of in love with the main character, which leads to funny things like this:

Love your art style and rendition of her, especially the colour scheme of her outfits as well as her posture and eyes! She has a majestic dragon form too, that's for sure! Nice work on the hair and eyes! I hope to see more of the other dragons if someone else commission them from you!

hammythepig's avatar

Mym!!! Very nice art :)

dasnowwarrior's avatar

Look at them arms like sis do you even lift

Eliestia's avatar

Great artwork! Prince Gumball Wow Icon

Dillek's avatar

Great work! She looks amazing!

artdog22's avatar

Great work and cute girl.

Nicely done. Great details, and.... that is quite the headdress...

Ryuzuki98's avatar

She looks just gorgeous!!

TheGrimReaper1992's avatar

Really beautiful drawing that you have done. :heart:

wondermanrules's avatar

I love her pose and how the hair, flower petals and coat/dress material is flipping about her from the wind. Love the coloring and background, it really just compliments the figure and makes it pop at the same time.

JYBHerring's avatar

yo this is a fucking cute as fuck Mym, I hope there's a summer version of her soon.

vanBlood's avatar

Gala Mym is ine of my fav and strongest units.

Awesome job

dasnowwarrior's avatar

Damn she loves gold so much even her eyes are colored gold

Fuego-fantasmal's avatar

She looks beautiful and amazing. :heart:

agh5eventh's avatar

How sexy and great design!! nice job!!

LuciaAuditore's avatar

one of the best fire characters in the game due to her abilities making just OP in dragon form and does make me wonder what a fire breathing- nonono bad me no dragon girl messy as interesting as it sounds.

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